Tiny harvest mouse climbs a dandelion

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Odd news from around the world

Ten tonnes of aid collections for earthquake survivors is stuck in Britain because Nepal’s 30% tax on donations means it is too expensive to hand them over: “British donations for victims of the Nepal earthquakes are stuck at Catterick Garrison because of tax restrictions imposed by the country’s government. Ten tonnes of everyday items, from men’s shoes to sleeping bags and cooking utensils, is holed up at a church warehouse after Nepal put an income tax of up to 30 per cent on relief goods. Officials claim the tax is necessary so the government can co-ordinate relief efforts but critics say they are simply ‘cashing in’ on the crisis. The aid was gathered following April’s devastating 7.8-magnitude quake which killed more than 8,000 people, flattened entire villages and left hundreds of thousands homeless in the region. Organisers behind the Catterick Garrison-based appeal said they were heartbroken that about half of the items collected were still at the Hollybush Christian Fellowship, near Northallerton, a month after they were due to be delivered.”

It was the dog that did it: “Single mother Robyn was once so exasperated by her son Billy’s naughty behaviour she was sure a medical condition must be to blame. The three-year-old from Monmouthshire, was prone to violent temper tantrums and his mother struggled to control him – particularly at bedtime. Suspecting autism after growing up with a brother, Aaron, who suffers from the condition, Robyn agreed to appear on Channel 4 series Born Naughty? in the hope of a proper diagnosis. Despite her suspicions, Robyn was astounded to discover that the real cause of Billy’s behaviour wasn’t autism but the family dog. Dr Ravi said: ‘The couple of things that really struck me was how great his language is. His imagination was just tremendous and that doesn’t really fit tie in with typical autism. They’re very literal and that’s that.’ Only when the team installed CCTV cameras in Billy’s room to investigate why he struggled to sleep, was the real cause of the problem revealed. Debs showed Robyn eye-opening footage of the real reason Billy is being woken up – the family dog and cat are kicking him out of his own bed.”

Mini frogs: “Seven adorable species of frog – each smaller than a thumbnail – have been discovered in the Brazilian Atlantic Rainforest. Part of the Brachycephalus family, these tiny frogs are among the smallest terrestrial vertebrates on Earth, with adults usually no bigger than 1cm (0.3 inches) in length. The miniature frogs live on cloudy mountaintops in the isolated forests, making them vulnerable to threats such as climate change and deforestation. Brachycephalus mariaeterezae is bright orange with light-blue splotches along its backbone. Brachycephalus olivaceus is a greenish-brown. Brachycephalus auroguttatus has a bright-yellow head a colour that fades to brown. Brachycephalus verrucosus is warty and orange with brownish bumps. Brachycephalus fuscolineatus has yellow skin and a green-and-brown stripe on its back. Brachycephalus leopardus has yellow skin covered with dark spots. Brachycephalus boticario is orange with darker, bumpy areas on its skin. The first species of Brachycephalus was described in 1842 by the famous German naturalist Johann Baptist von Spix, yet most species in the genus have been discovered only in the past decade.

Stuffed cat freaks dog: “German Shepherds are considered to be among the smartest and strongest dogs but that doesn’t mean they aren’t fearless. A hilarious video shows the moment a German Shepherd cowers when faced with a very-lifelike stuffed tiger. In the video, the curious dog approaches the inanimate object several times and each time ends up scampering away in fear. German Shepherds were originally bred for herding sheep, but over the years have been increasinly used by the military, police and search-and-rescue crews for their skills.

Gold nugget worth £10,000 uncovered in Scotland: “A gold nugget worth a staggering £10,000 was almost discarded by the lucky man who pulled it from a river in Scotland. The hunk of precious metal – thought to be the largest found in Scotland in seven decades – was discovered by a Canadian gold panning enthusiast in a river near Wanlockhead, in Dumfries and Galloway on Thursday morning. It is believed the 20-carat nugget, which weighs around 18 grams, will spark a gold rush in the area. John, the man who discovered it and asked that just his first name be published, was learning to pan for the precious medal under the watchful eye of expert Leon Kirk. John, who hails from the Gold Rush province of British Columbia, said: ‘Leon was telling me how to look out for haematite, the red-coloured mineral which is often found with gold. ‘We were a few minutes into panning when I found the nugget with a bean tin – an underwater viewing tin with a glass base. ‘I saw the piece lying just under the surface of the water and picked it up. Golden nuggets of this size are extremely rare in Scotland – a country which does not have a commercial gold mining industry.”

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