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Odd news from around the world

Nutty Muslim preacher says women who wear jeans are to blame for earthquakes, terrorism and rising inflation: “A Pakistani Muslim cleric has become an online laughing stock after claiming that women wearing jeans are to blame for devastating earthquakes, acts of terrorism and rising levels of inflation. Maulana Fazlur Rehman, who is also leader of the junior party in Islamabad’s ruling coalition, said ‘immodest women’ are responsible for a whole host of recent disasters around the world. The hardline politician – who reportedly described the Taliban as ‘our brothers’ – went on to compare women who do not fully cover their bodies in robes to weapons of mass destruction, before urging Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif to carry out a military operation against women who wear jeans. The religious leader reportedly compared women to ‘sacks of flour’ and WMDs, adding that modern clothing is responsible for everything from earthquakes to rising inflation in the south Asian country.”

Eating off a red plate makes you less hungry: “We all know that fish and chips taste best when you’re sitting on a harbour wall looking out to sea. And most of us would agree that music and lighting affects the overall enjoyment of a meal. But did you realise that ordering first when dining with friends will make your food taste better? Or that eating from a red plate is a good way to lose weight? Or that the heavier the cutlery, the more likely you are to think your meal is delicious? According to Dr Charles Spence, an Oxford University professor who is championing a new science called gastrophysics, all manner of multi-sensory influences come into play when we eat — to such an extent that the food actually tastes different. ‘Great chefs are catering to the mind almost as much as to the palate — or at least they should be,’ says Dr Spence. In fact, the professor thinks that more than half of the pleasure of eating comes from surprise factors — and he’s got evidence to support his theory, documented in his book, The Perfect Meal.”

When a Royal Prince uses working-class slang …: ” I’ll always remember where I was when Prince William referred to the Duchess of Cambridge as ‘the missus’. Gary Lineker (on bench, in dark rumpled jacket and goatee) is chatting to the second in line to the throne (in blue V-neck) as his interviewee is, inter alia, president of the FA. Then Gary asked – BOOM – whether he would ever take his son George to a match. ‘Whoo,’ said Prince William. ‘I’ll have to pass that by the missus.’ Now, Prince William is a lovely, thoughtful chap. But he has got to think harder. He has to resist the temptation to do that thing that many successful and charming people do, which is to become the person they are talking to and get down with the people, for that way madness and insincerity eventually lies. The Queen would never refer to the Duke of Edinburgh as ‘my old man’. She knows that a lapse into demotic informality not only demeans the person you’re referring to, it lowers the honourable estate of your marriage, and it possibly damages the monarchy.” The Duke of Cambridge can’t have it both ways.”

Couple find diamond ring when they demolish a log cabin 30-years after it was dropped between the floorboards: “A diamond ring lost for some 30 years was found last week by preservationists dismantling a 19th-century log cabin so it can be moved to a museum in northern New York. Carol Austin told ABC that a woman, Beverly Parmeter, who used to live in the cabin stopped by when she saw the cabin was being transported. ‘She stopped in and said, “Please look for my diamond ring my son lost through a crack on the floor,”‘ Austin told ABC News of the former resident. The museum bought the cabin from a couple who live across the road, but it was last occupied by Beverly Parmeter and her family. Carol E. Austin, the wife of a a museum board member, was helping her husband clear out the remnants of the cabin this week when she found the ring. It was in a bucket of construction debris. All it took was one phone call to Mrs Parmeter for Mrs Austin to work out the ring’s history – and be able to arrange to give it back to her. ‘I can’t tell you how happy that makes me,’ Mrs. Parmeter told The Daily Times.”

Glam wife of the British Prime Minister: “She has spent the past few months travelling the country, sharing her husband’s punishing Election schedule. So there’s one question everyone is asking: just how did Samantha Cameron find the time to get this beach-ready? The 44-year-old showed off her slim, toned figure as she spent a few days unwinding on the Spanish party island of Ibiza. She was spotted at the public Cala Nova Beach, an upmarket resort on the south east of the island – a place known for its unspoilt landscape, golden sands and azure seas. Dressed in a classic black bikini – believed to be by British lingerie brand Pour Moi? – and carrying a matching clutch, she visited the beachside bar, which is open to all holidaymakers, with one of her children looking for ice cream. During the Election, she was seen by Tory strategists as the party’s secret weapon, with some saying she has brought the same glamour to Downing Street that Jackie Kennedy did to JFK’s White House in the early 1960s.

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