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Odd news from around the world

10,000 tonne freight train plows into a stretch limo: “This is the shocking moment a 10,000-tonne train plowed into a limousine that was stuck on a level crossing. A photographer captured a video of the moment of impact after the high-speed freight carrier slammed into the vehicle. Teenagers celebrating a friend’s birthday were in the vehicle in Indiana when it stopped on the lines. They managed to get out, and used a red piece of cloth to try and warn the conductor. A local photographer, Norman Noe, who is thought to have been travelling with the party, filmed the moment of impact. The conductor of the train was constantly sounding its whistle as it approached the limousine. When it slammed into the vehicle, it pushed it along the tracks several hundred feet before grinding to a halt. The photographer ran to the front of the train still filming and asked the driver: ‘Did you see me?’ ‘I sure did,’ he replied. ‘I’ve got 10,000 tonnes behind me, though.’

Giant statue of Lenin’s head which stood in East Germany is to be dug up and put on display: “Buried and long forgotten, the head of a giant Lenin statue is set to make a comeback in the German capital a quarter-century after the fall of the Berlin Wall. The Soviet leader will gaze again on the people when the 3.5 tonne piece is resurrected from its current grave – a sandpit under a pile of rocks which is home to a colony of lizards. The goateed head of Vladimir Ilyich Ulyanov, alias Lenin, is to be unearthed, trucked across Berlin and displayed in a line-up of historical sculptures marking the end of an odyssey that started in the Cold War. ‘Lenin was always set to be part of the exhibition because it’s a special statue, given its size alone,’ said Andrea Theissen, curator of the Citadel Spandau hosting the exhibition from September. Once upon a time, the 1.7 metre (5ft) high head was part of a Lenin statue carved from Ukrainian pink granite that towered 19 metres (62ft) above East Berlin, framed by Soviet pre-fab apartment tower blocks.”

Glamorous Argentinian MP decides to breastfeed her 8-month-old daughter during parliamentary session: “In any other setting, an image of a breastfeeding mother reclining into her chair with her baby’s scattered messy table in front of her would be quite unremarkable. Except this mother was an Argentinian MP who was attending a parliamentary session and surrounded by her peers at the time. The photograph of Victoria Donda Perez feeding her eight-month-old daughter has since gone viral since the incident was filmed at the Congressional Palace in the capital Buenos Aires earlier this month. Although many have praised the 37-year-old for feeding her baby girl right there and then, others feel her actions were inappropriate. The human rights activist and lawyer became the youngest woman ever to become a member of the Argentine National Congress in December 2007. Since then, the glamorous politician has been nicknamed ‘Dipusex’ – or sexy MP.”

Land of mutant daisies: Flowers grow strangely near site of Fukushima nuclear power plant: “It will surprise no one but mutant daisies with two connected flowers and four stems have been found growing near the Fukushima nuclear plant in Japan. Four years after the tragic disaster saw the meltdown of six nuclear reactors at the plant following a tsunami, the area is still being affected by radiation that came after the tragedy. Known as fasciation (or cresting) the hormonal imbalance in vascular plants is a rare condition causing plants to increase in weight and volume. The sprouting of abnormal flowers at the site of Fukushima however is not a shock with deformed fruit growing within the area as well. So it is no surprise that the abnormal flowers have started growing in Fukushima but they can occur anywhere. The condition is also one without treatment. Critics reacted to the images on social media claiming them to be a scam when in fact the condition is real.

Still a kid at heart: “A man has built a high-tech treehouse, complete with finger-print entry, an app-controlled beer dispenser and voice-controlled LED lights – and it’s all solar powered. Jono Williams, a 28-year-old man from Palmerston North in New Zealand’s North Island, dreamt up the plans three years ago over drinks with a friend. His feat is up and running $67,000 later, Domain is reporting. With 360-degree views from 10 metres up, an in-couch beer dispenser, high-speed wifi, wireless sound system fingerprint entry, projector, dimmable coloured LED lighting from solar-powered, app and voice-controlled mechanics, The Skyphere is the perfect bachelor pad. ‘My favourite part of the tower by far is my smartphone activated, refrigerated, in-couch beer dispenser,’ Mr Williams told Daily Mail Australia. A plastics engineer, graphic and web designer, Mr Williams was an amateur in steel construction before developing The Skysphere. ‘From an early age I have always liked to make things. The only difference these days is I import four tonnes of steel from China,’ he says on The Skyphere website.

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