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Odd news from around the world

Mexico’s masked hero making streets safe — for pedestrians: “ON THE mean and traffic-choked streets of Mexico City, a fearless superhero is fighting to protect the planet from the worst the internal combustion engine can throw at it. The mighty Peatonito (Little Pedestrian) pushes cars blocking the path of pedestrians, creates crosswalks with spray paint, and climbs on vehicles parked on sidewalks — though his mother has begged him to stop stepping on them. “Pedestrians are happy because they finally have a defender,” Peatonito said, his face covered by a wrestling mask adorned with a pedestrian symbol and wearing a striped cape (sewn by his grandma) adorned with the black and white stripes of a pedestrian crossing. Peatonito and the clowns from the civic association the Claustrofobos (Claustrophobes) are among a wave of activists fighting uncivil behaviour and bad urban planning in this metropolis of 21 million people, four million cars and five million daily metro commuters.

Man puts SUPER GLUE in friend’s hair gel: “An online prankster decided to put his best friend through a hair-raising ordeal before he went on a hot date. Joker Ben Phillips, 22, filmed himself pouring super glue into close pal Elliot Giles’ pot of gel. The 18-year-old is seen breaking out into a cold sweat after a hair brush gets bound to his barnet. The pair, from Bridgend, Wales, then had to drive to the hospital so nurses can use solvent to remove the bristles – and Elliot had to visit a hairdresser to get his cropped mane restyled. Revealing why he decided to pull the stunt of his mate, Ben told FEMAIL: ‘Elliot’s very vain. ‘I’m joking but us lads are always doing our hair. I like doing pranks that interfere with day to day, messing with things that you don’t expect to be hacked.'”

Wheely hip or really stupid? the £1495 Solowheel: “The Solowheel is a powered wheel (gyro-stabilised) with a pair of foot plates on which the passenger stands. When the rider leans forward, the motor drives forward and a maximum speed of 10mph can be achieved. The rider has to balance side to side, in the same way as when riding a bicycle. When the rider leans back, the vehicle slows. You see? You have to STAND on this latest form of transport, for all the world as though you are a Virgin Trains customer. There are no pedals, either. I soon learned that speed is all: if you are slow, you topple over, just as you would on a bike. And as in skiing, it’s hard to turn without momentum. I find gripping the sides with my calves painful, though Robert says I will get used to this. The good thing is that when you fall off, unlike a horse, it doesn’t gallop off: the engine cuts out.”

The owl and the policeman: “Video of a Colorado deputy’s encounter with a curious, clicking baby owl delighted animal-lovers on Friday after authorities posted footage of the unusual meeting online. The deputy was driving near the small town of Nederland when she and a colleague were stopped in their tracks by the young northern saw-whet owl, the Boulder County Sheriff’s Office said. ‘Hi, what’s up?’ says the deputy in the footage as she approaches the small bird on a woodland road. Unfazed, the young owl clicks back in response. ‘After some curious head twisting (on both sides) it safely flew away,’ the sheriff’s office said in a statement on social media. The sheriff’s office said the cute encounter took place in the area of Rainbow Lakes Campground, a few miles northwest of Nederland, but that it was not revealing the exact location in order to protect the owl’s nest.

Rare 17-foot deep water whale washes up: “The carcass of a rarely-seen deep water whale washed up on a Massachusetts beach on Friday, offering a rare research opportunity for marine biologists. The 17-foot toothed female whale was found on Jones Beach in Plymouth. Biologists with the New England Aquarium are investigating what may have caused the whale to wash ashore. A necropsy of the whale, which weighs nearly a ton, will be performed by the biologists alongside staff from the International Fund for Animal Welfare. Aquarium officials believe the whale is a Sowerby’s beaked whale, which is known for having a long, slender snout and feeds on small fish in cold, deep water. WBZ reported that the whale’s carcass was in fairly good condition when it was discovered. A number of species of beaked whales can be found about 200 miles offshore in the North Atlantic. Since they spend most of their time in deep water little is known about them.

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