This guy knows he is being laughed at

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But why?




Odd news from around the world

Prisoner risks death by HANGING himself so guards took him to hospital where he ‘wriggled out of his handcuffs and fled’: “A prisoner risked death by hanging in order to enact an audacious escape plan, it has been revealed. The prisoner, 31, strung himself up in his cell at HMP Hewell, near Redditch, in Worcestershire, so he could be taken to hospital. But once at the Alexandra Hospital, it has been claimed he managed to wriggle out of his handcuffs and threaten his guards with a makeshift weapon, before fleeing into the grounds at about 4am on Friday. A source told The Sun it was the most ‘extreme method’ of escape they had ever seen. Indeed, the man is understood to have lost consciousness before prison guards cut him down and revived him. But once at the prison, he took advantage of a toilet break to escape his handcuffs, emerging with the weapon – thought to be a razor blade on a tooth brush. But his freedom was short-lived: the guards quickly caught the prisoner, and returned him to custody.”

Brazilian real-life ‘Ken doll’ who spent £30,000 on surgery dies young: “A real-life Ken doll has died after losing a five-month battle against leukaemia. Brazilian Celso Santebanes, 20, spent £30,000 on surgery to turn himself into a human version of Barbie’s boyfriend. He started his transformation into manufacturer Mattel’s iconic toy after winning a modelling contest at the age of 16. Celso, a doll enthusiast, grew up with a shelf-full of dolls and claimed that his family had always told him he looked like the doll, which inspired him to become a ‘human puppet’. He launched his own line of Celso Dolls in Los Angeles shortly before falling ill. Celso died at a university hospital in Uberlandia in the state of Minais Gerais on Thursday after contracting pneumonia.”

Glam bull-rider: “If you spotted Dakota Brandenburg glammed up on a night out with her girlfriends, you could be forgiven for thinking she’s a regular young Queenslander having fun after a hard week at her nine-to-five job. But as Australia’s most successful young female bull contractor this 19-year-old’s day job is anything but normal. While the pretty teenager loves nothing more than putting on a pair of heels and getting her nails done – by her own admission this is not something she can do too often. ‘I do enjoy dressing up and going out but I’m always so busy feeding up the bulls and looking after them that there’s not much point getting my nails done very often!’ Dakota tells Daily Mail Australia. Speaking about the moment she told her two-time Australian Bull Riding Champion father Darren Brandenburg that she wanted to follow in his footsteps and work in the bull riding industry as a bull contractor, she recalled: ‘I told dad when I was 18 that I wanted my PBR (Professional Bull Rider) membership he was thrilled, he loves it. It’s a family thing for us”

Far-Leftist is a capitalist exploiter: “Russell Brand is selling sweatshirts made in Third Word factories by workers earning just 25p an hour, it emerged last night. The multi-millionaire comedian and self-styled revolutionary claims the company that provides him with the £60 sweatshirts sold on his website is ‘ethical’ and works to the ‘highest environmental standards’. Brand – who claims to be an anti-capitalist who advocates the overthrow of ‘corporate tyranny’ – also promises customers that all profits from his merchandise go to charity and that he ‘doesn’t make a penny’. In fact, the plain sweatshirts are being made by impoverished slum-dwellers in Bangladesh who are forced to work long hours for very little pay. A reporter bought a shirt for £65 and was informed on their receipt that just £1.37 went to good causes – which good causes are not disclosed on Brand’s website. When asked what these causes are, Brand said the money is put towards ‘social enterprise projects’ – including his own trendy East London cafe.

Dangerous 4-year-old in Australia?: “The parents of a four-year-old boy were ‘shocked’ their son was forced to remove his hoodie inside a petrol [gasoline] station under a ‘ridiculous’ company policy designed to stop armed robberies. Sarah Robinson had taken her son, Cooper, into a BP service station in Toowoomba, Queensland on May 29, when the kindergartener was told to take off his beloved Batman jumper due to a ‘no hoodie’ policy. ‘I went up to the counter to get something, and the lady behind the counter said, ‘little fella, you have to take your hoodie off’. ‘I said, ‘that’s a bit ridiculous don’t you think,’ but she said it was policy. Danny Robinson, Cooper’s father, said his biggest concern was why it had happened. ‘I’m an Indigenous man, and Cooper has taken after my complexion, and there are people who treat people differently because of that. A BP spokeswoman said the company had a no helmet, no hoodie policy but it was ‘obviously not applied fairly’ in this instance. ‘The customer service representative who asked the child to remove his hoodie has been spoken to and was asked to take a more common sense approach to the policy in the future.’

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