Some actual tourist complaints to travel companies

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‘There were too many beautiful women at the hotel and my wife caught me staring at people other than her on one too many occasions. I wasn’t aware there would be so many lovely looking ladies. We had a huge row on day five of our holiday and I had to buy her a lot of presents on our return to the UK to make it up for her. I had to take out a credit card for the gifts just so I could grovel.’

‘The sun gave me a better tan than my girlfriend and she was really grumpy with me for half of the holiday for that reason. I tried to stay in the shade but when we came home I was still more bronzed than her so that was no good. We’re still together but it has knocked her confidence.’

‘The cocktails available on the all inclusive at the hotel were so nice that I got really very drunk and made a complete fool of myself on the dance floor. It’s the most embarrassed I’ve ever been.’

‘There were so many complimentary activities at our hotel like water sports and things that we barely saw our teenage sons. It really ruined the whole family holiday feel.’

‘The hotel had a no-nudity policy around the pool and on their beach and so I was unable to sunbathe topless and show off my new breast implants.’

‘The international buffet as part of our all inclusive booking gave us so much choice that I had at least two helpings every evening and, all in all, I put on two stone during the holiday. I’ve had to purchase new clothes and a gym membership since the holiday and I was wondering if you would be willing to cover those costs.’

‘The two swimming pools were so inviting that I often jumped in when I got too hot sunbathing. However, this meant I constantly had to re-apply my sun cream and I ran out more quickly than I thought.’

‘The air conditioning in the room was too chilly and we didn’t pack any warm clothes, so we were often cold.’

‘The maid kept our room too clean and spotless. We like living in a bit of a pig sty on holiday because it’s the one and only time we don’t have to give a damn.’

‘Me and my boyfriend felt that the staff and locals were far too friendly and nice to us. Because of this we found people back home in the UK to be even more rude and unpleasant when we returned and it made us sad.’

‘The gym facilities were better than my husband’s gym back home and so he was constantly in there and I was left alone a lot in the day time. It was quite boring for me as I was just waiting around for him loads on a sun lounger.’

‘I collected some shells on the beach and later realised that two of them still had something living inside them. I was very alarmed.’

‘I fell in love with one of the stray dogs on the resort and was heartbroken when I had to leave him. I wanted to bring him back to the UK to be our pet and I wasn’t warned that there would be so many cute cats and dogs walking around. As an animal lover, it made my departure from the hotel even more difficult.’

‘The sea was too warm and so when I tried to take a dip to cool down I was still hot.’

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Odd news from around the world

Brits can’t handle weather extremes — even for Wimbledon: “Three thousand people were dramatically evacuated from the All England Club [Wimbledon] last night as a fire broke out on Centre Court. Engines are thought to have overheated in a maintenance room on the site, causing an electrical fault on what was the hottest July day on record. People were forced to abandon their dinner and drinks on the third day of the tournament in south-west London after the blaze began at about 9pm. The drama unfolded shortly before sunset after an alarm went off at The Wingfield Restaurant, which is at the front of Centre Court. Terrified spectators began running as a tannoy sounded urging people to move away from Centre Court immediately. Two fire engines and police vans rushed to the scene as people flooded out of the grounds. A Metropolitan Police spokesman said officers attended to assist with a fire alarm. He added: ‘The incident is not being treated as suspicious.’ [Light snow stops their trains and buses — now this]

Hangxiety: “Amanda Whyte spent her 40th birthday party in April chatting, laughing and dancing with family and her closest friends in a room she’d hired, and decorated for the occasion, at her local village pub. Later that night, she settled down to sleep feeling happy and loved — confident that her guests had all had a fabulous time. However, just three hours later, at 3.30am, Amanda, a mother of two, sat bolt upright in bed, her heart thumping and her pulse racing, in the throes of a terrifying panic attack. ‘I was gripped by this intense fear that I’d done or said something dreadful —made an utter show of myself — at my party,’ recalls Amanda. ‘I was convinced that my guests had been appalled, thinking I was mutton dressed as lamb, stumbling around on the dance floor in my high heels. In fact, Amanda had caused no offence to anyone. But, like many women, whenever she has more than a couple of alcoholic drinks, she spends the following day — sometimes whole weekends — suffering anxiety and paranoia. So common are these feelings that there are now numerous words to describe them, including ‘hangxiety’ and ‘boozanoia’.”

Blue eyed people drink more: “Most people would kill for a pair of sparkly blue eyes. But those with blue irises should beware, as they may be more likely to become alcoholics, according to new research. A study found those with light coloured eyes – including blue, green, grey and brown in the centre – were more likely to be dependent on drinking than those with dark brown eyes. And blue-eyed people had the strongest tendency to be addicted to alcohol, researchers discovered. The parts of genes that determine eye colour line up along the same chromosome as the genes related to excessive alcohol use, researchers found. However, they added they do not know why this is – and say more research is needed. [Easy-peasy. Blue eyes originate in places with long winters and winter confinement leads to heavy drinking]

The munchies explained: “Scientists believe they have identified why women in particular are compelled to eat more after drinking alcohol. It causes the brain to become more sensitive to food aromas, thus encouraging the appetite. Dr Eiler said: ‘The brain, absent contributions from the gut, can play a vital role in regulating food intake. ‘Our study found that alcohol exposure can both increase the brain’s sensitivity to external food cues, like aromas, and result in greater food consumption. ‘Many alcoholic beverages already include empty calories, and when you combine those calories with the aperitif effect, it can lead to energy imbalance and possibly weight gain.’ Researchers conducted the study in 35 non-vegetarian, non-smoking women, all of a healthy weight. The women were observed and their brain’s responses to food and non-food aromas were measured, via MRI scans.

Facebook unveils its ‘new’ logo, but can you spot the difference?: “The Facebook app icon is now among the most recognisable in the world, but as more people use the service on their phones and tablets, the full, written logo is rarely seen anymore. But last night, a Facebook product designer tweeted this logo’s latest design with changes that are so subtle you may not even notice them. Christophe Tauziet’s tweet said: ‘Say hello to the new Facebook logo’ and he later responded to a question about when we will see the update with ‘soon.’ Facebook has swapped the double-storey ‘a’ on the previous logo for a single-storey version. By comparison, the ‘b’ now has a terminal and more closely resembles a typed version. Other subtle changes include making the edges sharper and increasing the logo’s width.”

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