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Odd news from around the world

Hotel serves grilled black man: “A five-star hotel in Canberra has made an extremely unfortunate spelling error on their Friday lunch menu, claiming to serve Grilled Moroccan Aborigine’. When the mistake was pointed out by ABC journalist Liz Foschia on Twitter, the hotel’s concierge only made the situation worse by failing to notice the spelling error, prompting a storm of bemusement on social media. Ms Foschia, who an ABC political correspondent, had noticed the Hyatt in Canberra was claiming to serve a ‘Grilled Moroccan Aborigine & Rocket Salad’ – rather than ‘aubergine salad’ at their restaurant. Social media couldn’t believe when the Hyatt did not realise their terrible error a second time. The Hyatt Hotel finally realised their error and issued an apology, promising they had removed the unfortunate sign.”

True love lasts: “A Georgia hospital worker’s actions brought a 96-year-old man to tears after she helped to reunite him with his beloved wife. Tom Clark, 96, and his wife Arnisteen, 92, have been married for 68 years. The only time the Fayette County couple spent time apart was when Tom was stationed overseas in Korea while serving in the Army. Earlier this month, the sweethearts checked in to Piedmont Fayette Hospital and were put in separate rooms on the orthopedic floor. Tina Mann, the director of the floor where the two are staying, decided to take actions into her own hands. She made a special arrangement for Tom to be able to visit his wife in her room with the help of the clinical staff. Once reunited, Tom was overcome with joy and wept as he described the deep love he has for his wife. ‘I just can’t be away from her. She’s the finest woman in the world,’ Tom said.”

Plane bursts into FLAMES — before takeoff, fortunately: “The Delta-operated regional jet, carrying dozens of passengers, caught fire after the pilot turned on its engine while departing from Nashville International Airport on Friday morning, officials said. Stunned passengers inside the building’s departure lounge immediately snapped photos of the ablaze aircraft, which was heading to Cincinnati, Ohio, and had not yet reached the runway. Matt Miller, who had been holidaying in Nashville, posted an image on his Twitter page showing an airport official gesturing frantically on the tarmac as flames shoot out of the back of the plane. Meanwhile, passenger Jason Taylor tweeted an image from inside the airport, depicting a man calming scrolling through his phone on a seat while the regional jet sits ablaze in the background. But as soon as the pilot had turned the engine back off, the blaze had gone out”

Getting a trunkfull: “Sneaking out for a quick call of nature, one camper got the surprise of her life when she came across an elephant drinking out of one of the campsite lavatories in Botswana. Despite the mess left behind by humans, the tusked toilet drinker appeared unfazed by the interruption and continued taking a few long sips of water from the toilet. It is thought the elephants in the park prefer drinking the water in the loos and showers at the camp because the water in their water hole is deemed too salty. Leaning over the walls of the open roofed bathroom, the elephants come to drink the loo water during the day and night. The elephants even try and grab a drink when people are washing their hair in the shower, shocking some unsuspecting tourists. The friendly elephants live in the unfenced park, with their main water hole situated close to the park’s lodge. Situated in north-eastern Botswana, the park is positioned far away from the nearest town, allowing the elephants to enjoy a free run in the wild.”

Amazing landing: “Pilots of a Delta Airlines flight 1889 had to make an emergency landing – without being able to see out of the windshield – after baseball-sized hailstones wrecked the front of the plane. The hail also destroyed the GPS navigation system at the front of the aircraft, which was flying from Boston to Salt Lake City on Friday night. The pilots managed to land in Denver – where the passengers could see the extent of the damage to the Airbus 320’s cone. It is not known how many people were on the plane, but Airbus 320s can hold up to 180. Hail was reportedly entering the plane’s engines and exiting out the other side like a snow-cone machine. The pilots decided to make the emergency landing when the windshield cracked. They had to use the plane’s automatic guiding system because they had limited visibility. But they were able to successfully land the plane at 8.40pm with help from the control tower.”

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