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Odd news from around the world

Man becomes Facebook star after swapping iPhone 5 for bite of pizza: “A Fife man swapped his iPhone 5 for a bite of pepperoni pizza at T in the Park, it has emerged. Dunfermline resident Allan Banning has become an unwitting internet star after making the startling revelation on social media as he looked to buy a replacement for the phone he simply gave away at the Strathallan Castle music festival earlier this month. “If anyone on here is selling an iphone 5 or better please let me know… Swapped mines at titp last week for a bite of pepperoni pizza,” he said. The iPhone5 retails at around £180 these days, so we know who got the better end of the bargain…

Ad guy writes An “Honest CV” That Gets More Responses Than His Standard One: “A lad who wanted to make his CV stand out decided to go against absolutely everything we thought we knew about applying for jobs – and highlighted everything bad about himself. First of all, I guess we should mention that this CV trick won’t work for everyone. The brains behind this operation is a lad called Jeff Scardino, and he’s after jobs in creative industries. So please, if you’re applying for anything else – maybe you should avoid. But who knows!? So he sent off two copies of his CV (one standard and one alternative) to 10 job openings. His normal CV got one response and no meeting requests. His alternative CV got eight responses and five meeting requests. Wow.

The Most Unusual Japanese Hamburger Buns Yet: “We’ve seen black buns, blue buns, and red buns. All bread buns! Screw that, let’s use tomatoes. It’s called the “Tomami Burger” (“toma” as in “tomato” and “mi” as in “fruit” or “seed). According to Model Press, each burger uses one big tomato. The meal deal (pictured above) is 880 yen or US$7.11. The burger is only available in the Mos Burger in Tokyo’s Osaki and will be offered for a limited time only.

A kind cop: “Officer Michael Castillo was called to a Target store in Shelton, Connecticut, to break up a fight. When he arrived, expecting the worst, he saw it was in fact two boys who were arguing over a broken bike. And, as it turns out, they were actually friends. So rather than turn around, get back in his vehicle and ignore the problem, Officer Castillo decided to stick around and help the two lads fix their bike. A picture taken by Faith Taylor was taken and has since gone viral after she posted it to the Ansonia Police Department’s Facebook wall. You don’t need to do anything out of the ordinary to be a hero. Sometimes just the simplest acts of kindness and humanity can do that.”

A suspicious cloud: “A New Zealand man was convinced he had spotted a UFO when he looked up to find an unusual orb hovering in the sky. Alex Greig spotted the mysterious spherical apparition floating in the sky over Lyall Bay, on Wellington’s southern coast, when he was visiting the beach with his wife on Saturday. “It was amazing having that totally circular big, big, big cloud just sitting there, it was like a Brent Wong painting.’ ‘I’m still denying everyone saying it is just a cloud. Just the size of it, it was sitting by itself on a reasonably peaceful day.’ ‘How does something like that form itself above the edge between the water and the land?’ he added. However, in meteorologist Emma Blades expert opinion, the shape is in fact a lenticular cloud, which she said are quite common around mountain ranges in New Zealand. She said lenticular clouds form when air flows over the mountains.”

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