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Odd news from around the world

How to build the perfect fire: “While lighting a campfire is often the most tricky thing, getting its shape right is crucial. Damp twigs, soggy matchsticks and wet tinder have all left campers less than happy down the ages, but assuming you can manage to get the flame started, scientists have come up with the perfect shape for a fire. For the ideal balance between generating heat and without burning too quickly, the trick is to make it as wide as it is high – and it turns out that this pyramid or cone shape is best. Too tall and there will be too much air coming into contact with too little fuel; too broad and the firestarter will have too much fuel and too little air. While our ancestors may not have known that they have been following strict scientific principles all along; this in fact is the shape that mankind has been making fires since the dawn of time, according to scientsts at Duke University. Professor Bejan stressed that more research is needed to look at other factors in building a fire. He said: ‘Important to keep in perspective is that the model described in the preceding analysis is perhaps the simplest imaginable.”

Are giant seaplanes the future of flight? “Seaplanes could be the future of flight, it has been claimed. Experts have revealed a radical ‘single wing’ seaplane that could carry up to 2,000 passengers. It would help ease pressure on airports and also allow the use of eco fuels – all without the need to build new airports. This is compared to the world’s largest passenger airliner currently in operation, the Airbus A380, which can hold only to 800 passengers in a trip. The seaplane has a ‘blended wing body’ configuration, where its hull slopes upwards to blend seamlessly into the underside of the aircrafts’ wide wings, lending it a more steamlined appearance. Researchers from Imperial’s Department of Aeronautics have developed a design concept for a medium to long-range seaplane, which they say may reduce the pressure on inland airports. The design takes its inspiration from the flying boat aeroplanes of the 1940s, which had a V shape hull, giving the plane buoyancy and navigability when landing and taking off from the water.”

Would you wash your hair with PORRIDGE? …or vinegar!: “Standing in the kitchen of her West London family home, Simonetta Wenkert stirs porridge oats into a jug part-filled with water in an early morning routine that will be familiar to many families. Except that 50-year-old Simonetta isn’t going to eat it for breakfast. Instead, she’s going to slather it onto her hair in lieu of shampoo. And this isn’t a one-off, alternative beauty treatment. Simonetta, a novelist and restaurateur, is embracing the trend known as ‘no-poo’ – or no shampoo – in which women are binning mass-produced synthetic shampoos over fears they’re damaging both their bodies and the planet. Instead, a growing number of women are switching to often bizarre ‘natural’ alternatives, from baking soda and vinegar to seaweed powder. Although abandoning shampoo may sound grim to many, the ‘no-poo’ method – which also includes using just water to clean your hair – is gaining credibility far beyond the right-on environmentalists keen to banish all chemicals from their bathroom. This is because there’s a school of thought that sulphates, a cleaning chemical used in shampoo, could be bad for both hair and the scalp long- term – and even make hair fall out.”

Two nuns stuck elevator for three nights: “Two nuns finally had their prayers answered after they were rescued from the lift they had got stuck in – three nights before. The nuns, aged 58 and 68, were found by a cleaner early this morning, having not eaten or drunk anything since the lift broke down on Friday afternoon. The two were visiting the Italian capital from their home countries of Ireland and New Zealand when they got stuck. The nuns had cried out for help when they realised they were in trouble, Il Messaggero reported, but everyone had left the Marist Sister’s convent on Via Aurelia for the weekend. It was only when the cleaner could not get access to the convent, which is less than a half hour walk from the Vatican, that the alarm was finally raised. Police arrived on the scene quickly, and freed the poor nuns – who revealed they had been praying for rescue all weekend. The women were then rushed to the nearby San Carlo di Nancy, Il Messaggero reported.”

‘Fidelity’ engagement ring that doubles as a TRACKING device: “Brides who say ‘yes’ could be agreeing to a lot more than they bargained for, with the unveiling of a new engagement ring that also doubles as a tracking device. British jeweller, Steve Bennett, has built the first prototype, which may look like any other diamond ring, but has the discreet addition of a bluetooth chip. It means jealous spouses will now be able to keep tabs on their significant other – that is, if their partner actually agrees on wearing one. Smaller than a thumbnail, the sophisticated GPS tracking technology is slotted behind the jewel of the ring, which has currently been designed in two different prototypes. The latest development in the wearable technology trend, one design boasts a sizable square cut diamond with an eight-prong silver setting, while the other is composed of a violet marquise-cut diamond with an unusual square setting. But what both prototypes have in common, is that they will report the location of the ring at all times. Bennett, the CEO and founder of online jeweller, Gemporia, says the main purpose of the ring is for theft and loss protection.”

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