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Odd news from around the world

Traditional family dinner a ‘thing of the past’: “The traditional family dinner is becoming a thing of the past as one in five people say they never get together to eat round the table. A new study today revealed 19 per cent of Britons admit they do not spend any time eating with their family during a normal week. The survey, by the pub restaurant chain Table Table, showed more than a third of people instead spend two hours a week eating with a partner after the children have been sent to bed. And the topics of conversation when people do all gather for a meal during the week are becoming more limited, the survey of 2,000 adults found. What is on television dominates mealtime discussions as just over half of those surveyed claimed it was the most popular conversation topic in their family. As 25 per cent of people argue with their family members at the dinner table, some topics have become off limits during the increasingly rare family get-togethers. Jo Watling, marketing manager at Table Table said: ‘Traditionally, mealtimes are an opportunity for all family members to congregate, eat and communicate but our findings show that, unfortunately, this isn’t happening as much as perhaps it should.’

Super Kim Jong pill: “The secretive state of North Korea has unveiled a pill that claims to increase strength, brainpower and ‘sexual function’ while also sending you into a deep sleep. It has echoes of the pill that appeared in the Hollywood film ‘Limitless’ starring Bradley Cooper that enabled the user to access 100 per cent of their brain abilities. According to Foreign State, a state owned magazine, the pill can ‘strengthen growth hormones’ and ‘increase sexual function in the elderly’. It also claims to build muscle, improve mental concentration, help relieve fatigue, car sickness and anaemia, promote growth while at the same time allowing ‘sound sleep’. Children are advised to have one or two pills each time they snack.

Company in Romania hires a CAT as communications director: “With the competition for jobs fiercer than ever, the director of communications position at a new start up was always going to be popular job advert. Based in the Romanian capital of Bucharest, the start-up company appointed Bossy, reportedly after a thorough application process. With a salary of £110 per month plus a healthy bonus of cat food, the nine-month old cat will earn more than some Romanians working in rural areas. is an online store, selling original presents that can be delivered in less than 24 hours. Bossy appears to be a blue Scottish Fold cat, known for their striking orange eyes, lilac coloured fur and folded down ears. It is believed the breed originated from the Scottish highlands with the cat breed being known as lop-eared. As demonstrated by Bossy, some Scottish Folds also have a unique party trick; they can stand up on their hind legs. Photographed wearing a fetching cream tie and a smart white collar shit and black suit jacket, Bossy certainly looks the part.”

Chocolate is a health food: “It is considered one of life’s guilty pleasures – but that could be about to change. Scientists now say that regularly tucking into a few pieces of chocolate may actually be good for us. A study has found that people who regularly eat chocolate are less likely to fall victim to strokes and heart disease. The findings – based on a 12-year study of 21,000 Britons – suggest that eating dark or milk chocolate could be beneficial for health. The cumulative evidence suggests that high chocolate consumption may be associated with cardiovascular benefit. They found that people who regularly ate chocolate – some of whom consumed up to 100g a day – were 11 per cent less likely to have a heart attack, stroke or other cardiovascular problem than people who ate none at all. Eating chocolate was also associated with a 25 per cent reduced chance of dying with a heart problem. The study authors – from the universities of Aberdeen, Manchester, Cambridge and East Anglia – stressed that their investigation merely looked at statistical trends, and could not draw definitive conclusions about cause and effect.”

Hispanic cashes in on her assets: “A 26-year-old nursing student has told how she has become so addicted to dating sugar daddies that she dumped her real love in favour of her lavish bankrolled lifestyle. Describing herself as a ‘sugar baby’, Miss Munoz, from Los Angeles, who says she’s currently only sleeping with her main sugar daddy and is a ‘companion’ to four others, said: ‘I call them my sugar daddies. I’m addicted to them.’ One suitor bought her a $124,000 (£80,000) Bentley car, another spent $180,000 (£117,000) on a house for her and a third bought her a big cat – a panther which she called Blacky – and ‘several horses’. She also enticed another to pay her $80,000 tuition fees. But so addicted is Miss Munoz, that she her hid her lifestyle from real love, Caesar Romero, a man only six years her senior, whom she met online. The couple got engaged but in March after three years together, Miss Munoz put an end to the relationship as she missed being a full-time ‘sugar baby’. ‘He was really nice and handsome but ultimately I value jewels over love.’

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