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Odd news from around the world

Really bad karma: “A mother-of-two was killed in a head-on crash on the way home from her own sister’s funeral. Tereasa Cutler was declared dead in the mangled wreckage of her Ford Fiesta after the collision, which also left her sibling’s 19-year-old grieving son and her own two children seriously injured. Just two hours earlier the quartet had attended the funeral of Patricia Woodland, an ambulance paramedic, who died after an illness last month. Mrs Cutler’s Fiesta car was unrecognisable following the horrific smash with a black BMW 3 Series on the A31 at Wimborne, Dorset. The occupants of the BMW, two men aged 24 and 21 from Dorchester, also suffered serious injuries.”

The Devil looks after his own: “A 20-year-old North Carolina pregnant woman survived a car accident that split her car in two and sent the back end flying on the opposite side of the highway. Haley Smith was driving toward Lincolnton when her car ran off the right side of the road. She overcorrected and her Honda Accord crossed the highway’s median before it was struck by an SUV. Police believe Smith may have been speeding at more than 100 mph and consider the accident to be her fault, according to the Lincoln Herald. Witnesses who stopped to help found Smith unconscious but still alive and buckled in her seat, according to USA Today. Smith was treated at the hospital for a few cuts and bruises after firefighters used the jaws of life to get her out of the totaled car. Smith’s sister later told him that both Smith and the baby were uninjured. Smith has been charged with reckless driving, possession of drug paraphernalia and having unsafe tires”.

Historic bomber back in the air: “Beneath the panes of Perspex in her floor, the daisy-strewn runway falls away as fast as 80 years of history. The Blenheim’s snout lifts skywards, her twin engines casting a heat haze behind the propellers’ silver blur. Inside she is bare of today’s technology. Her khaki flight deck contains pedals as delicate as a piano’s, a joystick, and a small black bank of antique instruments. This old warbird is the only craft of her type still flying. She is a priceless tribute to the Blenheim Boys, the pilots and crew who have become the almost forgotten heroes of Bomber Command. Churchill likened their courage flying such a lightly armoured plane to the bravery shown by troops in the Charge of the Light Brigade. They held their nerve – and their line – fighting and bombing in Europe and the Far East despite catastrophic losses. The Blenheim was the first British aircraft to cross the German coast on September 3, 1939. It was also a Blenheim that sank the first U-boat of the war on March 11 1940. And on the night of July 22 1940, it was a Blenheim which achieved the world’s first combat victory using airborne radar.

The female Kurdish pop star with assault rifle rings who inspires troops with her songs about destroying ISIS: “With golden high heels, immaculate makeup and bright red hair, Helen Abdullah is perhaps not your typical Kurdish fighter in the war against Islamic State. Her only weapons are two miniature assault rifles that adorn rings on her fingers, while it is doubtful that the bullets stitched to her brightly decorated camouflage would be much use in a firefight. However, performing as Helly Luv, the singer has been praised by peshmerga forces for her latest music video for bringing attention to their fight against the brutal forces of ISIS. Born in Iran in 1988, she grew up under the regime of Saddam Hussein in Iraq, who waged a brutal and deadly campaign of repression against the Kurds.”

Lego BIRDS!: “When a robin landed on tree surgeon Thomas Poulsom’s spade one morning it was moment of delight – and one that would change his life. For the tiny visitor inspired the Lego fan to start building model birds with the famous toy bricks, and they could earn him a fortune. His idea has even found him a wife. Thomas’s designs have been adopted by the Danish company and one of his sets is now among the top ten bestselling Lego products. The kit – which makes a robin, hummingbird and jay – has even sold out at London toy store Hamleys. Thomas, 37, a Lego fan since childhood, said: ‘When I saw the robin it just struck me that there’s so much more to Lego than man-made objects such as cars, castles and trains. ‘In a week, I’d made a kingfisher, a blue tit, a woodpecker, a magpie, a barn owl and a goldfinch – all birds I saw out while working. Once I’d started, I couldn’t stop.’ Thomas met and then last year married Diana, a Colombian artist, after she saw his designs on the internet and contacted him. Diana, 28, already made £1,000 models of birds out of paper”.

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