A lesson learned?

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Odd news from around the world

Foolish woman opens herself to a big defamation claim: “A MAN who innocently took a selfie at Westfield Knox has found himself labelled a creep by people on Facebook. The man had been in the Target store yesterday and took a selfie near some Star Wars merchandise located in the children’s section. A Knox woman mistakenly believed he was taking photos of her children and took her complaint to security before snapping a picture of the man and then sharing it on her Facebook page. Her post was shared several hundred times. However inquires to Knox Police by the Leader revealed that the alleged incident was a misunderstanding and the man had been wrongly labelled a “creep” and a “pedo” by Facebook users. Facebookers responded swiftly to a post from Knox Leader to tell them the man was innocent, when it was shared more than 400 times in an hour. “Lesson learnt. Deleted straight away. Apologies to the man himself,” wrote one woman”.

Now there’s a DOUGHNUT burger!: “At first glance, it looks like any other conventional burger; beef patty, bacon and cheese – all smothered in BBQ sauce. However, a closer look reveals that there is one big difference with the latest offering from burger joint Ed’s Easy Diner. Instead of being encased in a traditional bun, the meat in this burger is sandwiched by a sweet doughnut. The 826-calorie creation is the latest offering from the retro-American diner chain, who recently launched a pizza burger, which put a beef patty in between two mini pizzas and is on their menu until 31 May. This isn’t the first time a restaurant has created a sweet-savoury hybrid. Last year, a 2,000-calorie fat, salt and sugar-laden burger went on sale and was promptly described by its critics as a ‘heart attack on a plate’.The Double Donut Burger was served by UK pub-restaurant chain Hungry Horse and consisted of two beef burgers topped with melted cheese, four rashers of smoked streaky bacon and barbecue sauce, all served between two sugar-glazed ring doughnuts.”

A distressing decision: “A climber fell to his death after his friend had to make the agonising decision to cut a safety rope to save himself. Malcolm Hall, 51, had abseiled half-way down a dangerous cliff face as the pair searched for gemstones when disaster struck. The experienced climber got into difficulties with his ropes and was left dangling precariously 180ft above the rocky shoreline. His panic-stricken friend Joseph Faichney, an inexperienced climber who was on the clifftop, was left struggling desperately to cling on. But faced with the ‘impossible situation’ of whether to be dragged into the sea with his companion or attempt to save his own life, Mr Faichney had no option but to sever the rope. An inquest heard that Mr Hall was the ‘author of his own misfortune’ for not taking appropriate safety measures. After cutting his friend loose, Mr Faichney was arrested on suspicion of manslaughter. He was released without charge when the Crown Prosecution Service decided he took the only reasonable course open to him by deciding to save his own life.”

US court rules twins have different fathers in bizarre paternity case: “A PATERNITY suit filed by a man contesting child support payments for a set of twins took an unexpected turn after the results of a court-ordered DNA test came in. They revealed that the man, identified only by his initials, AS, for legal reasons, was “almost certainly” the father of one of the twins — but not the other. New Jersey Superior Court Judge Sohail Mohammad ruled that the babies had been fathered by two different men in a case he described as rare but not without precedents. The mother, known as TM, gave birth to twin girls in January 2013 and named AS as the father when she applied for public assistance. A legal battle began after AS disputed the claim on the grounds that their sexual relationship had not been exclusive. After TM admitted she slept with another man in the same week she had sex with AS, social services ordered a DNA test. Judge Mohammad ordered A.S, who represented himself in court, to pay $28 a week in child support payments to his half of the twins.”

Pirate treasure found off Madagascar: A TEAM of American explorers claimed to have discovered silver treasure from the infamous 17th-century Scottish pirate William Kidd in a shipwreck off the coast of Madagascar. Marine archaeologist Barry Clifford told reporters he had found a 50-kilogram silver bar in the wreck of Kidd’s ship the Adventure Gallery, close to the small island of Sainte Marie. But UNESCO, the United Nations’ cultural body, immediately criticised Clifford’s methods and said he may have damaged a precious archaeological site in his hunt for treasure. Captain Kidd, who was born in Scotland in about 1645, was first employed by British authorities to hunt pirates, before he himself turned into a ruthless criminal of the high seas. October Films, the British production team behind the project, struck a more cautious note, saying that the silver ingot was of the correct date and appeared similar to other ingots linked to Kidd. Archaeologist John de Bry, who attended the ceremony, said the shipwreck and silver bar were “irrefutable proof that this is indeed the treasure of the ‘Adventure Gallery’.”

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