Wireless wisdom

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After having dug to a depth of 10 feet last year, British scientists found traces of copper wire dating back 200 years and came to the conclusion that their ancestors already had a telephone network more than 150 years ago.

Not to be outdone by the Brits, in the weeks that followed, an American archaeologist dug to a depth of 20 feet, and shortly after, a story published in the New York Times: “American archaeologists, finding traces of 250-year-old copper wire, have concluded that their ancestors already had an advanced high-tech communications network 50 years earlier than the British”.

One week later, the state’s Dept of Minerals and Energy in Western Australia, reported the following: “After digging as deep as 30 feet in Western Australia ’s Pilbara region, Jack Lucknow, a self-taught archaeologist, reported that he found absolutely nada, nil, nothing. Jack has therefore concluded that 250 years ago, Australia had already gone wireless.”

Just makes you proud if you are an Australian




Odd news from around the world

Drunk mother gets lucky: “A MOTHER of two young children was so intoxicated that she drove into a marina and told police that her kids, aged three and five, were dying, trapped inside the sinking car. Angelina Lopresti, 20, managed to get free of the 2003 red Chrysler PT Cruiser as it sank in Halifax Harbour Marina at Daytona Beach in the US state of Florida. She yelled at the police officers from a seawall to find her children. “They’re in the car. They’re not breathing,” Lopresti says. Four police officers and two firefighters jumped into the Halifix River and dived down into the submerged car. But they were surprised at what they found — there was no one in the vehicle and no one in the water. In fact, Lopresti’s two children were never in the car. Officers went to her nearby unit and found the two young children asleep and home alone.

End your stray dog cull, UK tells Romania: “British diplomats have urged the Romanian government to stop the cull of tens of thousands of stray dogs – ordered after a four-year-old boy was mauled to death. The Mail on Sunday can reveal that UK officials have lobbied leaders in Bucharest, calling on them to deal ‘humanely’ with the crisis of the million strays that roam the streets, biting thousands of people each year. About 300,000 dogs have been rounded up and slaughtered in a crackdown launched after Ionut Anghel was killed while playing near a park. Although initially blamed on strays, his death was later found to have been caused by security dogs owned by a private company. Last month it was ordered to pay £1.7 million compensation to Ionut’s devastated family. But that hasn’t stopped the Romanian authorities continuing with the massive cull, with reports of dogs being clubbed to death in the streets”

Catholic priests exorcise the entire country of Mexico: “Catholic priests from around Mexico gathered at a central cathedral to do what they could to help fight the country’s crime problem, targeting the demons that may be causing it. Led by Cardinal Juan Sandoval Íñiguez, the archbishop emeritus of Guadalajara, a group of priests including an exorcist from Spain conducted a closed-door ritual at the cathedral in the city of San Luis Potosí. The religious leaders then performed a ‘Magno Exorcismo’ or Great Exorcism, to help Mexico as it struggles with crimes linked to gang violence and drug trafficking. Father José Antonio Fortea, the Spanish exorcist and demonologist, told the Catholic News Agency that the ceremony, held on May 20, that ‘this rite of exorcism, beautiful and liturgical, had never before taken place in any part of the world’. The aim of the ceremony was to drive out demons that had been tempting the people of Mexico to sin.”

Now THAT’S a hungry hippo!: “Stunning images have captured the moment a protective mother hippo lashes out at a crocodile that was just ‘minding its own business’. The crocodile thrashes madly to break free from the hippo wraps her gigantic jaws around the reptile’s body – as her calf watches on just a hundred metres away. The titanic tussle which broke out at the aptly-named Lake Panic in Kruger National Park, South Africa, was snapped by amateur photographer Ken Haley. He said: ‘My first reaction was one of shock at the speed of the hippo and her level of aggression against the crocodile… The hippo must have felt that her calf was under threat from the crocodile and her protective instincts kicked in. ‘The hippo held its grip for a couple of seconds before the crocodile was able to escape into the safety of the dam. It disappeared into the water and I didn’t see it again.’

Drunk man tucks in to bucket of CONCRETE after mistaking it for sesame paste: “A plastered partygoer has attempted to satisfy his drunk munchies with a hard to swallow snack. Police from Nanjing, in China’s Jiangsu Province, were notified by concerned neighbours that a heavily intoxicated man was chowing down on a bucket full of fresh concrete. When police arrived, the man explained he was ravenous after a night of heavy drinking at a local bar, according to Jiangsu TV News. The unidentified man spotted a pail on the ground, and presuming it was ‘sesame paste’ -a dip made from ground sesame seeds – he resolved to help himself. Police only arrived after he had downed 250 grams of the construction material. After being notified of his mystifying mix-up, the man was rushed to hospital to have his stomach pumped. The doctor who treated him said he should bless his lucky stars, because the concrete had not set in his stomach, which could have been fatal.”

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