Asian girls drying damp clothes

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Odd news from around the world

America’s top fighter aircraft dying of old age while new planes are years behind schedule: “The US Navy and Marine Corps are being forced to patch up their ageing fleet of Hornet fighter jets after reports they are falling apart mid-air. Last weekend at Rockford Airfest in Illinois, one of the Blue Angels display team came close to catastrophe when it lost the maneuvering slat on its left wing. The F/A 18 Hornets had been performing aerobatics when the flight control section appeared to have simply broken away from one of the lead aircraft – Blue Angel 5. Only a week before, another aircraft lost part of its right wing as it flew over Rochester, New York. The chunk of plane was later discovered by fishermen in a marsh. The twin-engine supersonic jets came into production in the 1970s, designed as both a fighter and attack aircraft, with the first flight taking place on 18 November 1978. Engineers cannot work fast enough to patch them up and keep them flying as work on the F-35 program continues” [Let’s hope the cold war with Russia does not heat up]

The knife that doubles up as a TOASTER: “An eccentric British inventor has created a searing hot knife that toasts bread as it cuts. Colin Furze has dubbed his creation FurzoToasto, which uses an electrical current to power the red-hot blade that toasts the bread. The chunky knife uses a modified microwave transformer that’s connected to its main body via wires. The body is made of copper pipes and a serrated blade. ‘The current comes through the cables, though the pipes and ultimately passes through the blade,’ he said. When the inventor turns the light off, the blade glows red – like the lightsaber in The Hitchhiker’s Guide film, Gizmodo reported. He said the knife is ‘surprisingly simple to make’ but it’s recommended that people don’t try to recreate the device at home.

Mother leaves scathing review of daughter’s crop top claiming it’s small enough to fit her CAT: “An angry online shopper left a scathing review of a crop top claiming it was so small it fitted her cat – and then proved it with a hilarious photo. The woman, known as Christy, from Houston, Texas, was infuriated by the one-size-fits-all garment after it was bought by her teenage daughter on Amazon. To show other customers just how tiny the vest was she uploaded a photo of her cat wearing it and wrote: ‘To be fair, it does cover all of our cat’s nipples, however, she hates the weave.’ The crop top, which can be bought for just $3.30, is made of yarn and has an average customer review of just two and a half stars. The photo to accompany her one-star review shows the cat with both front paws in the air, with the crop top fitting snugly around its waist. It is sold by Comemall – an online company providing clothes, shoes and jewellery. Other reviews of the item show that many women have had issues with its size. A lack of standardised sizing means that often people order the wrong size when buying clothes online.”

A burst of classical music could lower your blood pressure: “If you want to keep your heart healthy, reach for the radio. A blast of Classic FM could be enough to reduce your blood pressure, doctors have found. But you might want to avoid the latest pop and rap hits, which can send it rocketing. Different musical tempos have profoundly varying impacts on our pulse and blood pressure, according to Oxford University research. The researchers played participants different music styles and analysed each person’s cardiovascular response, including blood pressure and pulse. Slow pieces by Italian composer Giuseppe Verdi, extracts from Beethoven’s 9th Symphony and Indian sitar music were found to be particularly effective at lowering blood pressure – and could prove a powerful therapeutic tool, they said. However more up-tempo classical pieces, such as Vivaldi’s Four Seasons, did not have the same impact. Lead author Professor Peter Sleight said the body’s natural rhythm is key to music’s power. He explained that blood pressure rises and falls in the human body roughly every ten seconds – a rhythm that some composers, notably Verdi, managed to replicate in their compositions.”

An Hispanic who loves horses — sort of: “A Texas man who broke his leg while attempting to perform a sexual act on a horse in February has been arrested. Cirilo Castillo Jr, 45, who has a history of having sex with horses, was found injured in a barn in Edinburg at about 7am on February 17. The barn’s owner, who had warned him to stay away from the barn after a prior arrest for having sex with her horses, found an Castillo in one of the stables when she went to feed her animals in the morning. Though Castillo told the woman and police officers that he was struck by a car and crawled to the barn for shelter, investigators believe Castillo was kicked by a horse, according to Houston Chronicle. Hidalgo County investigators drafted a warrant for his arrested and he was taken into custody on June 2 for the charge of criminal trespass. Castillo could face up to 180 days in jail for the Class B misdemeanor. This is not Castillo’s first run in with police. He has served two sentences for past sexual incidents with horses.”

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