A beautiful slug?

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It’s a sea slug from Bali




Odd news from around the world

Nobody uses ‘LOL’ anymore: “Do you ‘LOL’? Apparently not so much any more, according to a new Facebook study. Inspired by an article in The New Yorker called ‘Hahaha vs Hehehe’, the social networking giant decided to look into ‘e-laughing’ and how patterns have changed. The study analyzed posts in the last week of May and found that the most common laugh is ‘haha’, followed by various emoji and ‘hehe’. However, the study did not look at direct messages, which could be where most people would e-laugh. Of the posts that were looked at, some 15 per cent of people who commented or posted laughed in some way. ‘Haha’ won out with 51 per cent. Only a tiny 2 per cent posted ‘lol’, which was once the go-to phrase for online laughing.” The New Yorker article had speculated that each ‘ha’ or ‘he’ added showed how funny someone believed a post was. The Facebook study found that theory to be true, revealing ‘that people treat the has and hes as building blocks’.”

Airline flight refused permission to take off after crew and BOTH PILOTS failed their alcohol tests: “A budget flight carrying 109 people was denied permission to take off after the crew was found to be over the drink-fly limit. Passengers were reportedly initially told that the pilot was unwell, despite police having received a tip from concerned travellers who believed the flight crew may have been tipsy. The airBaltic flight was due to travel from Norway to Crete, but was delayed for almost five hours while new sober staff members were located. After police received a tip to make a routine flight check, they found that four of the flight’s five crew members – including both pilots – had blood alcohol levels above 0.2 per cent. At that point, it is dangerous for them to be in charge of the plane and its passengers. Just moments after failing their alcohol tests, the crew members were led into a waiting police car. The flight was then cancelled and all passengers were otherwise accommodated.

Isolated hunter hikes for two days carrying dog attacked by crocodile: “A PIG hunter hiked through the bush for two days, carrying his wounded dog in his arms, after it was attacked by a crocodile along a remote Cape York river. Wayne Best, a bushie, had been out hunting with his bull arab/greyhound cross Choco along the banks of the Mitchell River, about 300km northwest of Cairns, last Friday morning. The 3½-year-old dog had chased a feral pig close to the river, and cornered it against the bank, when a large saltwater crocodile lunged out of the waterway and grabbed the solid canine by its rear. “About two minutes later, (Choco) pops up again and I didn’t see the croc, and he swam back in (to land). “I had to take him back to camp, splinted him up and fixed a few holes in him, in his belly and stuff like that.” With the nearest community about 100km away, and no vehicle of his own, Mr Best had no choice but start walking through the scrub towards the Burke Developmental Road. The dog received emergency treatment at Mareeba Veterinary Surgery on Tuesday morning.”

Ice-cream frenzy in Australia over bigger packs of an old favorite: “Ice cream lovers are going nuts for the newly released Golden Gaytime tubs after the newly released product sold out in stores across Australia. The high demand has prompted some opportunist internet users to put the elusive product on the market with a exorbitant price tags-including one eBay user who is selling a tub for a staggering $50 AUD. Streets released the family-sized 1.25L tub earlier this month, for a price tag of $6.99 each, sparking a torrent of excitement from fans of the Australia’s favourite summer ice cream. The advertisement follows a social media storm surrounding the high demand for the blend of vanilla ice-cream dipped in compound chocolate and wrapped in honeycomb biscuits. The idea was brought to light by Jesse James McElroy, who started a social media campaign for the tubs. The 28-year-old television commercial director penned a letter to the ‘Ice Cream Gods/Streets’, demanding for a ‘tub format’ because ‘everything in my life falls short in comparison to this'”

A kindly doggie: “A baby monkey clung to the back of a dog making its way down the side of a road in a heartwarming video posted online. The footage from Malaysia captured the surrogate mother exiting the trees while giving the young primate a piggy back. Humorously, the dog looked over at the car – the occupants of which film the pooch in disbelief – before continuing to make its way down the road. All the while the monkey holds on for dear life but appears to be quite content riding up on top of the large canine. The cute video concludes with the pooch briefly surveying its surroundings before disappearing back into the trees. Some users have speculated that the dog has taken the monkey on as its own and people have praised it for its instinctive actions.

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