A well-schooled child

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Eating breakfast with my 10-year-old granddaughter last February, I asked her what day it was.

Without hesitation she said, “Presidents Day!”

I asked her, “So what is Presidents Day?” I expected something about Obama or Washington, but she surprised me by saying:

“Presidents Day is when the President steps out of the White House and, if he sees his shadow, we have six more months of bullshit.”

It hurts when hot coffee spurts out your nose!




Odd news from around the world

The ultimate dairy farm — in China: “China is building the biggest dairy farm in the world with 100,000 cows to supply Russia. The enormous farm in Mudanjiang City will have 60,000 more cows than the current biggest farm, also in China. Russia wants the milk as it is boycotting EU countries’ milk and dairy exports after Brussels imposed economic sanctions after the Ukraine crisis. The farm is 50 times bigger than the biggest dairy farm in the UK – which has around 2,000 cows – and three times bigger than the largest in the US, with 30,000 cows. In the UK, plans to build an 8,100 cow dairy farm in Lincolnshire have been met with opposition. Mansel Raymond, chairman of Copa-Cogeca, the umbrella organisation for European farmers, said the ban and the Chino-Russian dairy venture sent a worrying signal to Europe’s dairy farmers. ‘The scale of Chinese investment in dairy production is vast. I wonder now whether we will ever get the Russian milk market back,’ he told Farmers Weekly. Most Chinese people are intolerant of lactose, a sugar in milk, although the drink is growing in popularity in the country.”

The fake doctor who treated 3,000 patients: “A banned doctor worked illegally in seven hospitals and treated 3,000 patients after stealing a British medic’s identity. Levon Mkhitarian, from Georgia, posed as a qualified doctor, allowing him to treat thousands of patients across the UK. Despite having being struck off by the General Medical Council, he fraudulently identified himself as an existing doctor from Thanet, Kent, using fake bank statements, a CV and bills – allowing him to start work at a Kent hospital in 2013. By the time he was caught, he had treated British patients for two and a half years, and was registered as a locum doctor with RMR Recruitment agency. The serial offender was only caught in April 2014 when an application for a staff pass at the William Harvey Hospital in Ashford triggered a warning that the name was already registered. NHS officials found he had worked as a GP in the hospital’s cardiology department and as a senior house officer. After arriving in the UK, he is understood to have undertaken some training but lied about being registered with the General Medical Council in 2010. While he had studied medicine in Grenada, he had only been given provisional registration in the UK.

$110,000 Porsche is stolen from driveway after owner left the engine running: “The moment a daring thief made off with a $110,000 custom sportscar left unattended in a driveway has been captured on camera. The heist, which took place in Canberra, Australia, late last month, was recorded on Alec Cortez’s home CCTV system. Mr Cortez started his black Porsche and then headed back inside his house to wash his hands, leaving his beloved car unattended. Amazing footage shows another car pull up in Mr Cortez’s driveway, before the opportunistic carjacker pounced. The man scrambled into the driver’s seat of the Porsche, slammed it into reverse and pulled out onto the road before speeding off – leaving little more than a thin cloud of exhaust smoke behind. Mr Cortez was horrified when he emerged from inside to find his car was gone. The car – which was one of just 500 of its type made – was found abandoned by ACT Police later that night. The theft was part of a string of similar incidents in the area, according to the Canberra Times.”

A lifesaving barber: “A longtime barber has been hailed a lifesaver after he discovered a potentially fatal melanoma during a customer’s routine haircut. Barry Faulkner, who has been cutting men’s hair professionally for more than 50 years in Queensland’s sunny Gold Coast, has been nominated as the Australian of the Day – a community initiative which recognises everyday Aussies who have made a difference. Mr Russell, 77, is among Mr Faulkner’s regular customers and has been coming into Barry’s Barber Shop for haircuts over the last 10 years. ‘At the time Peter’s hair was reasonably long,’ Mr Faulkner told Daily Mail Australia. ‘But then when I lifted the hair up, I saw some dark spots. ‘I told him: “Peter you’ve got some nasties on the back of your head. You need to see a skin doctor today, not tomorrow”.’ For Mr Russell, who had never had a skin check up, the news came as a surprise but immediately went to see the doctor following his barber’s advice. ‘When the biopsy came back and I was told that I was extremely lucky that the melanoma had not spread,’ he said.”

Spanish city swamped with tourists: “Barcelona residents are so fed up with their city being overrun by holidaymakers that some believe tourists are worse than poverty. Mass tourism has been a major complaint from locals and prompted the city’s mayor to propose a tourist cap, while some sights have gone as far as banning large groups. In a poll conducted by Barcelona’s city hall, 5.3 per cent of respondents said tourism is the biggest problem facing the city. It ranked behind unemployment and working conditions (31.9 per cent) and traffic (5.5 per cent). Tensions boiled over last summer as locals took to the streets and called for major changes to cut down on the number of holidaymakers who visit the city. Barcelona Mayor Ada Colau has announced plans to cap the number of tourists entering the city to avoid ending up ‘like Venice’ as part of a strategy to balance the tourism sector’s interests with those of residents. The leftist mayor has also halted the issuing of new licenses for tourist accommodation for one year. With tourism contributing to 14 per cent of its economy, a 2013 study by MasterCard found that Barcelona is Europe’s third most visited city, after London and Paris.”

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