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Odd news from around the world

Exciting bananas: “MORE than $21 million worth of cocaine has turned up in boxes of bananas delivered to Aldi supermarkets in and around Berlin, police say. Staff working at 14 of the discount supermarkets reported the stashes of narcotics tucked in the produce deliveries from Colombia, which police believe ended up at the stores by accident on Monday. “Apparently there was a logistical mistake somewhere along the line,” police spokesman Stefan Redlich told AFP, adding that investigators were now trying to determine their intended destination. He said the 386kg shipment was the biggest single cocaine find in the history of the German capital. In a similar case in January 2014, Berlin supermarket workers discovered 140kg of the drug worth around six million euros also hidden in crates of bananas.”

Excavations reveal new terracotta army in China: “CHINA’s famous terracotta army is about to be reinforced: Fresh excavations on a burial pit in the ancient capital, Xi’an are expected to uncover 1500 more of the live-sized clay figurines. The excavation, which began last Thursday, is centred upon a 200sq/m patch of the 56sq/km underground mausoleum of China’s first emperor, Emperor Qinshihuang, who reigned in 221BC. Archaeologist Yuan Zhongyi told media that he anticipated the burial pit would contain 1400 more terracotta warriors and archers, along with about 90 horse-drawn chariots. Progress has so far been promising, he said.: “Their colourful paint is also relatively well preserved.” The excavation site, known as “Pit No. 2”, has previously produced several particularly fine specimens — including one with a distinctive green-coloured face. The number of clay figurines expected to be uncovered is based on the positioning and density of previous discoveries in the area.

Town crier shames British telephone company by bellowing damning poem in public: “A town crier frustrated with his lack of service from BT decided to get his own back on the company by launching into a rant against them in his local town square. Len Sweales, town crier of Wells in Somerset, says his BT phone and internet was cut off nine weeks ago, and has not yet been fixed. Not satisfied with the company’s lack of action, he decided to give full vent to his frustration while making use of his booming voice. Donning his green town crier regalia and ringing his bell, he stood outside Wells cathedral in the busy market square to deliver his rant, written entirely in rhyming couplets. He says : ‘People of Wells please accept this apology from me, but it’s not my fault, its down to BT. A BT spokesman said: ‘We apologise to Mr Sweales for the problems he has experienced and are working to restore service as soon as possible. ‘This has proved to be an exceptionally complex repair involving excavations, temporary traffic lights, the clearing of blockages in a 245 metre section of underground ducting, the laying of new ducting and the replacement of underground cabling.”

Five perfectly preserved pre-war automobiles worth $700,000 found frozen in time inside a Texas barn: “A Texas car collector has made the discovery of a lifetime in the form of five classic pre-war automobiles stored for four decades in an Austin barn. Now Antonio Brunet, chairman and founder of Motostalgia Auctions, is helping their owner take the cars to auction, where high estimates put the collections worth at over $700,000. The collection features three Cadillacs built between 1932 and 1938, a 1923 electric model from the defunct maker and a 1908 REO Model G Boattail Roadster. The cars are owned by a man who moved to Texas from Wisconsin in the 70s. He always intended to fix up the vehicles, but never found the time. Brunet told Fox the cars were stored perfectly as the owner, who’s identified only as Jack, waited to one day fix them. Forty years later, that day has not come. However, Jack has finally decided to put the classic cars up for auction. The one likely to fetch highest bids in that auction, scheduled for June 12 at Indianapolis Motor Speedway, is a 1932 Cadillac 370B V-12 Convertible [above]

The key to sensible drinking? Pick a straight glass – not a curved one: “Binge drinking could be curbed by calling time on curved glasses. Researchers found the speed at which we drink alcohol is influenced by the shape of the glass and its measurement markings. Straight glasses appear to help us drink more slowly – as do reminders of how much we have drunk, according to ‘real-life’ experiments carried out in pubs. But the downside of straight glasses for landlords is their takings also drain away, by almost a quarter compared to when drinkers use curved glasses. ‘It seems it’s more difficult to tell how much you’re drinking from a curved glass. One group was given beer in a curved glass that had markings showing measurements of a quarter, half and three quarters. The other group’s glasses were the same but had no marked volume measurements. Overall, the group with the marked glasses took 10.3 minutes on average to drink 285mls of beer, more than a minute slower than the 9.1 minutes on average in the non-marked group.”

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