A difficult shot

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Odd news from around the world

Women stop trying to get to the top after just TWO years: “Women lose interest in making it to the top after just two years because they are turned off by having to sacrifice it all to be a boss. A study has revealed that women found it ‘demoralizing’ having to be on call 24 hours a day and to network on the golf course to secure the big deals. After more than two years in work women’s aspiration and confidence fell 60 per cent and 50 per cent, compared to just 10 per cent for men. The researchers said that women are not going for top jobs because they want a better work life balance for themselves. One woman is quoted in the study as saying: ‘Watching middle-aged white male after middle-age white male tell their war stories of sacrificing everything to close the sale was demoralizing. ‘I just kept sinking lower in my chair and thinking that I would never be able to make it to the senior ranks if this was what it took.’

Gone in 60 seconds! Moment driver speeds off in brand new $80,000 Corvette Z06 sports car… and prangs it: “This is the dramatic moment the owner of a brand new Chevrolet sports car skidded off the road and ploughed into a tree. Believed to have been shot in North America, the video was posted on YouTube and shows the driver sat behind the wheel of an immaculate Corvette Z06. A voice then instructs the driver to ‘go ahead’ and suddenly the red C7 pulls away – the momentary wheel spin leaves a small puff of tyre smoke behind it. The exhaust pipes shudder as the car, which has a power output of 650bhp, accelerates and makes its way down the road. But suddenly disaster strikes and the Corvette, which retails with a starting price of $79,995, skids off the road and towards the bushes. The brake lights can be seen coming on as the driver tries to rectify the mistake. But the sports car continues to veer into the greenery where it has a violent head-on collision with what appears to be a tree. The filmmaker concludes the video by voicing his shock and making his way over towards the destroyed car.”

Star Wars comes a step closer: US military bosses reveal success tests of airborne ‘death rays’: “It is a staple of every sci-fi film: A laser weapon mounted to a fighter or spacecraft – and now, it’s getting closer to reality. The US Military Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (Darpa) has revealed it has just completed the first tests of a system that could eventually see laser weapons added to drones and fighter jets. They say the weapons shows ‘unprecedented power’ and are about to begin testing it against live targets on firing ranges. Called the High-Energy Liquid Laser Area Defense System (HELLADS), it will create a laser small enough to be mounted on a plane. ‘The goal of the HELLADS program is to develop a 150 kilowatt (kW) laser weapon system that is ten times smaller and lighter than current lasers of similar power, enabling integration onto tactical aircraft to defend against and defeat ground threats,’ Darpa says.”

Meet the new ‘Human Barbie’, a 26-year-old Russian: “Step aside Valeria Lukyanova, there’s a new Human Barbie in town, and extraordinarily, she’s been raised as a living doll since she was born. Angelica Kenova, a 26-year-old model from Moscow, Russia, still lives with her hyper-controlling parents, who have been honing her drastic look all her life – dictating her diet and exercise programme so she can maintain her miniature six-stone frame. ‘Growing up, my parents raised me like a princess and never let me go out, date boys or have the usual adult experiences,’ Angelica says. ‘As a result, I am not fit for real life – I’m like a living doll.’ Yet bizarrely, the diminutive blonde – who claims to be a child psychologist and a ballet dancer as well as a model – regularly poses for half-naked photos, which her parents approve of. Angelica maintains that her walking-talking doll looks were achieved without plastic surgery and has amassed thousands of fans on social media. Angelica – who has one older brother, Roman – still lives with her parents and can only date men with their absolute approval – which has so far never happened.

Gung ho window cleaner: “This is the shocking moment when a window cleaner balancing on a top floor ledge – without ANY safety equipment. Colin Elliot appears to use only his left hand to cling on to the outside of a third floor flat while wiping the windows with his other hand. Witnesses said he left the property through the window before carrying out the dangerous task, branding him ‘fearless’ but ‘stupid’. ‘I saw him climb out of the window. He closed it behind him and washed the window as if it was a ground floor and nothing had happened. ‘Except from his hand holding on to the window, there was nothing keeping him there.’ The Health and Safety Executive (HSE), which regulates the workplace, said it could not comment as the man may have just been a member of the public. Mr Elliot, 56, said he has been cleaning windows for almost 34 years without incident. ‘If you’re fearful of the activity you shouldn’t do it. I have an exceptional head for heights. ‘Having survived it for 33 and a half years I must be bloody good at risk assessment.'”

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