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Odd news from around the world

Could astrology save your marriage?: “After seven years, Adam Pamment started to feel his relationship with his partner, Karina Bowen, was on the brink of collapse. The domestic grind and the fact that the romance had ebbed away, making them feel more like housemates than lovers, meant his eye had started to wander. But rather than try counselling, as thousands of couples do each year, Adam, 49, a civil servant, took a less conventional route. Instead he gave the dates, times and places of both his own and Karina’s birth to a psychological astrologer who specialises in relationships, and who promised to cut to the core of their problems by consulting their star charts. ‘The counsellor drew up our charts – and looked at the interplay between them. As soon as they were explained to me, I could see how our personalities were interacting. ‘I discovered Karina and I both have a lot of Leo in key areas of our horoscopes – which means neither us liked to admit we are wrong. When I understood that about Karina, I stopped trying to force her to back down as I used to. ‘There was another astrological aspect, which explained my restlessness in relationships and knowing about that has helped me stay faithful.”

Never, ever do this one thing at the airport: “NO MATTER how many cautionary tales there are about the serious legal consequences bomb jokes in the aviation industry, it seems there is still no shortage of passengers who haven’t got the message yet. Dr. Manuel Alberto Alvarado, a renowned neurosurgeon from Venezuela, learned this lesson the hard way, according to news site WBFS. Alvarado agreed this week to reimburse Miami International Airport (MIA) and the Miami-Dade Police Department nearly $US90,000 to cover a portion of the costs associated with the response to ill-thought-out comments he made in October 2014. Prosecutors say Alvarado told a gate agent at the airport that there was an explosive device in one of his bags. After his arrest, Alvarado insisted that his comments were only a joke, but officials took the perceived threat very seriously and say the resulting security response cost those affected as much as $106.00 per minute during the three-hour disruption that followed the neurosurgeon’s “joke”.”

Man will spend 60 days in a terrifying French lighthouse: “IT’S located on an uninhabited island off the treacherous coast of France and has a reputation for sending people mad. So why would anyone want to live there? Marc Pointud is preparing to spend 60 days living in the infamous lighthouse of Tevennec, located off the Pointe du Raz in Brittany, France. Believed to be haunted, the lighthouse has a sinister past with stories of lightkeepers losing their minds, people dying by suspiciously falling on knives and tales of ghosts. The lighthouse was first lit in 1875 and legend has it that the first guard to occupy the island, Henri Guezennec, went completely mad. Pointud told Vice that he was planning to live in the lighthouse to celebrate its 140th birthday and raise awareness of the landmark. Pointud is the founder of the National Society for Heritage, Lighthouses and Beacons that aims to preserve the country’s lost lighthouses.

Hot NYC cop getting attention from female admirers: “A HUNKY policeman has the women of New York City begging to be arrested, after photos of his buff bod earned him fame online. The officer from New York City’s Sheriff Office, Miguel Pimentel, has been approached by women on the street since an image of him leaning against a squad car was shared thousands of times on Instagram and Facebook. “I’ve already gotten a couple of women approach me on the street, saying, ‘Oh you’re the cop on Facebook’,” Pimentel told The New York Daily News. Women online also haven’t been shy about sharing their opinions on Pimentel’s hot bod. “I’m a bad girl cuff me and take me to jail,” one admirer pleaded. “Why don’t cops look like this where I live!?” several stunned Pinterest users asked. “Frisk me, I’ve been very, very bad officer,” an Instagram user said. The bad news for these ladies is Pimentel has a serious girlfriend he has been dating for two years. His mother, Francia Pimentel, 57, says Pimentel’s girlfriend is a “beautiful girl”. Mrs Pimentel says her son is a huge gym junkie.

Oldster called emergency number because his wife ‘was driving him round the bend’: “A pensioner dialled 999 because his wife was driving him ’round the bend’. The disgruntled husband called the police to complain about his other half in Salford, Greater Manchester. Police in GMP’s Salford South team made details of the call public as an example of when 999 calls are not appropriate. They added: ‘Our latest one was an elderly gentleman calling to tell us that ‘his wife was driving him round the bend’. ‘They were both fine when we got there, in fact they were quite unfriendly with officers!’ This unhappy husband is the latest in a series of ridiculous 999 calls GMP has publicised to highlight how it wastes police time. Last year one time-waster dialled 999 to report there was a hedgehog in their garden and they were ‘a bit scared’. Another caller, rather the worse for wear, rang police because they had ordered a pizza which hadn’t arrived after 45 minutes.”

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