Differences between men and women

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NICKNAMES If Laura, Kate and Sarah go out for lunch, they will call each other Laura, Kate and Sarah. * If Mike, Dave and John go out, they will affectionately refer to each other as Fat Boy, Bubba and Wildman.

EATING OUT When the bill arrives, Mike, Dave and John will each throw in $20, even though it’s only for $32.50. None of them will have anything smaller and none will actually admit they want change back. * When the girls get their bill, out come the pocket calculators.

MONEY A man will pay $2 for a $1 item he needs. * A woman will pay $1 for a $2 item that she doesn’t need but it’s on sale.

BATHROOMS A man has six items in his bathroom: toothbrush and toothpaste, shaving cream, razor, a bar of soap, and a towel. * The average number of items in the typical woman’s bathroom is 337. A man would not be able to identify more than 20 of these items.

ARGUMENTS A woman has the last word in any argument. * Anything a man says after that is the beginning of a new argument.

FUTURE A woman worries about the future until she gets a husband. * A man never worries about the future until he gets a wife.

MARRIAGE A woman marries a man expecting he will change, but he doesn’t. * A man marries a woman expecting that she won’t change, but she does.

DRESSING UP A woman will dress up to go shopping, water the plants, empty the trash, answer the phone, read a book, and get the mail. * A man will dress up for weddings and funerals.

NATURAL Men wake up as Good-looking as they went to bed. * Women somehow deteriorate during the night.

OFFSPRING Ah, children. A woman knows all about her children. She knows about dentist appointments and romances, best friends, favorite foods, secret fears and hopes and dreams. * A man is vaguely aware of some short people living in the house.


A married man should forget his mistakes. There’s no use in two people remembering the same thing!




Odd news from around the world

Emu thinks he is a horse: “He gallops through the paddock and shares a stable with the other horses. And this emu is so comfortable embracing the lifestyle that officers at Alice Springs Police Unit in the Northern Territory are convinced he actually thinks he is a horse too. Named unoriginally Emu, the friendly flightless bird wandered his way into the police force in the outback nearly three years ago and has since called the iconic Red Centre outpost home. His unique behaviour began when officers noticed the ostrich-like bird picked up some very colt-like habits. Senior Sergeant Melinda Edwards told ABC Rural Emu runs with the horses, eats with them when they’re being fed and acts just like a horse. ‘We get the impression he thinks he is a horse,’ she said. ‘He follows the horses in and out of the paddock. As they [horses] gallop away, he gallops off with them as well.’ Senior Sergeant Edwards said Emu made his own decision to be part of the team when he was found ‘quite young’ and it was ‘not by police choice’. ‘Emu stays whether we want him here or not,’ she laughed.”

Now THAT’S a holiday snap: Photographer captures stunning images of deadly saltwater crocodile: “Adventurous Ricardo Castillo certainly got some holiday snaps with a difference. Castillo, 39, was snorkelling in the sea off Cuba hoping to capture underwater images of sharks but instead came across another deadly predator in the shape of saltwater crocodiles. And he had nothing to protect him from the 12ft long reptiles – apart from his camera and years of experience of swimming with dangerous creatures. As a result he was able to get to within a few inches of the Cuban crocodile and obtain stunning shots of one of the world’s most fearsome animals in its natural environment. At one point the reptile even touched the lens of Ricardo’s waterproof camera, allowing him to get a snap of the inside of its huge and lethal jaws. Ricardo, from Mexico, was snorkelling in the mangroves of the Gardens of the Queen marine park in Cuba.”

Couple say they are living like kings after packing up conventional living to move into tiny box on wheels: “At just 13 feet tall, and 224 square feet wide, most people would call this a shed. But to Trevor Gay and Marianna Benasutti, it’s home. Tired of a conventional life littered with belongings, the Ohio couple had a thorough spring clean to move into a custom-built box in Spring Valley. And if they get restless, they can just wheel it somewhere else. An architect helped construct the wooden box, which would house countless pockets of storage space. They have a fully functioning kitchen with an oven and a sink, as well as stairs, a living room, and a bedroom. For many couples it would be too close for comfort, but Gay says an added benefit is that it forces them to talk out any issues or arguments immediately. ‘You have to face your issues head on,’ he told 2 News. Dubbing it the Heart Of It All House, the couple told Facebook followers they are able to live ‘first class’ on a lower to middle class income.”

Breaking the bank: Angry woman rips apart cash machine with her bare hands: “Impatience got the better of one woman in China as she ripped apart an ATM with her bare hands after she mistakenly believed it had swallowed her debit card. The woman caused a dramatic scene at the subway in Changchun, capital of Jilin Province, where the incident took place on Thursday. In a fit of frustration, the woman, who is unnamed, began publicly pounding the machine in an attempt to get her card back, reported People’s Daily Online. However, according to bank clerks, no cards were found in the ATM in Jilin province. After pulling off the machine’s frame and revealing the receipt paper underneath, the woman became increasingly distressed and asked passers-by to help her find her card. Surveillance footage shows that the whole incident lasted around 10 minutes. A member of staff at the ATM’s bank, which has not been named by media, has expressed surprise that anyone could rip off the front of the machine. Since the event, the woman has been taken to a local mental facility after police ordered that she undergo a psychiatric evaluation.”

Couple clinging on to scary 2,769-foot peak to ‘feel alive’: “While some people live life on the edge, here’s a daredevil couple who take the concept to a whole new level. Leonardo Edson Pereira, 23, and his girlfriend Victoria Medeiros Nader, 18, are fearless as they hang off Brazil’s 2,769-foot-high Pedra de Gavea in a series of breathtaking images. Only their strength and bravery keeps this dynamic duo in place on the cusp of the rock in this spectacular setting in Tijuca Forest near Rio de Janeiro. They dangle, cling and generally risk their lives, with Leonardo in just shorts and Victoria in a pink bikini top and hot pants, in the pursuit of a rush with the deep blue sea and iconic city of Rio as their picture perfect backdrop. ‘I love living on the edge! I know people think it’s dangerous and crazy but it makes me feel alive,’ Leonardo says. ‘It is really high and I do just hang on using my arm strength. I have to trust myself not to fall.’ Once I did cut my arm having to pull myself up. That was the only time I’ve been worried.'”

And don’t forget to catch up with all the Strange Justice before you go.


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