Bureaucatic idiocy is not limited to government

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An American doctor writes:




Odd news from around the world

Pranksters use remote-controlled tarantula to scare the living daylights out of unsuspecting people: “Kyle Berry targeted unsuspecting students at the University of North Carolina in Charlotte with the giant hairy spider as they walked through the campus. Berry set up a high-definition video camera a few feet away from the spider and waited for his victims, mostly women, to pass. Often, Berry hid the spider behind some bins and on other occasions he parked the imitation arachnid around the corner of a busy walkway. As soon as he spotted a likely victim, Berry moved the spider towards the students, causing many of them to jump in fright and to scream. Others, seemingly, spotted the spider for a fake and showed very little reaction when it suddenly appeared.”

New Jersey teenager uses microphone to ask high school crush to prom – and she says no: “A teenager was left red-faced when his grand proposal to his high school crush completely back-fired in front of 2,000 people. New Jersey 18-year-old Patrick Smith boldly decided to ask fellow student Jen Malespina to the prom using a microphone at a running event, as hundreds of people stood watching. But a cringe-inducing video shows Jen bluntly knocking back his offer – because she already has a date. Patrick, who studies at Park Ridge High School in New Jersey, told MailOnline he was initially mortified that he had been rejected. ‘I spent a bit of time planning the proposal, I really thought she was going to be the one. ‘Apparently she already had a date and I had no idea. ‘At the time I felt pure embarrassment. You can’t even put it into words. I was like, ‘Oh my god, I was just rejected in front of 2,000 people.’ ‘Within a couple of days I decided to embrace the pseudo-fame of it all. It’s pretty funny.’”

Are these the longest legs you’ve ever seen? “A 20-year-old model has become an internet star across China for her scarily long legs. Dong Lei’s incredible pins measure 45 inches long – the equivalent to the height of an average seven-year-old girl in China. The stunning 5ft 11in model from Anhui province, east China, who used to be a trainee teacher, puts her long legs down to her tall parents, reported the People’s Daily Online. Ms Dong recently entered the popular television programme ‘Supermodel’, impressing judges with her amazing figure. One fan even wrote in advising her to insure her legs after seeing photographs of the model online. When the leggy beauty was 16 years old, she was already 5 ft 9in and her mother sent her to etiquette classes because she was worried about her posture. Ms Dong said that she gets her height from her 6ft 1in father and 5ft 7in mother. Her parents encouraged her to train as a teacher at university, but after graduating she decided to enter a modelling competition in Beijing and was later signed by a modelling agency.”

Japan puts toilets in elevators to cater for up to 17,000 people getting stuck in them when the next big earthquake hits: “Japan is looking into installing toilets and emergency water in elevators after discovering up to 17,000 people could be stuck in elevators when the next big earthquake hits. Officials announced that they were considering the plan after dozens of people were trapped inside broken elevators following an earthquake measuring 7.8 on the Richter scale last week. The country, which is frequently hit by powerful earthquakes, has around 620,000 elevators, most of which stopped during the quake. Fourteen of them stopped between floors leaving dozens of people high and dry, some for hours. A meeting between officials from the infrastructure ministry and elevator industry bodies agreed to look into providing toilets for use in an emergency, according to an official from the Association of Elevator Makers. Some recently-installed elevators have small seating areas for Japan’s growing ranks of elderly people, and installing facilities underneath these seats is one possibility.

Scottish Parliament goes posh by deep frying their Mars Bars in filo pastry: “The battered Mars bar has become a Scottish culinary stereotype as famous as haggis, shortbread and IrnBru. But chefs at the Scottish Parliament have tried to reinvent the chip shop staple by wrapping the chocolate bar in filo pastry. The high calorie snack was served up to politicians in Edinburgh who joked it was a ‘defeat for national stereotypes’. The traditional deep-fried Mars bar can be traced back to the Carron Fish Bar in Stonehaven, Aberdeenshire, in 1992, when a young boy asked for ‘a Mars Bar supper’. Manager Ann Straiton battered one and fried it before serving it with a portion of chips. At the Scottish Parliament yesterday, MSPs were offered a version given a gastropub-style twist.”

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