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Odd news from around the world

An inmate’s prison sentence can drop dramatically if they appear trustworthy: “If anyone should care about appearances, it’s a criminal, researchers have found. A new study reveals prison sentences can drop dramatically if the person in the stand appears to have a ‘trustworthy’ face. Convicts whose lips naturally turn upwards are in luck, whereas a natural frown can be damning. And according to Drs John Paul Wilson and Nicholas Rule, who authored the report, race is barely a factor: it all rests on the face. Upturned eyebrows, an upward curving mouth, and wide eyes give the impression of being open, kind and reliable. However, a recent study that came to that conclusion also found there’s little you can do to appear competent – that all rests on the structure of your face. Using mugshots of 371 convicted murderers in Florida – which still holds the death penalty – they asked 208 people to rate each one on a scale of one to eight, eight being the most trustworthy. Those rated least trustworthy were the ones who had received the death sentence. Participants tended to favour those who were handed the lesser sentence of life imprisonment.”

Smart toddler saves the day: “A terrified mother has revealed the shocking ordeal she faced when her child was accidentally locked inside her family car and was told by police it was not an emergency. Bella Clegg, from Hervey Bay in Queensland’s south-east, had returned to her car after shopping and had gone to put her one-year-old daughter, Cleopatra, in her baby seat on Monday just before 1pm. When she shut the door, she realised she had left the keys on the backseat next to her toddler, who turns two next month, after the four-wheel-drive’s automatic locking feature kicked in. But the incident became increasingly worse following a call to the police who turned her away. ‘I said: “I’ve locked my baby in the car, I can’t get into the car”,’ Ms Clegg told Daily Mail Australia. ‘He said something like: “You need to get a locksmith love.”‘ But little Cleopatra showed she was no damsel-in-distress. The toddler picked up the keys and used her tiny fingers to press down on the unlock button to the relief of her panicked mother.”

Beloved tollbooth worker sacked for paying toll out of his own pocket: “A BELOVED tollbooth operator, who had worked on a bridge for 29 years, has been sacked after he was caught paying a truck driver’s $6 toll. Military veteran Sam (Vladislav) Samsonov, aged 77, was caught on video taking cash out of his own pocket earlier this month to help out a trucker who was short on cash to pay his toll on Boca Grande Causeway at Placida in Charlotte County, Florida. The truck driver paid him back the $6 fee the next day. “In my eyes there was no crime committed, I just helped somebody out,” Samsonov told NBC2. “They were my family.” Samsonov had paid the toll for motorists before but had never formally been warned by Gasparilla Island Bridge Authority. He handed out treats for dogs and lollipops for children. “After 29 years, you can’t help it. I gave children suckers 20 years ago. Now I’m giving those children suckers for their children,” Samsonov said. This time he was caught on video and was punished.”

Whale with a sense of humor: “The young crowd at this aquarium had a novel way of cooling down on the hottest day of the year. As temperatures hit 93.2F (34C) on the first day after rainy season in Japan this playful beluga whale rose out of the pool and sprayed them with water. Children among the crowd were left wincing after it blasted them as though it were a water hose, while others could be seen scrambling in a desperate bid to escape the drenching. The beluga whale is a favourite attraction at the Hakkeijima Sea Paradise aquarium in Yokohama, south of Tokyo. Located amid the port of Yokohama Bay, the relatively new site has fast become one of the country’s premier visitor attractions thanks to its cheeky beluga whale. Commonly referred to as the melonhead, the beluga is an Arctic and sub-Arctic cetacean. It is also known as a sea canary due to its high-pitched twitter. It is adapted to life in the Arctic with its unmistakable all-white colour and the absence of a dorsal fin.”

Great-grandmother, 99, is sent a letter telling her she is PREGNANT: “A great-grandmother was astonished to be told she is pregnant by an NHS hospital even through she is nearing her 100th birthday. Doris Ayling, who has seven grandchildren and 13 great-grandchildren, received a letter telling her to attend an antenatal appointment. After she complained, the health service was forced to admit that it was all a mistake – but it is still unclear how the blunder happened. The 99-year-old, from Bognor Regis in Sussex, was sent a letter from Fareham Community Hospital in Hampshire. The document – which accurately stated that Mrs Ayling was born in 1915 – claimed that she was booked in for an antenatal consultation. After her 76-year-old son Brian contacted the hospital, they apologised for the error.

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