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Odd news from around the world

Beautiful women really DO get away with more: “Whether it’s in the office or in the courtroom, a new study backs up the belief that pretty women can broker deals more easily. This, according to the research, is because beauty overrides the brain’s reaction to fairnesss – a fact tied to a subconscious competitive streak rooted in male evolution. As part of the study, 21 male students at Zhejiang University in China, were asked to look at 300 photos of Chinese women. A different group of men had judged half of the women as attractive and the half unattractive. The men were then teamed up with some of the women whose faces they had just seen while playing a computer game. In the game, they decided whether to split a small amount of money. At the same time, the researchers studied their brain waves and noted their response times. They found men were more likely to accept bad deals from attractive women. They were also quicker to respond to fair offers from good-looking women and slower to respond to unfair offers.”

Joy of woman who lost wedding band in woods as SEVEN metal-detecting sleuths turn up to find it: “A woman who lost her wedding ring while trekking in woods has thanked a group of local metal detector enthusiasts who turned up to help find it. Karen Hawkins, 44, lost the ring on a tree trek at Center Parcs in Longleat, Wiltshire. She and husband Julian and children Jake, 16, and Beth, 12, spent hours searching for it with no luck. Mr Hawkins, 45, then contacted a metal detector club in his home town of Trowbridge, Wiltshire. Seven members found the ring within ten minutes. Mr Hawkins said: ‘We were doing this tree trekking activity and we had to take our rings off in case they got caught. My wife put her rings in her pocket but when we got to the other end, her wedding ring was missing. ‘She was absolutely beside herself. We only got married July last year and it’s the sentimental value more than anything.’ ‘The ground was covered with pine cones and bark chippings, which is why it was so hard to search by eye. ‘He had got a strong signal so we brushed aside the pine needles and bark and there it was, slightly pushed into the mud.”

Smart crow: “There can’t be many moments that a crow, one of nature’s more confident creatures, pines for opposable thumbs – wings, a beak and claws are usually fit for purpose. But being presented with an unattended pizza box in a Vancouver park must be one of those times. Still, in footage filmed by Alex Heschuk, it doesn’t take long for the clever black bird to conquer the cardboard puzzle people take for granted when the prospect of a free feed is the reward. At first, the crow attempts to prize open the pizza box at every edge with its beak and claws only to make little headway. Almost as if it was teasing impressed human onlookers in the Canadian city’s famous Stanley Park, the crow finally flips the lid of the box open. No need for those thumbs after all. Unfortunately, though, the reward for its efforts were slim pickings – a small piece of leftover pizza that hardly seemed worth it. The crow didn’t seem to mind though, giving the scrap a few curious pecks to ensure it met the taste test before flying away to dine away from prying eyes.

Miracle survival of woman who survived three days ALONE in the woods with her newborn baby: “A California woman found herself giving birth while stranded in the forest for three days after running out of gas on a back road with no cellphone service. Nine-month-pregnant Amber Pangborn, 35, of Oroville, was having contractions early on Thursday morning and got into her car to drive to her parents’ house for help. She traveled down French Creek Road, a back road that she had not driven. She then found herself out of gas, with no cell service, going into labor. On Thursday at about 5am, she gave birth to her daughter on her own on the forest-lined road. She was stranded for three days, facing bees and mosquitoes and surviving on only four apples and a small amount of water. On Saturday, Pangborn was able to start a signal fire, hoping to attract attention. A Cal fire helicopter discovered the pair a couple hours later and sent a rescue team from the Forestry Department to retrieve Pangborn and her daughter. They were taken to Oroville Hospital on Saturday and Marissa was then transferred to the University of California, Davis, Medical Center on Sunday for further evaluation.”

China powers ahead again: “Already a world leader in train technology, China is set to ramp things up even further as it plans to run trains at 310mph. After some ten years of research and testing, new traction technology is now ready for use. In May this year the new system was introduced on a subway line in Changsha, capital of Hunan Province. The technology was developed by China’s CRRC Corp at its Zhuzhou Institute in Hunan province. ‘Now we have our own permanent magnet synchronous traction system with full intellectual property rights, marking a new chapter in China’s high-speed railways,’ Ding Rongjun, who works for the institute, told China Daily. The technology has been described by key leaders in the project as the ‘most important part’ of the bullet train development. One of the fastest trains in the world is thought to run between Shanghai with the city’s Pudong International Airport, exceeding 300mph. Talks began in February this year for state-owned Chinese firms to sell high-speed trains to the United States, senior officials said on Thursday, a deal that would be likely to ignite controversy.”

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