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Odd news from around the world

Hong Kong ‘breast walk’ held over court ruling: “Wearing a rainbow of patterned bras over their shirts, dozens of protesters have gathered outside Hong Kong’s police headquarters to protest against the conviction of Ng Lai-ying, who was deemed guilty of assaulting a police officer with her breast during a protest. Lai-ying was sentenced to three-and-a-half months in prison on July 30, for bumping her chest against the policeman’s arm. Thirty-year-old Lai-ying had accused the officer of molesting her after he attempted to grab her bag strap and missed, touching her chest. About 100 people gathered for the “breast walk” in the city’s Wan Chai district, once a hub for the Occupy Central movement, with polticians Leung Kwok-hung and Claudia Mo joining participants. In solidarity with Lai-ying, men wore bras over their shirts, as the crowd chanted “Breasts are not weapons”.

A feminist with a difference: “We’re used to calls for greater equality for women in the workplace, but one woman believes that it is men who are facing the biggest challenge at work. The unnamed woman from Guangzhou has posed in a series of provocative photographs to campaign for more respect for men in blue collar jobs. The pictures released today show her posing as a butcher, construction worker and car mechanic as part of her crusade for gender equality for men, reported the People’s Daily Online. Women in China get half the day off work on International Women’s Day on March 8, but men do not have a similar holiday. The young activist said that there should be a National Men’s Day on August 3 in order to support men in jobs they believe to be ‘demeaning’. She said: ‘Though August 8 is not a national holiday, I call on girls to give their boyfriends or husbands a day off as a way to support “Men’s Day”.’ She added that men and women should be respected equally and have the same opportunities.”

The electric bicycle for CHEATS: ‘Stealth’ ebike boasts a concealed motor and disguises the battery as a water bottle: “Its revolutionary cordless vacuum cleaner has achieved remarkable sales and even gave Dyson a bloody nose. Now Gtech has developed a simple ‘stealth’ electric bicycle, called the eBike. More than 500,000 Gtech AirRam cordless vacuum cleaners had been sold since it launched. The AirRam is powered by a lithium ion battery, the sort found in mobile phones and electric cars, and the company has used the same technology and an efficient brushless motor as the heart of an eBike. The key feature of the new machine is that it looks like any other commuter bike because the battery is designed to mimic a sporty water bottle. Unlike other eBikes on the market there are no gears, rather there is a tiny motor built into the rear hub which assists the user to pedal to a cruising speed of some 15mph.

The ignorant Americans — and they’re scientists!: “This U.S. couple may have degrees in biology and engineering but that doesn’t mean they know about the physical anatomy of a kangaroo. Destin Sandlin, from Alabama, and his wife, Tara, film themselves in a segment for their science blog trying to find the pouch of a male kangaroo. Which of course, male kangaroos don’t have. The bungling duo had traveled to Australia to find out what’s inside a kangaroo’s pouch for their 2,814,000 Smarter Every Day blog subscribers. The biologist can be seen looking under the kangaroo to see if a pouch can found. The couple then head to a kangaroo orphanage to learn more about Australia’s national animal, before going to Taronga Zoo in Sydney to visit female kangaroo, Penny, and see her pouch. The quest finally ends as the scientists are amazed at what they discovered, which highlights the misconception they had at the beginning of the video.”

How ‘hippy crack’ can make you go BLIND: “It is often seen being inhaled by twentysomething revellers at nightclubs and music festivals. But now, experts warn that nitrous oxide, also known as ‘hippy crack’ can lead to blindness. They warn the gas can cause ‘irreparable damage’ to the eyes and add a surge in the use of the legal high could cause an ‘epidemic’ in sight-loss. The gas, which is inhaled in a balloon, has already been blamed for 17 deaths in this country in recent years. But ophthalmologist and laser eye surgeon David Allamby, clinical director of London’s Focus Clinic, says nitrous oxide can lead to irreversible damage to a person’s eyes. Nitrous oxide abuse can induce vitamin B12 deficiency, which in turn can lead to depression, hair loss and blindness, he said. He added: ‘The links between vitamin B12 deficiency and Hippy Crack are well established, following a series of research papers.”

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