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Odd news from around the world

Nutty professor says men don’t like big boobs: “It’s a theory that’s likely to bring out the cynic in many of the fairer sex. A leading scientist has claimed that men value intelligence over bust size when they are searching for a future wife. Evolutionary biologist Professor David Bainbridge said brains suggests a women is likely to be a responsible mother. The Cambridge academic also said it indicated that the woman was brought up by intelligent parents and had been well looked after in childhood. Other supposed attractive female features such as long legs don’t matter to men either, according to Professor Bainbridge. [Hey! I don’t know so much about that!]. He said men only prize symmetrical features because it suggests a potential partner is young, healthy and has stable genes. As a result he said that men are not even interested in the size of a woman’s breasts – because they are rarely symmetrical. And with legs, the most important factor is that they are straight because unevenness suggest a developmental illness, such as rickets.”

What your Facebook status says about YOU: “A new study says a person’s Facebook status actually says a lot about their personality. The scientists found users tended to post updates in line with their personality traits. They found people who scored high in neuroticism sought validation from others that they can’t find offline. When they receive more likes and comments they tend to experience the benefits of social inclusion, whereas those who receive none feel ostracised. Extroverts take advantage of Facebook as a tool for social engagement and create statuses about social activities, researchers found. Narcissists update about their achievements, diet, and exercise as they seek attention and validation. They seek attention and validation measured through a high number of ‘likes’. Open, curious and creative types post about political beliefs and intellectual topics as they seek information sharing over social interaction. Posts mainly about: political beliefs and intellectual topics. They seek less social interaction and more information sharing, motives conducive to sharing impersonal information, such as current events and research.

Seven foot Chinese boxer Taishan Dong delivers devastating one-punch KO: “THEY call him “The Great Wall” and for now seven-foot Chinese boxer Taishan Dong is proving to be an impenetrable object to his rivals in the heavyweight division. Dong moved his professional record to 5-0 with a devastating one-punch knockout of overmatched American Lance Gauch in California on Friday. Giving up more than 30cm [a foot] in height, Gauch did his best to avoid Dong’s bludgeoning blows for the majority of the first round before being put to sleep by a monster right hand. He reportedly lay prone on the canvas for 10 minutes before being placed on a stretcher bed and taken to a nearby hospital. It was another graphic illustration of the power of the 130kg giant from Gansu province. While you didn’t really get to see it against Gauch, Dong reportedly has impressive hand speed and athleticism for a man his size. After initially trying his hand at basketball and kickboxing, the 27-year-old believes he has found his calling.”

Even dogs can get into trouble from chasing females: “A farmer has been reunited with his sheepdog days after it got lost on England’s highest mountain while chasing a female dog and ended up in Scotland. The collie cross, called Sid, was found by hikers Briony Beckerley and Daniel Cope at the top of Scafell Pike, a 3,209ft peak in the Lake District. They took the hungry dog to their home in Ayrshire, Scotland, before handing him in at the Scottish SPCA rehoming centre in Glasgow, which released an appeal for information about him on Friday. Centre assistant manager Katrina Cavanagh said: ‘Unfortunately, Sid wasn’t microchipped so we couldn’t contact his owner directly. Thankfully, he came forward following our appeal. ‘The owner is a local sheep farmer…He believes Sid took off after a bitch in season and had been looking for him.’ She added: ‘While he was surprised when he found out Sid was in Scotland, he was also very relieved he was safe.’

Musical sand: “Tourists flock to these spectacular dunes in the Gobi Desert to hear the sound of the sand echoing for miles. This is Mingsha Hill in Dunhuang, Gansu Province. As camels amble across the spectacular landscape, visitors take turns going up, and then sliding down, the beautiful mountains of sand. When a strong wind picks up, the roars of tumbling sand can be heard all around. When there is a light breeze the falling sounds sounds almost music-like. And this of course encourages visitors to create their own sound of music. Children race down the hill, watched on by their parents. But even a fall will be cushioned by a soft landing. According to some Japanese experts, there are probably ancient palaces under the dunes, while the Russians deem that quartz content in the sand is the main reason. Chinese scientists have carried out a study as to the cause of the singing sand for years and they believe that it is a phenomenon of resonance.”

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