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Odd news from around the world

Chinese Mother Balks at Smashing car window to Save Child: “China’s Internet has lit up with debate this week after reports of a mother who left her young son alone in her BMW – then refused to smash the luxury car’s windows in order to rescue him from the heat. The incident took place last Saturday night, when firefighters in the city of Yiwu received a call alerting them that a child was locked inside a BMW. When the firefighters arrived, they found a two- or three-year-old boy sitting in the driver’s seat of the car, crying and prying at the glass. The firefighters began to negotiate with the child’s mother, who urged them to wait for the locksmiths to open the door. After several minutes they were still unsuccessful, and the crowd began to condemn the mother. Finally, the report said, the firefighters insisted on smashing the glass, saving the frightened child. According to Zhejiang Online, the child’s parents, whose names were not given, had parked the car and gone shopping, leaving the boy in the car as well as the vehicle’s key”

When When Open Week does not mean an open week: “In golf circles, the British Open is simply referred to as The Open, particularly in its home country. That contraction has caused the family of competitor, Ben Martin, quite a problem. In February while Martin was playing the Honda Classic in Florida, his sister-in-law Emily started to organise her wedding and consulted with Martin’s wife Kelly. Kelly looked in the diary and found what appeared to be a gap in Martin’s busy schedule for Saturday, July 18, “Open week” it read. Kelly and Emily quickly consulted, booked the church and reception before Martin returned from the course. When he received the news, Martin was stunned. “That doesn’t sound like a very good weekend,” he recounted to Golf Digest. “No, it was in my calendar,” Kelly said. “It was open.” “Yeah,” he said. “The Open Championship. The British Open.”

House untouched by time goes up for sale: “When Robert and Freda Close renovated their new home, they were keen to bring it up to the most modern standards possible. The couple installed cutting-edge technology which made their house the envy of the neighbourhood, and decorated it in a bold and contemporary style. But the home is no longer quite so up-to-date – because 63 years later, the same decor and furniture that was put in place by the Closes remains intact. Now the house in Stockton-on-Tees is up for sale for the first time since 1952, after Mrs Close died at the age of 97. The home has virtually become a timewarp, retaining the Fifties look with old-fashioned wallpaper and very few modern gadgets. Because the furniture was such a high standard, it has stood the test of time and is still as sturdy as it was when the Closes bought it.”

Ageless Chinese model: “With her flawless, wrinkle-free complexion and super-trim body, it’s hard to believe that Candy Lo is 50 years old. The youthful-looking Chinese model has showcased her age-defying figure for the launch of her new photo book – aptly called Timeless. The mother-of-three, from Hong Kong, donned an array of flesh-flashing outfits for the album including a bondage-inspired one-piece and jewel-coloured thigh-split dress. After winning the Miss Asia pageant in 1991, Candy quit the limelight to concentrate on her young family. Following a divorce two years ago, the former actor is now a single mother to her youngest son. However, after sharing a sneak peak of her jaw-dropping shoot with her Instagram followers, fans rushed out and snapped up the all 3,000 copies of her new photo book. In one striking picture Candy looks decades younger than her years in a maroon-coloured cutaway swimsuit. As she leans against a white wall, with a linen blouse cast over her shoulder, she stares confidently into the camera lens flaunting her flab-free stomach and ample bosom.”

School of toothless sharks: “Astonishing footage has captured the moment a group of fifty sharks were seen swimming just yards off the English coast. The school of five foot-long smooth-hound sharks were swarming in shallow waters just off the Medmerry nature reserve near Chichester in West Sussex, yesterday morning. He said: ‘It was astonishing – there were just these huge fish everywhere in knee-deep water. Smooth-hound sharks have never been known to attack humans because they don’t have teeth, but instead the mouth consists of crushing plates due to a diet of crustaceans, molluscs and fish. Smooth-hounds are a relatively common native shark species around British coastal waters, although they are rarely seen.

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