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Odd news from around the world

NYPD cop who was ridiculed for wearing ‘granny panties’ is awarded $325,000 payout: “A female NYPD cop whose boss suggested she lost her ‘granny panties’ and wear more lace has been awarded a $325,000 payout. Officer Augustina Balu claimed lieutenant Denis McAuliffe was obsessed with the color of her underwear and retaliated against her after she rebuffed his relentless advances towards her. The federal jury rejected the retaliation claims, but found that Balu, 44, had been subjected to a hostile work environment. McAuliffe was ordered to pay $25,000 in punitive damages on top of the six-figure judgment against the city, the Daily News reports. Ms Balu described McAuliffe as a ‘horndog’ who was unable to control himself. She worked for him in the personnel unit of the old Transit Police headquarters on Jay St. in downtown Brooklyn from 2005 to 2011.” Fred Lichtmacher, representing Balu, said the NYPD was more concerned with protecting its image than looking into her complaint, adding it had ruined her career.”

Google captures ghostly images in windows of ‘haunted house’: “A historic New York property is drawing attention for all the wrong reasons. The 1880s Queen Anne home, in the Camden neighbourhood, is listed for just $105,000…but the low price has been blamed on some very unwanted house guests. Ghostly snaps of the five-bed home captured by Google’s Street View cameras show three sets of seemingly ghostly handprints smeared across the third-floor windows, suggesting the home isn’t as empty as you might think. The rare home has been on the market since 2010, after the last owners mysteriously abandoned the house almost as soon as they bought it. Although uninhabited for half a decade, the beautiful property has earned itself a place on the National Register of Historic Places. The home was built by a former clergyman turned wealthy hardware business owner, but fell into foreclosure after failing to sell for $169,000.”

Huge sunfish that washed up on remote beach off Tasmania: “A rare 1000 kg ocean sunfish measuring nearly three meters has washed up on a remote beach on Maria island off the east coast of Tasmania. When the rare fish, also known as a Mola Mola, is found, it’s always in tropical waters, so when local Ian Johnstone spotted the fish on nature reserve Maria Island over the weekend, he’d never seen anything like it. The sunfish is the heaviest bony fish species in the world, and its name stems from the fact that they more than often can be seen basking in the sun near the surface. Sunfishes are often mistaken for sharks when their huge dorsal fins emerge above the water, but they are of no threat to humans and their diets consists mainly of eating jellyfish. The sunfish species reportedly only live to be 10 years old, and Mr Johnstone suspected its death to be the ‘cycle of life’.

An adorable octopus?: “A marine biology researcher in California has the difficult task of deciding on a name to encapsulate the cuteness of an unclassified octopus with puppy dog eyes. The animal, which has small wing-like fins on its head, has garnered so many accolades for being ‘adorable’ that the adjective may become its official title. Stephanie Bush, a postdoctoral researcher at the Monterey Bay Aquarium Research Institute, said that she is considering the scientific name Opisthotheusis Adorabilis for a species currently only known as the flapjack octopus. She told Science Friday that she is looking for a name for the octopus, which lives in the deep sea at depths of up to 1,476ft (450m), to help differentiate it from other species of the cephalopod. The unnamed mollusk has a gelatinous body of about 7inches (18cm) in diameter that it spreads wide to ‘parachute’ through stretches of dimly lit water. Its eight legs joined together by a large web that resembles an umbrella. Several of the octopuses, which are found in the Monterey Bay, were captured and allowed to live at the local aquarium.”

‘Incredibly handsome’ bus conductor in China: “A Chinese man became a celebrity overnight when tourists began posting photographs of him online. Zhao Haonan, 21, who works in Xi’an, has had his pictures shared by thousands of social media users calling him ‘the most handsome bus conductor ever’, reported the People’s Daily Online. He first became aware of his internet fame when one of his friends saw a picture of him on Weibo, the Chinese version of Twitter. Admirers say that he looks like popular American-Chinese actor Daniel Wu, who is also known for his good looks. Zhao says he enjoys his job because he gets to meet new people every day and describes buses as being a ‘small community’. ‘He just looks like a celebrity and he’s a metrosexual too,’ says his female colleague Zhao Jing. Zhao works on bus number 306 and often takes tourists to see the famous Terracotta Warriors. Fans were delighted when they discovered the young bus conductor is single, and still searching for love.”

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