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Odd news from around the world

Oldster places job advert to hire £20-an-hour nude cleaner… and gets 11 replies: “A self-confessed ‘voyeur’ pensioner is advertising in his local newsagents for a £20-an-hour nude cleaner and has received around 11 applications a week. The 69-year-old divorcee from Bristol, who only wants to be known as John, has placed an advert in a newsagents as he seeks his fourth employee in as many years. His demands are simple: wash the dishes, a bit of dusting and general tidying – all naked and in return they get paid above the market rate. The former land surveyor, whose closest friends are unaware of his adventurous housekeeping, said there was ‘nothing sexual’ about the scenario. John, who divorced his wife 24 years ago, said he enjoyed getting to know the women and slammed ‘left-wing feminists with nothing else to say’ who have criticised his adverts. He said: ‘I’m not doing anything illegal. I’m not harming anyone. I’m a voyeur, in the truest sense of the word.”

Strange ponds in the desert: “In the midst of the barren desert in Utah, is a collection of startling beautiful electric-blue ponds, creating a strange, otherwordly landscape. You would not want to take a dip in these waters though as they are actually potash (salts that contain potassium) evaporation ponds, looked after by Intrepid Potash, the United States’ largest producer of potassium chloride. The bizarre ponds provide a brilliantly blue contrast to the barren, red, Moab desert that surround them, with the colour providing the optimum aid for the absorption of sunlight and evaporation. As the sun evaporates the water in the pond, crystals of potassium and salt are left behind, which are gathered for production of the odourless chemical. The potash source comes from the Paradox Basin, which has been there for an estimated 300 million years and sits 3,000 feet below the ground. Extraction involves drilling wells into the mines and the pumping of hot water to dissolve the potassium. The difference in the shades of blue is related to the amount of water that has evaporated.

Nobel Prize auctioned for $765,000: “A 1988 Nobel Prize put up for auction by a retired experimental physicist has sold for $765,002. The online auction went into overtime on Thursday evening until a final bid went unchallenged for half an hour. Nate D. Sanders Auctions spokesman Sam Heller says the final amount is the fourth-highest ever paid among the 10 Nobel Prizes that have been sold at auction. The Los Angeles company declined to identify the buyer. Leon Lederman won the Nobel Prize in physics with two other scientists for discovering a subatomic particle called the muon neutrino. He’s arguably best-known for his 1993 book about the search for the Higgs boson, titled The God Particle. The 92-year-old has said he decided to sell the prize because it has just been sitting on a shelf. Mrs Lederman, who is 67, told AP that she and her husband have been living comfortably in retirement, but that they now face potentially costly medical bills and uncertainty following a diagnosis of dementia for the Nobel-winning physicist.”

Biblical soap opera in Brazil: “The actress agonizes on her deathbed, her hair and makeup impeccable, as the hunky male lead clutches her hand. Tears pour down his face while her eyelids flutter to a final close. The scene oozes with over-the-top drama that makes Brazil’s prime-time soap operas as much of a national institution as soccer or Carnival. However, in this case, the actors aren’t playing wealthy sophisticates with complicated sex lives, but rather characters out of the Old Testament. Set in ancient Egypt and loosely based on the story of Moses, The Ten Commandments is billed as Brazil’s first biblical soap opera. Swathed in Egyptian robes and sporting lapis lazuli jewelry and Cleopatra wigs, some of the characters are based on biblical or other historic figures, while others are invented. The soap is taking the country by storm. It’s owned by the Rede Record television network, owned by the founder of Brazil’s main Pentecostal church, the Universal Church of the Kingdom of God”

Keen gamer: “A man has been pictured calmly playing on his mobile phone after being knocked from his motorbike. These bizarre photos were taken in Changsha, the capital of Hunan Province, in southern China. The motorcyclist was hit by a car at a busy junction in downtown Changsha on Tuesday. The bike fell on its side and boxes he was delivering were left scattered across the road. However, when police arrived, he refused to get up and told them he was waiting for an ambulance. His insistence of remaining sprawled across on the road playing on his mobile phone caused major traffic disruptions. Police confirmed the biker had been discharged from hospital after medics discovered he had only minor injuries. Some social media users believe the man deliberately threw himself from his bike to claim compensation from the driver. The photos were shared on Weibo, the Chinese equivalent of Twitter. One user said: ‘After getting the compensation, what stock is he going to buy?’

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