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Odd news from around the world

Another double-decker disaster: “Seven people have been injured after a double decker bus crashed into a bridge in south London, ripping its roof clean off. Pictures from the scene of devastation show the entire roof of the bus left at the entrance to the 12ft-high railway bridge on Portland Road in South Norwood. Paramedics treated seven passengers but remarkably nobody was seriously hurt in the smash yesterday evening. The 197 bus to Peckham does not usually pass the bridge on its route, police said, meaning it may have been on diversion at the time. Of the seven injured, four were taken to Croydon University Hospital including three patients who had minor injuries. Astonished members of the public can be seen staring at what remains of the double decker after the crash, which was also attended by London Fire Brigade. Lemra Styles tweeted: ‘I really want to know what went through the bus drivers [sic] head when he decided to drive the double decker bus under South Norwood bridge?'”

Disgusting food in British government hospitals: “NHS patients have been sharing their unappetizing experiences of hospital food, including everything from rock-hard Yorkshire puddings and ‘poo sample’ chocolate orange dessert. This follows a report earlier this week that more than 30 million patient meals are being thrown away each year at NHS hospitals. Patients have been posting snaps of their hospital dinners on social media, showing that despite efforts by the Department of Health to improve standards, there is still much work to be done. A woman being treated for Crohn’s Disease snapped her depressing looking roast dinner, joking that it was a good job she did not have false teeth. Speaking to MailOnline, she added that, as a Crohn’s patient, green vegetables and red meat trigger her symptoms, but despite informing staff of this, she was served a full roast dinner.”

How to win at Monopoly: “It has been the battleground for a thousand family rows every Christmas. But if you don’t care about upsetting the in-laws and just have to win, the secrets of Monopoly have been revealed by the game’s latest champion – a woman so ruthless she even knocked out her husband on the way to victory. The winner, who beat her husband in the heats before going on to win the final, says the way to win is to stay locked up in jail and avoid Park Lane. And there are more winning tips from the champion that go against the grain of what people usually do to claim victory. Instead of splashing out on hotels and lavish addresses, Natalie recommends avoiding Park Lane as it is the least landed on square, and sticking to just three or four houses. She said: ‘Once you’ve reached three houses, the amount that the rent increases each house maxes out. Natalie also recommended mortgaging everything to buy more property, and landing yourself in jail. ‘As soon as you get a monopoly yourself, mortgage everything else and spend every penny on houses.”

Sausages lose sizzle: “They have been a favourite on our dining tables and barbecues for generations. But now, it seems, sausages are falling out of favour as shoppers opt for healthier options. Consumers have turned instead to chicken and steak as they become more aware of foods seen as fuelling the obesity epidemic. The mystery which has traditionally surrounded the ingredients of sausages also seems to have dampened demand. They are often bulked up with cheap fillers, like breadcrumbs or wheat rusk, with an off-putting list of chemicals and preservatives. Health campaigners have also long demonised bangers for having high fat and salt levels. But until recently, diners have turned a blind eye to this because they loved them in everything from the breakfast fry-up to sandwiches as well as the barbecue. In contrast, sales of beef, especially steak, have soared by £1billion to £3billion – or 50 per cent – since 2008. During the First World War, food shortages led to a big reduction in meat levels in sausages, which were then packed with scraps, cereal and water. This made them pop and hiss when cooked over open fires in the trenches, giving them the nickname bangers.”

Student who couldn’t afford rent spent a year camping in a woman’s back garden: “One cash-strapped Canadian decided to spend a year camping in a tent in a Stockport so he could save money on living costs while he studied in Manchester. Evan Eames, from Montreal, asked strangers online if he could camp in their back gardens when he realised he could not afford to pay rent on top of international tuition fees for a Masters in Astrophysics at the University of Manchester. The 24-year-old went on to spend 10 months camping in the backgarden of Charley Mantack in the Stockport suburb of Heaton Chapel for free. In exchange, he tutored the 34-year-old in maths and physics as she was studying for GCSEs at Stockport College. Mr Eames said: ‘It was a really fun experience, I am super glad I did it. ‘There was some days I would wake up, there was birds around and reeds blowing in the wind, or you could hear the pitter-pattering on top of the tent some days of the rain. In the winter months he wore two pairs of thermal pants, a sweater, a onesie and a jacket.”

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