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Odd news from around the world

This man’s Hebrew tattoo doesn’t say what he thinks it does: “If you are going to get a word permanently etched on your skin, it’s always a good idea to make sure it’s spelt correctly. A former military man found out the hard way after getting a badly misspelt tattoo written in Hebrew on his forearm. Los Angeles resident Sruli Schochet was shopping at Walmart when he spotted the unfortunate tattoo and got chatting to the man who proudly revealed what it said. “We were buying some food and we see this guy with a massive arm tattoo,” he said. “We didn’t have the heart to tell him.” He explained the shopper thought the tattoo read ‘strength’, when it actually says ‘matzo’, a thin biscuit usually eaten by Jewish people during Passover. “Let’s just say, there is a white guy in Arkansas walking around with the Hebrew word for ‘cracker’ on his arm … and he doesn’t know it!” he added. He told Buzzfeed News the man “got totally fooled”

Another health backflip: “Happily for nuts, they have enjoyed something of an image change. For years, their high fat content was seen as something to be avoided. But that message has now been flipped, with dietitians insisting that we need to consume more of the unsaturated fats they contain. These can help prevent blood clotting and maintain a regular heart rhythm. ‘Nuts are also seen as more healthy because they are often sold in a relatively natural state, while crisps are, by necessity, heavily processed,’ says Giles Lury, of brand consultancy the Value Engineers. Nuts also have a better image, with an array of exotic varieties and a reputation as a classy snack option, offered in five-star hotels and on private jets. While nuts are as high in calories as other snacks — a small handful can contain as many as a Mars Bar — studies have found that crisps are far more likely to trigger weight gain.”

Japanese appalled by a popular British sandwich spread: “In the UK, Marmite is known for being a polarising spread, with some people loving its savoury stickiness while others revolted by the sight of it. And it seems the British love of Marmite could be a cultural quirk specific to us, as YouTube star Chris Broad discovered when he gave it to his friends in Japan to try. The result is a hilarious video showing just how revolted the taste-testers are, with one man declaring: ‘This is terrible,’ and another saying with disbelief: ‘This can’t be real.’ Chris, who moved to Japan in 2012, to take part in the educational Jet Programme, added a description to his clip: ‘Japanese people try Marmite for the first time…and it certainly got a reaction. They’re unanimously horrified by the taste, scrunching up their faces in utter disgust. Another says with horror: ‘This is terrible,’ while a third mutters: ‘No, nooo good,’ bravely forcing himself to eat a few more bites. Once they’ve eaten the whole slice of bread each of the taste-testers wash it down with water as fast as possible. [Americans loathe it too but such spreads are so popular in Australia and New Zealand that they have their own versions of it]

Love locks on an Australian bridge too: “The Herald Sun revealed today that the locks will be removed from the Southgate footbridge within days by Melbourne City Council. Lord Mayor Robert Doyle said it was “never meant to be a permanent fixture” and called on people to suggest ideas for what should be done with the locks now. Heavy-hearted Herald Sun readers heeded his call, with many suggesting the council set up a new home for the locks. Penny Whitelaw went a step further, proposing a “pop up love cove” with an “eco friendly incubator” for people to throw the keys into, instead of into the Yarra River. Peter Tate said people should instead be given the chance to unchain their locks. “Give people 12 months to collect their locks first. seems a waste just to cut them and scrap em?”

Man beats croc in Australia’s wild North: “A DARWIN kite surfer thought he was “going to die” as he fought his way out of the jaws of a saltwater crocodile that kept coming back to try and eat him. Chris Keeping, 29, said he was waiting in the water for his kite to untangle, about 100m off the beach at Casuarina Coastal Reserve, when he was attacked by a 2.5m saltie around 11.30am on Saturday. “I was in the water for about 15 minutes, I didn’t see (the croc) hit me, it came from behind on my right side and grabbed me. “He had part of my shoulder crushed across my chest in his mouth … he shook me but I was still attached to the kite so he couldn’t pull me under … I thought I was going to die. I didn’t fight back then he stopped shaking me and went real quiet and wasn’t moving at all but he still had a hold of me in his mouth,” Mr Keeping said. Mr Keeping said he was in the crocodile’s mouth for about two minutes before the crocodile stared him in the eyes and he decided to fight back. “He blinked at me and that’s when I thought I’d put my finger in his eye because I couldn’t do nothing else,” he said. “So I poked him in the eye and he dropped me and let go.

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