Detroit High School

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Darqueeze played high school football in Detroit. He was a great running back, but a really poor student. At graduation, he didn’t have enough credits.

But he was a great football star and the students held a rally and demanded the principal give him a diploma anyway. They were so insistent that the principal agreed that if Darqueeze could answer one question correctly he would give him a diploma.

The one question test was held in the auditorium and all the students packed the place. It was standing room only. The principal was on the stage and told him to come up. Diploma in hand, the principal said: “Darqueeze, if you can answer this one question correctly, I’ll give you your diploma.”

“Darqueeze, how much is three times seven?”

Darqueeze looked up at the ceiling and then down at his shoes, pondering the question. The other students began chanting, “Graduate him anyway! Graduate him anyway!”

Then Darqueez held up his hand and the auditorium became silent. He said, “I think I know the answer. Three times seven is twenty-one.” A hush fell over the auditorium and then all the other students began to chant: “Give him another chance! Give him another chance!”




Odd news from around the world

Amazing survival for baby: “A Chinese woman turned up at a hospital without realising that the baby had already come out on the journey there. The woman, named only as Ms Qi, arrived at the hospital in Guangdong to discover that the baby must have been born on the back of her husband’s motorbike and likely to have fallen into the road. The baby boy was miraculously found alive, after a driver spotted him lying in the middle of the road, reported People’s Daily Online. Her husband, Mr Li, had immediately gone back with medical staff to try and find the baby, and came across a group of three men standing on the side of the road about two miles from the hospital. He saw a new born baby lying on the side of the road covered in blood, who started crying immediately when he picked him up. Doctors said the baby slid down the leg of Ms Qi’s trousers, ending up on the road, and added that bumps on the road helped break the umbilical cord.”

Village named ‘Camp Kill Jews’ in a bid to appease the Spanish inquisition finally changes its name: “A tiny Spanish village has finally changed its name from Castrillo Matajudios, which means ‘Camp Kill Jews’, to Castrillo Mota de Judios (meaning Jews’ Hill Camp) after long standing complaints that the name was offensive. The official name change came after a referendum, following complaints by Mayor Lorenzo Rodriguez that the village’s name needed to be corrected. He previously argued that the village should honour its Jewish history and return to its original name. The long awaited name change has been greeted with approval from the regional government. The name change was approved by the regional government of Castilla y Leon and published in the region’s official gazette. Centred in the Burgos province in northern Spain, documents show the villages’ original name was ‘Jews’ Hill Camp’ and that the ‘Kill Jews’ name dates from 1627.”

Huge shark caught in Australia: “The uncommon discovery of a peculiar-looking shark is the first sighting of the second largest living fish in Australian waters for 85 years. James Owen and his crew accidentally caught the 6.3-metre [20 ft] basking shark in their trawler at Portland, west of Warrnambool, in Victoria on Sunday but instead of selling the sought-after Chinese delicacy, they decided to donate the rare three-tonne male fish to science. Only smaller than the whale shark, the mammoth fish has an unusual pink/purple hue to its skin and a huge flat nose. The last recording of this species being captured was in the 1930s by a skipper at Lakes Entrance in eastern Victoria. Dr Martin Gomon praised the fisherman for contacting the Melbourne Museum saying he had great respect for him. ‘Basking shark fins would be highly sought because they’re very big,’ Dr Gomon told News Corp. Ms Bray said the discovery of the fish which can grow to 12 metres long will unearth new research about the rare species. The plankton-eating sharks, which are thought to live a solitary life, got their name because they often spend time near the surface of the water basking in the sun.

Nasty medical lady gets caught out: “A jury has awarded a massive settlement to a man who accidentally recorded his surgery only to learn that the doctors working on him spent the time making offensive comments as he was under anesthesia. The man, who is not named but from Vienna, Virginia, was having a colonoscopy in April 2013, and pressed record on his smartphone to be sure he would not miss any instructions from the doctor as it pertained to what he should do after the surgery. What he heard however was an anesthesiologist who said she wanted to punch him and accused him of having a sexually transmitted disease. As a result, he has now been awarded a payment of $500,000. Among the things the phone recorded was Tiffany Ingham, the anesthesiologist in the room, saying; ‘After five minutes of talking to you in pre-op,I wanted to punch you in the face and man you up a little bit.’ Things got worse when an assistant pointed out a rash on the man’s body and Ingham said if she touched it she might get ‘some syphilis on your arm or something.’ She later said of the rash; ‘It’s probably tuberculosis in the penis, so you’ll be all right.'”

Fish called ‘the Nutcracker’, which eats men’s testicles with its human-like teeth: “A father and son fishing at a New Jersey lake may be lucky their bodies still have all their pieces after catching a fish called ‘the Nutcracker’ that is more commonly seen in the Amazon. The rare species in Swedes Lake was actually a pacu, an omnivorous fish native to Brazil that has human-like teeth and has been reported to eat the testicles of swimmers and fishermen. The Rossis realized the bizarre find when they went home and researched the animal after being confused at its lack of sharp, piranha chompers, they told WPVI. Department of Environmental Protection officials said the South American fish are sometimes kept as pets, who may have dumped the pacu into the lake. The species can grow up to four feet long and uses its molar-like teeth to crush food that falls into the Amazon River.

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