Achmed and his bride honeymoon in Bermuda

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Odd news from around the world

Cougars get the top jobs: Women who date younger men are more likely to enjoy better career success: “Women who date younger men are more likely to hold a top job, research suggests. So-called ‘cougars’ enjoy better career success, are more open about what they want and are more likely to approach men first, according to a survey of online daters. Half of women in a relationship with a younger man held higher managerial roles. By contrast, only 33 per cent of top jobs go to women overall, official statistics show. It is thought that this difference can be explained by the increased confidence women gain from ‘toyboy dating’ – as four in ten of the cougars questioned said they had ‘high confidence levels’. The knock-on effect is that these women are more assured to ask for what they really want, whether it’s in the boardroom or the bedroom, the research by website found.”

Tiger nuts are grr-eat for you: Popular 1950s treat make a comeback: “In the 1950s and 1960s they were a popular treat for children, who would buy them by the quarter from the local sweet shop. Now tiger nuts are making a comeback – as a so-called superfood. Served raw or ground into flour for baking, they are not actually nuts, but tubers of a grass-like plant called the yellow nutsedge. High in iron, potassium, magnesium and Vitamins C and E, they taste sweet, with a hint of coconut, and have a chewy texture. Tigernuts are also said to act as a mild appetite suppressant because they contain resistant starch, a type of starch which resists digestion. This helps keep us feeling fuller for longer, and also reduces the amount of calories we absorb from the food. Tigernuts can rightly be regarded as the world’s first superfood, as they were what our ancient ancestors’ used to eat, in Africa.”

A REALLY good doggie: “This is the adorable moment a mom walks in to check on her baby daughter and finds that there is already someone there watching over her. The viral video shows mother Kristin Leigh Rhynehart finding their rescue dog, Raven, asleep, under the covers next to toddler Addison, who is sleeping soundly in her crib. Raven quickly pops his head up to see who is entering the room when she walks in, but as soon as he realizes it is Kristin Leigh, he relaxes and lays his head to rest. She wrote: ‘That moment you can’t find your dog and you even go outside looking for him…only to walk in the house and find him snuggled up in bed next to your toddler. ‘People that say “money can’t buy happiness” have never paid an adoption fee. ‘Ten years ago I left a rescue with this little guy and I often wonder… who rescued whom? ‘I gave him a home, but he gave me so, so much more.”

The Dead sea is dying: “Roads, caravans and power lines are being swallowed up by giant sinkholes appearing at a rapid rate because the Dead Sea is shrinking from Israeli shores in a man-made phenomenon. Hundreds of sinkholes, some the size of a basketball court and some two storeys deep, are wreaking havoc by devouring land where the shoreline once stood. Waters are vanishing at a rate of more than one metre a year and the problem is set to get worse without action on an international scale. Once a rarity, hundreds of new sinkholes are appearing every year, and the rate is expected to rise. Officials have not come up with a figure for the extent of the damage, but power lines have been downed and caravans and bungalows swallowed. On at least one occasion, hikers were injured falling into one of the pits. The main reason the sea is shrinking is because its natural water sources, which flow south through the Jordan river valley from Syria and Lebanon, have been diverted for farming and drinking water along the way.”

Man who built his own 12ft high model of Stonehenge using 35 tonnes of timber is ordered to tear it down: “A pub landlord who built his own 12ft high ‘Stonehenge’ using disused wood has been ordered to tear down his creation. Charlie Newman, 49, who runs the Square and Compass in Worth Matravers, Dorset, used 35 tonnes of timber to build the model ‘stone’ circle in a field he owns in the village. But Purbeck District Council has ordered Mr Newman to remove the installation, despite it being hailed as ‘fantastic’ and ‘lovely’ by residents. Mr Newman, who is interested in archaeology and history, said he decided to build the sculpture after he was left with a large pile of wood when he and a friend felled two Monterey pine trees. The installation is made from 12 ‘plinths’ that each weigh about two-and-a-half tonnes and are topped with 8ft long sections of trunk. He and four friends took just 12 hours to erect the structure. ‘It was a bit of fun. We used 35 tonnes of timber and made it a feature on the landscape,’ Mr Newman said.

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