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Odd news from around the world

Baseball player is benched after ‘liking’ a woman’s Instagram picture in DURING a game: “Boston Red Sox third baseman Pablo Sandoval admitted that he used his smartphone to ‘like’ a woman’s Instagram photograph during a baseball game on Wednesday. Sandoval admitted to ‘liking’ two pictures on an Instagram account belonging to ‘diva_legacy’ while the team batted in the 7th inning against the Atlanta Braves — the Red Sox lost 5-2, ESPN reports. The 28-year-old player was in violation of the team’s social media policy — which prohibits players from using cellphones during games — and Red Sox manager John Farrell benched Sandoval from Thursday’s game. ‘I know I f*cked up,’ Sandoval told ESPN Thursday. ‘I made a mistake, I learned from that. ‘I’m a human being, I made a mistake, so I apologize to my teammates, to the team, to the organization the fans support.’ A Barstool sports blogger noticed the player’s in-game social media activity and tweeted a photo of the Instagram feed along with the words: ‘Not to blow up the dude’s spot, but uh…is Pablo Sandoval on Instagram during the game?'”

A REAL stray cat: “A globetrotting cat managed to make its way from Australia to Northern Ireland after a stop-off in London – almost 11,000 miles away. The 25-year-old ginger cat named Ozzie by his rescuers was found wandering the streets of Laurelvale, near County Armagh last week and taken to the local Cats Protection centre. Staff at the clinic scanned his microchip and were stunned to find the poorly feline was registered in Sydney in 2000 as ‘Tigger’. The data also showed that he had turned up as a stray in a vet clinic in London in 2004 but no owner could be traced. Volunteers launched an international campaign on social media to uncover how the moggy ended up on the other side of the world – and the post has been shared more than 18,000 times. And the race is on as the animal, who was found in a starving condition and currently on a drip after suffering kidney failure. Ozzie was also found to have been born in 1989, making him 25 – 10 years older than the age of the average cat.”

A most unusual Muslim girl: “I was undergoing gruelling training to join the Army. And not just any regiment, either, but the most elite of all — the SAS, who were preparing me to become one of their first female reservists. At 4ft 11in tall, I weighed just 7st at the time. Aged 26, I became part of the first ever group of females to be allowed to take the same SAS training as the men. Though I didn’t know it at the time, we were to be a one-off experiment, set in train by an enlightened colonel. Then came the greatest shock of all. Abruptly, I was summoned into an office where an officer told me that I was dismissed. The whole female programme had been axed. It was months before I realised what the SAS had given me. It had taught me discipline, teamwork, connecting with people from all walks of life — and I’d learnt a lot about myself. Facing the future with a new sense of confidence, I set about changing my career and widening my interests”

Terrified California residents call police after as giant purple sea slugs wash up on beach: “Residents in California’s Bay Area are alarmed after a small invasion of giant purple sea slugs that look like human organs has begun washing up on their beaches. At least one person has called 911 after thinking that a small ‘sea hare’ was a person’s heart. The mollusks, which can reach up to 15lbs and 30 inches long, are native to the area around cities such as Alameda and Oakland, but have begun washing up on shore by the dozens recently. Sea hares live for about a year and lay eggs that look like noodles before dying, which they have been doing in increasing numbers. Twenty-two of the purple blobs were spotted in an inlet to Lake Merritt in Oakland last month, according to the Contra Costa Times. The ones recently found have not reached peak size and are about the size of a fist. Officials don’t have any precise figures on the total number of sea hares that have washed ashore. ‘It’s not endangered, but they are rarely seen other than an occasional one here or there,’ the East Bay Regional Park District’s Carloyn Jones said.”

Motorway driver dodges death after a 60-inch BLADE fell off a truck and sliced into his car: “A driver miraculously survived after a huge circular blade came flying towards him and cut through the front of his car. The man, named only as Mr Xiang, was driving along a motorway in Chongqing in south west China on Wednesday when he heard a loud bang and saw the blade spinning towards him. The blade had fallen off a truck that had crashed into the dividing barrier while travelling on the other side of the motorway, reported the People’s Daily Online. The 60-inch circular blade sliced right into the front of the car, leaving a hole that was 20 inches deep. Local authorities said the large circular blades on board the truck had not been properly secured, meaning a number of them were thrown off the back when the driver lost control and crashed. Neither Mr Xiang nor the driver of the truck were injured in the accident. It is not yet clear whether the truck driver will face any charges. Some local reports suggest that tiredness may have been a factor in the accident.

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