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A Cabinet Carved to Look Like a Digital Glitch




Odd news from around the world

Cannabis ‘stunts growth in teens’: “Smoking cannabis regularly as a teenager could severely stunt growth. The first study of its kind found that boys who regularly used the drug during adolescence were almost five inches shorter than those who did not smoke by the age of 20. While the drug is regularly linked with psychiatric problems, this research, presented at a leading medical conference, suggests it also affects physical development. It is thought that cannabis, Europe’s most widely-available illicit drug, plays havoc with hormones key to growth and puberty. Researchers from Pakistan took regular blood samples from more than 400 boys aged between 13 and 15 for up to five years. Half were described as cannabis addicts, who smoked the drug with tobacco two or three times a day. The others did not use it. The cannabis users were on average 4.6 inches shorter than the other boys at the end of the study.”

Snakes… in a van! Driver nearly crashes hired vehicle on dual carriageway after 3ft reptile slithers out from underneath the seat: “A man almost crashed a van on a dual carriageway when a three-foot snake slithered out from under his seat. Ashley Vernon, 34, had rented the van from Leyland Van Hire last Tuesday and was driving along the A500 to Stoke with his friend Mark Donnelly. Mr Vernon was travelling to pick up a sofa in a rental van when the orange corn snake appeared from under the seat. He said: ‘Mark told me there was a walking stick under the seat. Then he realised it was a snake. It tried to bite him so he shoved it in the glove box.’ And the saga got even more dramatic after police coned off the area on the busy road as they tried to capture the reptile. Mr Vernon, from Croston in Lancashire, added: ‘I was petrified. I’ve got a phobia of snakes. A spokesman from Leyland Van Hire said: ‘We think someone’s moved and lost their snake but not told us. We called a reptile rescue centre who came to collect it. ‘They said it’s possible it had been in there for up to three months.”

Chinese restaurant offers discounts to women wearing miniskirts – with shorter dresses earning cheaper meals: “A Chinese restaurant is measuring women upon arrival in order to hand out discounts for those dining in the shortest skirts. Yang Jia Hot Pot Restaurant in Jinan, east China, is offering discounts for customers wearing the shortest miniskirts, with employees measuring how much skin is shown from the knee upwards, according to the People’s Daily Online. The promotion held last weekend saw dozens of women lining up to be measured in the hope of receiving 20 per cent off their bill if their skirt was 3 inches (8cm) above the knee. The restaurant offered a 20 per cent discount for skirts three inches above the knee, while those 13 inches above the knee had 90 per cent slashed from their bill. Yang Jia Hot pot is a well-known chain of restaurants in China that started off in Chongqing City. Priding itself on the freshness of its ingredients, the brand also claims to have a ‘secret’ recipe for its spicy hot pot stew. Yang, who studied commerce in Britain for eight years, added: ‘We wanted these promotions to bring good sales to us. ‘The promotion brought us around 50 tables of customers on Sunday.'”

The beauty of Brazil’s ‘invisible’ pool: “In the depths of the Poco Azul cavern, in Chapada Diamantina National Park in Brazil, it’s difficult to tell where the water ends and the rocks begin. But one thing’s for sure: its transparent crystalline blue water and submerged trees offer a truly breathtaking sight. Photographer Marcio Duranc, 40, captured the sheer magnificence of the vast, 16-metre deep underground cave, which was first discovered by a prospector who was looking for diamonds in the region in the 1920s. The pool’s ‘invisibility’ is caused by natural light seeping through a hole in the cavern wall. Sun rays then radiate the blue waters, which remain 75 degrees Fahrenheit all year round, forming a spectacle of rare beauty. And best of all, visitors to the electric blue pool, which is located on the outskirts of Igatu, are able to take a once-in-a-lifetime dip – giving the impression that they are all but floating in space. Only small groups are allowed to get in so it never gets crowded or ruined by tourism.”

Irish Kids don’t like yeast extract spread either: “It’s official: Vegemite tastes like dog hair. At least that’s the verdict of some honest kids from Ireland who tasted Australia’s favourite snacks. The one snack that came in for the biggest criticism was Australian favourite Vegemite, and the Irish kids didn’t hold back – not that they were that sure what it actually was. ‘Does it mean mighty vegetables?’ ‘Is it Jam?’ were the first few comments. None of them were fans of the smell with Sam saying: ‘Ughhhh. It smells like wine.’ Matters didn’t improve after they’d tasted it either, with the kids all pulling faces and not approving of it at all. It brought remarks like: ‘It tastes like dog hair… Australians can keep vegemite… It tastes two years old … Has it gone off?… That’s disgusting.'” [See yesterday’s postings where Japanese hated a similar British product]

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