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Odd news from around the world

The incredible moment TWELVE bouncers are forced to jump on top of a mixed martial arts fighter at a casino: “Surveillance cameras at a casino have captured a scene better suited to an action movie, in which a man attempts to take-on 12 suited security guards. Presented to Melbourne’s Magistrate Court on Tuesday, the footage shows amateur MMA fighter Hany Sbat punching and shoving a group of guards at Melbourne’s Crown Entertainment Complex in January. The court heard they had denied Sbat access to the gaming area, at which point he became ‘aggressive and antagonistic’, Fairfax reports. Other guards were called in for back-up as they tried to escort the 23-year-old from the venue. CCTV footage shows him suddenly breaking free from the group of guards by throwing punches and shoving them, before trying to flee from the scene. As he is followed by the men, one man is seen falling to the floor as Sbat appears to elbow him in the face and away from him, breaking his nose and cheekbone. Sbat is eventually cornered by the 12 guards who restrain him. The 23-year-old pleaded guilty to unlawful assault and recklessly causing injury during his hearing and was fined $2500 for the incident.

The ‘father of baseball’ was a cricket writer: “The man dubbed by a US President as the ‘father of baseball’ who is widely credited with bringing the sport to the masses was a Devon-born cricket writer. Henry Chadwick is acknowledged as the author of baseball’s first rule book and is the only journalist to be inducted into the National Baseball Hall of Fame. The English influence in creating the most popular of all American sport is often overlooked and disputed, but Henry, who was born in Exeter in 1824 and grew up with a passion for cricket, is among its most important figures. When he was 12 years old, his family emigrated to the US where he continued his love affair with the sport. But he soon turned his attention to baseball after watching a game between New York’s Gotham and Eagle clubs in 1856 and was immediately taken by the pace of proceedings. He wrote: ‘Americans do not care to dawdle over a sleep-inspiring game, all through the heat of a June or July day.”

Tough Australian politician is a softie at heart: “SHE travels the world meeting foreign dignitaries discussing international policies and defusing possible political tensions while still promoting Australia’s interests. Julie Bishop, the tough talking politician with a withering death stare, is a force to be reckoned with. But beneath the tough exterior, Australia’s first female foreign minister is just like the rest of us. When she’s at home, she just wants a hug. “We all need people around to provide support and a hug and tell you things are okay, and I’m no different from everybody else in that regard, and family is obviously very important,” she tells Vogue Australia in an exclusive interview out next week. Dressed in her own Giorgio Armani suit and Balenciaga blouse, complete with Kailis pearl earrings Ms Bishop exudes sophistication. The West Australian is one of only two women in Prime Minister Tony Abbott’s cabinet. She also reveals in the interview the moment she realised she had made it on the world stage, when she chaired the Security Council at the United Nations of Australia’s behalf.”

The mysterious note from passenger 5F: “WHEN Alan Higgins boarded a Virgin Australia flight on Sunday morning, little did he realise a surprise was waiting for him. Because Mr Higgins, a Government employee who was travelling from Canberra to Brisbane for the Asia Pacific Cities Summit, found a note. And it wasn’t your everyday note listing things to do, instead it told him he was special and wished him a “beautiful day”. “I was just flipping through the in-flight magazine, as you do, and found this note,” Mr Higgins told “It made me smile and I had a warm glow that a nice and unexpected kind gesture should give you. “I hope subsequent occupiers of seat 5F got as much enjoyment out of the note as I did.” Virgin Australia also shared the note on their Facebook page, saying: “From the girl in 5F: This wonderful note was left in our Voyeur magazine as a lovely surprise for the next passenger in row five.” As Mr Higgins says; “The mystery is — who is the girl in 5F?”

Colorful lobsters: “Fisherman off the coast of Scotland really did strike gold as they defied odds of one in five million to pull a rare golden lobster out of the sea. Eddie Dougal caught the unusual crustacean off the coast of Scotland near Dunbar and knew instantly that this one was not destined for the boiling pot. The odds of finding a lobster with such incredible colouring is believed to be one in five million so it is now amazing crowds at Deep Sea World in Fife. Michael Morris, from the aquarium, said: ‘No-one is entirely sure why these sort of colour changes happen in individual crustaceans. ‘It may be some kind of genetic mutation or a reaction to some kind of outside stimulus. ‘We also don’t know if the colouration will stay the same when the lobster eventually moults or whether it will revert back to a normal blue colour.’ But it’s not the rarest lobster found lately. One found off the coast of Scarborough, U.S., this week has a two-toned shell, split right down the middle with one half black and the other orange.

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