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Odd news from around the world

A right little goer: “If you’ve ever grumbled about noisy neighbours, spare a thought for families living next to the appropriately named Gemma Wale. The mother-of-two was jailed after breaching an Asbo that banned her from making ‘loud sex noises’ at her home. A civil court judge gave the 23-year-old a two-week prison sentence, for ‘screaming and shouting whilst having sex’. Neighbours complained and Birmingham City Council took action as the sounds were at a ‘level of noise’ which annoyed those living nearby. Wale’s Asbo had forbidden her from making loud sex noises, playing music at too high a volume, shouting, swearing, making banging noises, stamping and slamming doors. Judge Emma Kelly ruled she had also breached the order by arguing with her boyfriend, swearing at a neighbour, ‘banging around the house’ and ‘running around in the property’. The court heard a nearby resident complained that, at about 5am on January 29, ‘Gemma started screaming and shouting whilst having sex, which woke us up. This lasted ten minutes.’”

Must not kill pigs and deer for food? I wonder where pork and venison come from?: “A ‘sexy’ Czech hunter who has been widely criticized for posting photos of her big game trophies and an American TV host paired up for a controversial outing in Slovakia. Michaela Fialova and Larysa Switlyk documented their trip as they hunted roe deer in Europe together, filming as they went in search of the animals. The ladies documented not just the kill, but also the aftermath as they cooked and ate the animals. Photos of Fiavola’s kills, which include everything from zebras and lions to monkeys and boars have sparked outrage among many. An online petition on titled ‘Ban Michaela Michaelka Fialova from Africa and shut down her Facebook page promoting trophy hunting as being a glamorous thing to do’ has almost 25,000 signatures. Despite this criticism, Fialova, who refers to those against hunting as ‘antis’, wrote on Facebook on February 24: ‘Hey antis, do you really think this will stop me? I WILL NEVER STOP HUNTING.’ Switlyk, 30, is a former accountant who left her job in New York City to pursue her passion for hunting and fishing, and now hosts Larysa Unleashed on Sportsman Channel.”

Driver gets a $151 fine for doing EXACTLY the speed limit and says ‘I’ve been caught red-handed being a law-abiding citizen’: “A confused driver has copped a nasty speeding fine despite appearing to be going the speed limit. Zac Murray claims he received an infringement notice stating he was travelling at 100km/h in a 100km/h zone on the Sunshine Motorway at Mooloolaba, Queensland on May 14. The disgruntled motorist posted a picture of his notice, which has been widely shared on social media. ‘I’ve never received a speeding fine before. Can someone please clarify if I just got one for going the speed limit? Or is my understanding of the word ‘alleged’ seriously wanting?’ Mr Murray said. ‘I’m fairly certain I’ve been caught red handed being a law abiding citizen. A number of users were quick to tell the man he should challenge the fine, while others said it was most likely an innocent mistake.”

Dog is stolen and strung up from an overpass before being cut down just in time: “A stolen dog has been rescued and returned to its owner after being found strung up and left to die hanging from an overpass above a major road. The gruesome act was discovered by local council workers on Sunday morning around 6am, when they found the red heeler hanging by a rope above Greenhills Rd, Victor Habor, south of Adelaide. Remarkably the four-year-old dog named ‘Red’ was still alive and returned to the owner before being rushed to Encounter Bay Veterinary clinic for treatment. Red’s owner Paul Benson told Nine News that the act was disgusting and cold blooded. ‘It’s just shocking, it’s an act of pure evil,’ he said. Mr Benson said the dog was nearly dead when he was found, and thanked the local council workers for rescuing him by recovering it and immediately performing CPR. A spokesperson for Encounter Bay Veterinary clinic told Daily Mail Australia the dog is doing well and will recover fully.”

‘Femme fatale’ used ‘intense sex’ to convince two men to murder her boyfriend: “A ‘femme fatale’ allegedly manipulated two hitmen into murdering her former boyfriend and dumping his body in a remote bushland, a court has heard. Robyn Jane Lindholm, 41, is charged with the murder of Melbourne gym owner Wayne Amey, whose body was found wedged between boulders at Mt Korong in central Victoria in December 2013. Chief Crown Prosecutor Galvin Silbert told the Victorian Supreme Court that Lindholm had seduced two men – TorstenTrabet, 45, and John Anthony Ryan, 37 – into killing Mr Amey for her. Two other men had allegedly repeatedly declined her requests. Lindholm and Mr Amey were in a relationship that had turned sour and were due in court over a property dispute on the day he disappeared. Mr Amey, a father of one, had been savagely bashed, stabbed four times, then strangled, the Victorian Supreme Court heard. The two men, who are standing trial for murder, have pleaded not guilty.” Evidence includes CCTV footage of the men entering Mr Amey’s secure apartment car park, and witnesses who say the men admitted the killing.”

And don’t forget to catch up with all the Strange Justice before you go.


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