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Odd news from around the world

Italian drivers can drink up: “Italian drivers can now drink a whole bottle of wine before driving and not lose their licence following a change in the law. Carlo Sessa, the prefect of Avellino in the south of the country, introduced the new rules in the province which mean drivers who have consumed eight glasses – about one bottle – could only be fined £560. The move has been slammed by road safety groups who say it sends the message that it is ‘OK to drive drunk’. Giving an explanation for the unusual move, Mr Sessa referred to the way the region’s judiciary cancels suspensions of licences, adding that the change in the law will relieve the ‘heavy burden on public administration’. However, Giuseppa Cassaniti, president of the Italian Association for the Families and Victims of Road Deaths, told The Telegraph: ‘It seems to me the prefect has done this because he’s sick and tired of judges reversing the law in the appeal courts.’

‘Not all Romanians are prostitutes’: “A ROMANIAN woman claims she was denied a hotel room because staff thought she was a prostitute. Alecsandra Puflea, 22, had booked the room at the Holiday Inn Express in Hull, UK, online. But when she arrived with her boyfriend to check in on July 6, she claims staff told her; “I’m sorry, we don’t accept Romanians”. It’s alleged that the hotel had adopted a policy of screening and turning away guests they believed could be engaging in illegal activity after discovering Romanian women were using its rooms for prostitution. “It was an awful experience and quite shocking,” Ms Puflea told the Telegraph. “He took one look at my ID and said that I could not stay in the hotel. I tried to show him my British driver’s license but he said I could not stay in the hotel because I was from Romania.” Ms Puflea later filed a complaint with the Humberside Police. They investigated and released a statement saying the hotel had since apologised to Ms Puflea and was reviewing its policy.

London Fire Brigade declares war on COBALT! “The Periodic Table may have formed an important part of the school chemistry syllabus. But the London Fire Brigade may regret not brushing up on the subject after mistakenly declaring war on cobalt in their carbon monoxide safety campaign. Ahead of the new legislation requiring landlords to fit a carbon monoxide alarm, the service launched a campaign saying: ‘Could kill you. Have you ordered your alarm yet?’ On the poster, which along with an accompanying Tweet references the hit TV show Breaking Bad, the letters ‘Co’ had been highlighted in a green box with the atomic number ’27’, a reference to Cobalt, the metal in magnets and phone batteries. The chemical formula for carbon monoxide is CO – in capitals – but as it is a compound rather than an element it doesn’t appear on the Periodic Table and does not have an atomic number. From October, homeowners will be required by law to install a smoke alarm and a carbon monoxide alarm in any room that contains a solid fuel burning appliance.”

Would you pay £26 for a bottle of water? “The five-star Merchant Hotel (above) in Belfast last week announced a new dedicated water menu, with the most expensive bottle costing £26.45. The Northern Irish property has also revealed plans to employ ‘water butlers’ in the move which has been ridiculed online. And although the hotel has reminded guests that tap water will still be available should guests prefer not to splash out, the plans have been derided on social media. The company introduced their menu on Facebook, writing: ‘We’d hate to get left behind on this newest innovation in beverage retailing so here’s our brand new water list! Conveniently arranged by your own personal level of daftness.’ The priciest product among 13 bottled waters on offer at the Merchant Hotel is sourced from glacial walls in the Canadian Arctic. For a 750ml bottle, diners will need to stump up £26.45.”

Cat stripped naked: “A family has been left distraught after their fluffy cat was sheared from head to foot during a routine grooming session. Owner Natalie Thompson, 25, was furious when her cat Ollie was shaved completely bald following his £50 spruce-up at the Gateshead branch of Pets at Home. When she was reunited with her four-year-old pet she wept as Ollie looked so traumatised by what had happened. ‘He is usually an outgoing cat but that has all changed since the incident and he seems traumatised. ‘Ollie just kind of looks a little bit lost, he looks really sad. I can’t describe it – he’s just not himself. She then rang the store and demanded an explanation as to what had happened. A spokesman for Pets At Home told MailOnline: ‘Cats have a very delicate skin which can be easily torn or damaged. ‘So when a cat has a matted coat like Ollie’s it is sometimes necessary to clip the coat very close, using clippers designed specifically for use with cats, to avoid causing any damage to its skin.”

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