After six decades, Margaret Dunning still breezes down the road in her creamy 740 Packard roadster

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The most competent 101 year old I have ever come across. A marvellous old lady with a marvellous old car




Odd news from around the world

New Scottish hospital has trick elevators: “The futuristic new 14-storey South Glasgow University Hospital opened to patients last month featuring robots, a children’s cinema and lifts [elevators] without buttons to try and bring ‘healthcare into the 21st century.’ But it appears the ultra-modern facility appears to be ultra-confusing for many staff and patients who claim they have spent ‘what seems like days’ trapped in the speeding elevators. One hospital worker said: ‘It’s an amazing building but I’ve spent the majority of my time in the lift so far – as have a lot of people. ‘You can easily get sucked into them for what seems an interminable age. ‘If you jump in without thinking, or if you’re chatting and not concentrating, you can find yourself – for what seems like hours – zooming from floor to floor.”

With blood still smeared across her face after a fresh kill a huge female great white shark surfaces right next to a cameraman’s arm: “It’s not every day that you can say you have been up and close and personal with a great white shark – but an Australian filmmaker experienced just this – and it was far from traumatic. The 4.5 metre shark surfaced only a metre away from a photographer who was dangling his camera in the water, with its razor sharp teeth on full display and blood smeared across its face. Instead of being terrified by the surreal moment which occurred off Port Lincoln in South Australia, filmmaker Dave Riggs was in complete awe of the large female predator who had appeared to suss out the situation. ‘It was a female great white. She was around four and a half meters in length, and extremely inquisitive of what we were and what we were doing.'”

Dolphins galore: “Dolphins are regarded as some of the most graceful swimmers in the sea, but that elegance devolves into pure mayhem when it’s time to fill their bellies. Photographers have captured the spectacular moment hundreds of the marine animals swarmed schools of fish off the coast of South Africa. The mesmerising photos show the pod of at least 800 dolphins soaring above the water and diving into the depths to hunt and catch their prey. The frantic scenes were captured by photographers Rainier and Silke Schimpf, from Port Elizabeth. Their images reveal the speed at which the common dolphins pursue the fish as the water churns on the surface and streams of bubbles are left in their wake. Rainier said: ‘Each muscle and every drop of Indian Ocean saltwater is visible on these streamlined creatures. ‘They can swim at speeds of more than 25 knots per hour and travel vast distances of more than 150 kilometres per day. ‘They were not irritated nor harmed by our ship, they accepted us next to them and we watched closely as they gathered fish up to the surface and ate them. ‘They eat fish including mackerel and sardines. If they can out-swim them they will herd them together and feed on their prey.”

Runner drank own breast milk to survive: “A FUN runner who lost her way in an off-road trail race survived a night in the bush by drinking her own breast milk. It should have taken Susan O’Brien just two hours to complete the 20km XTERRA trail run course west of Wellington, New Zealand, on Sunday. But exactly 24 hours after she was due to cross the finish line, the 29-year-old was finally reunited with worried friends and family after going missing in the Rimutaka Forest Park. The mum of two, who got lost part-way into the event, dug a hole, covered herself in dirt to keep warm and drank her own milk to keep hydrated, local media have reported. “I definitely thought I was going to die,” Ms O’Brien, a personal trainer, told this morning after being rescued. Ms O’Brien is mum to a breastfeeding baby and a 2-year-old. Police believe Ms O’Brien took a wrong turn during the event and got lost trying to find her way back on to the course. She was spotted by a member of the public near a hut way off course on Sunday afternoon.” Police said the weather was mild and Ms O’Brien was wearing appropriate clothing for the conditions.

A Hipster cop!: “Hundreds of police lined the streets yesterday as English Defence League members clashed with anti-fascist protesters as they marched through one of London’s most diverse towns. But there was one officer who was – unwittingly – doing his part to break the tension. The hashtag #Hipstercop began trending after one of the members of the force was seen sporting a typical ‘hipster’ waxed moustache and beard. Photojournalist, Guy Smallman, who was covering yesterday’s protest, tweeted a picture of the officer which went viral almost immediately. Since then hundreds have re-tweeted the photograph with hilarious jokes making fun of the notoriously pretentious subculture. The identity of Hipster cop is not yet known but he was one of the police officers who flanked the far-right EDL group as they paraded through Walthamstow, east London. Witnesses said there were ‘hundreds’ of police with vans, horses and dogs escorting a the EDL turnout of between 30-80.”

And don’t forget to catch up with all the Strange Justice before you go.

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