What we are dealing with in these terible days

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Odd news from around the world

Shock pregnancies for women as pre-wedding ‘teatox’ dieting craze stops the Pill working: “A fashionable high street detox treatment used by thousands of women to lose weight quickly has been blamed for a string of unexpected pregnancies. The herbal infusion Bootea can stop the contraceptive pill from working – but angry users have complained that there’s no warning on the packaging. The tea flushes out the digestive system with a laxative effect that can stop the Pill from being absorbed into the bloodstream. Bootea is a favourite of celebrities such as Katie Price and actress Michelle Keegan, who used the tea to slim down before her wedding to Only Way Is Essex star Mark Wright in May – prompting countless brides-to-be to follow the same regime. But many ended up with the shock of expecting a ‘Bootea baby’ despite being on the Pill. The ‘Frequently Asked Questions’ section advises those who are on the Pill to also use a condom while they are taking Bootea – a warning that does not appear on the packaging.”

Curiosity nearly killed the warthog: “This is the moment a furious crocodile’s jaws missed a warthog by a whisker – after the animal foolishly tried to taunt it during a stand-off. The warthog only narrowly escaped the snarling croc’s teeth as it ventured within inches of the predator at South Africa’s Kruger National Park. At first the sow was only interested in drinking from a watering hole – but after spotting the reptile, she decided to go and take a closer look. Unwisely, the inquisitive warthog trotted over to the crocodile and stood staring at it continually. But after having had enough of the unwanted attention, the reptile finally snapped and narrowly missed the sow with a ferocious lunge. After a few minutes, all havoc broke loose. The croc jumped up, launching himself forward and snapped at her with a very loud bang. ‘Luckily she was just out of reach and he missed by less than a foot.’ Incredibly, after such a lucky escape, the sow didn’t learn any lessons. Her and her babies took a tour around the deadly crocodile, even sniffing his tail.

Tiny furry creature that flies: “They may only be the size of your finger but these tiny creatures are fast and can glide the entire length of a cricket pitch. Born just 13 weeks ago, these seven Feathertail Gilder joeys are currently scurrying around at Sydney’s Taronga Zoo. The adorable baby gliders were half the size of a grain of rice when they were born. The Feathertail Glider is the smallest of all glider species – they weigh just 15 grams and grow to a maximum of 8cm. ‘These animals have microscopic hairs on their feet giving them the ability to run up glass, they can glide the length of a cricket pitch and are very speedy,’ Australian Fauna Keeper, Rob Dockerill, said. They’re named after their long tail that is fringed with stiff hairs that resemble a feather, which helps them to steer and brake while gliding up to 20 metres. Taronga is believed to be the first zoo to ever successfully breed Feathertail Gliders. ‘It’s much easier to live here than out in the wild. They’re officially classified as secure but there’s no real idea how many there are,’ Mr Dockerill said. ‘When you’re half the size of a mouse and come out at night no one knows anything about you.

Mother-of-two’s life is saved by her enormous 38JJ breasts which cushioned the impact when car ploughed into her: “A mother-of-two’s life was saved by her 38JJ breasts after they cushioned the impact when she was hit by an out of control car. Sarah Foster has told of the dramatic moment she was then dragged to safety by her wife after bouncing off the vehicle’s windscreen while the couple’s horrified children looked on. Sarah, who is 5ft 3in and 19 stone, got out to have a cigarette and call her mother but was startled moments later when a Mini Cooper crashed into the central barrier at 80mph and veered towards her. After being hit, Sarah rolled over the top of the car and ended up lying face down on the inside lane of the busy stretch of motorway near Peterborough. She told Paul Sims at the Sun: ‘My boobs hit the windscreen so hard it smashed. They saved my life. Following the accident, near Peterborough, medics told Ms Foster that she had bounced off the car ‘like a balloon’ and if she hadn’t been so big chested she would likely have died… Paramedics were amazed to discover Sarah had suffered just cuts, bruising and knee ligament damage.

Australian lady picks a British winner: “It’s the age old fairtyale: meeting a prince charming and being swept off to a beautiful palace. For one Australian woman, this dream became very much a reality when she discovered the man she had fallen in love with was the son of an English Lord, heir to one of the biggest country estates in England. Former marketing strategist Caitlin Blake-Lane met her future fiancé Alex, at the Melbourne cup in 2012, after being introduced by a mutual friend. ‘We hit it off very quickly…we exchanged numbers that day and we ended up going for cider the day after, and went on a number of dates soon after that,’ Ms Blake-Lane told Daily Mail Australia. A few months later, Ms Blake-Lane was flipping through a magazine and saw an article about Alex and his house and realised that the man she knew as just ‘Alex Clifford’ was in fact The Honourable Alexander Clifford and son of Lord Clifford of Chudleigh in the UK. ‘Alex said early on that he would need to go back to England for his family business within 12 months. In April 2014 Ms Blake-Lane moved to England where she works in London as the director of a law firm for four days, and lives with Mr Clifford at their family estate, Ugbrooke, for three days per week.

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