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Three men remain in hospital today after what is believed to have been a late-night home invasion gone sour in Taree on Friday.

The group of three to four suspected “junkies” have been terrorising the streets of Taree for some time, with a string of break and enters.

However it appears the serial burglars have recently struck trouble of their own when they attempted to break in to the house of former tent boxing champion, 78 year-old local Reg “Slim” Flynn.

At around 10:15 pm on Friday night, neighbours of Mr Flynn reporting hearing “muffled whispers and footsteps” followed by a “slamming door”.

The chaos that erupted was described by Reg’s next door neighbour as “World war f-ing three”.

“Old Reg had obviously known they were in the house He’s gone and locked both the front and back doors and worked them over. They couldn’t get out!”

“He turned the lights off and everything. He may look like a gentle old man but Reg showed himself to be a real sicko”

The chaotic scenes were reported to have continued until local police arrived on the scene, one whole hour and a half later, to find three men in their late teens and early twenties, unconscious and bleeding profusely from multiple facial lacerations on Mr Flynn’s front lawn.

Police say no charges have been laid yet, as they are still working to piece together the unusual turn of events.

AAP cameras were able to snap images of Flynn’s bruised knuckles as he made way out of the police station yesterday morning, but when questioned by local media about how he had incurred such recent injuries, he stated that he had cut his hands fixing up his roof gutters a couple of weeks ago.

The Advocate was able to contact Reg’s estranged wife, Marie, about the matter. Mrs Flynn stated on the record that: “[Reg] towelled those druggie f-wits for two whole hours. He wiped the floor with the lot of them”

However, Reg has provided a different account in the official police report. “I was watching some old Wheel Of Fortune shows on the telly when I heard someone out the front. They were making their way up the stairs and into my house. I must have given them a fright because all three fell down the stairs and knocked themselves out.”

Reg, a junior rugby league coach and former prize fighter, still works as a bouncer at a local hotel

One thing that old Reg wasn’t able to explain was how the three men were able to knock themselves unconscious and land ten metres away with such severe injuries. Witnesses claim it looked as though their bodies had been dragged down the front steps.

This statement also counteracts statements made by neighbours: “I saw old Reg run to his front door and lock it after seeing someone sneaking in the back side. I heard him cry “Let’s dance, pretty boy!” and the house erupted,”

However, as cruel as the alleged “beat down” was, the greater Taree community have rallied behind Mr Flynn. “I just took one look at the poor blokes and patted ol’ Reg on the back. He had punched holes through them. Not so tough now are they!”

Despite his age, Mr Flynn still holds several records in six divisions for boxing in North-NSW, which makes him the number one suspect for this grotesque assault. The fact that he still works as a security guard at the local Taree nightspot “Foths” (The Fotheringham Hotel) was not lost on the detectives either

However, until the three hospitalised men are able to make a statement, no further inroads can be made in the case.

Many local community members have rallied around Reg, claiming that he is a hero and should be treated as one.

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Odd news from around the world

Dog eaters in China: “Global outrage is having no effect on revellers at China’s notorious Yulin festival, where as many as 10,000 dogs are being skinned alive, butchered and eaten as part of the summer solstice celebration. The dog meat festival sees thousands of dogs – many of them stolen pets – caged, battered and cooked, in the largely rural Guangxi Zhaung autonomous region. Festival-goers are out in force as the celebrations get underway, filling the streets and restaurants and ready to tuck into dishes of dog meat. But activists including celebrities such as British comedian Ricky Gervais and Brazilian supermodel Gisele Bundchen have called for an end to the festival, saying it has no cultural value and was invented simply to drum up trade. For the past few weeks, international social media has also seen an unprecedented movement against the industry. But supporters of the festival are fighting back, claiming that the festival has just as much cultural value as any other country’s celebrations. Some social media users have responded to the world’s outrage by calling a ban on eating turkeys at Christmas.”

Scottish soccer club get a frightening new mascot: “Partick Thistle unveiled their terrifying new mascot on Monday afternoon, as ‘Kingsley’ was introduced to the world. The mascot, a cross between Lisa Simpson and the sun, is certainly an altogether more frightening prospect than the SPL side’s last one, Jaggy Macbee. Kingsley, designed by life-long fan and artist David Shrigley, has been met with a hugely negative reaction on the social networking site. The news comes on the day the club signed a six-figure sponsorship deal with a US investment firm. The deal, which will last a minimum of two years, will see the Kingsford Capital brand on the Jags’ strips and Firhill Stadium. Partick Thistle Football Club are a professional football club from Glasgow, Scotland. Despite their name, the club are based at Firhill Stadium in the Maryhill area of the city, and have not played in Partick since 1908”.

Iceland the most peaceful country in the world: “Safety, understandably, plays a large part in what makes a country attractive for prospective visitors. The Institute for Economics and Peace has recently revealed their annual Global Peace Index findings, a report that ranks 162 of the world’s countries on their safety and peacefulnesses. And this year, Iceland took first place with a near-perfect score of 1.148. The GPI analyses 23 factors for the countries examined, including violent crime levels, political terror, weapons import and export and prison population. Each nation is then assigned a score of one to five, with one being the highest. After Iceland, Denmark grabbed the second spot with a score of 1.150, while Austria came in third at 1.198. The UK, however, came in at number 39 with a score of 1.685. With a shockingly low score of 2.038, the United States was ranked in 94th place on the survey. The most violent country in the world is currently Syria, which was placed in 162nd place.”

British bureaucracy at its best: “A bungling council has been ridiculed after installing two different speed limits on one road, baffling drivers. Motorists in Bristol were left confused when they spotted 30mph and 20mph signs on either side of the Ely Grove cul-de-sac. The local authority does not why or when both signs were erected but they were not next to the junction of the street a year ago. The road, in the Sea Mills area in the west of the city, has just 14 houses. Bristol City Council said Ely Grove used to be a 30mph road but now has a 20mph limit. The main road it connects to, Sylvan Way, has a 30mph limit. Bristol’s mayor George Ferguson spent £2.3million of taxpayers’ money rolling out 13,000 20mph speed limit signs across the city last year. Despite his campaign, he was caught speeding at 35mph in a 30mph zone in January. Hugh Bladon of the Alliance of British Drivers, said: ‘As far as I’m aware this scheme is a huge waste of money. ’20mph zones are completely moronic because it is universally agreed that they are unenforceable and it’s bringing other speed limits into question.'”

Mother illegally injected herself with human growth hormone to look younger — now ill: “A woman who has been illegally injecting herself with human growth hormones (HGH) now fears the drugs could be to blame for her developing a serious health condition. Aimi Veness, 40, a publicist from East Sussex, had been injecting herself with the C-class drug every day since last November after hearing it was anti-ageing. But she has recently stopped the controversial beauty treatment after being diagnosed with lupus – a condition that can affect many parts of the body, including the skin, joints and internal organs with symptoms that can be mild to life threatening. She said: ‘I know I am setting a bad example for my son. If health checks are okay I will go back on it but I don’t think I will get it online again, I will try and get a prescription.’ Aimi said she was initially amazed by how the drugs made her look and feel and she only stopped taking it because of her recent health scare. ‘I had so much energy, my skin was so much better, so was my hair and nails and I lost weight. It is a Peter Pan drug, it feels like the film Death Becomes Her.’

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  1. brilliant absolutely brilliant just a shame the thieving scum didnt die

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