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Odd news from around the world

Polygamy bad for your heart: “Having multiple wives may break your heart. New research shows that polygamous men have a significantly higher risk of heart disease than those with a single partner. The study, which was presented Wednesday at the Asian Pacific Society of Cardiology Congress, a meeting of cardiologists in Abu Dhabi, shows that men with more than one significant other had more than a four-fold higher risk of developing coronary artery disease, compared with their monogamous counterparts. This heart problem develops when cholesterol and/or inflammation blocks the supply of blood to the organ.”

Rising electric bollard knocks over old lady: “An elderly woman was injured when an electric bollard suddenly emerged from the ground, knocking her over. Elizabeth Salter, 84, suffered injuries to her knee, ankle and hand after being hit by the bollard while shopping in Gloucester. Her family are calling for better warning signs so that pedestrians know when the pedestrian precinct bollards are set to move up and down. The rising posts were installed in Gloucester’s four main Gate Streets earlier this year in a bid to promote a ‘cafe culture’ by automatically blocking access for vehicles from 10am to 5pm. But traders say they regularly see delivery vans ignoring signs and getting trapped by the bollards after 10am. Jason Humm, area highways manager at Gloucestershire County Council, said: ‘We are sorry to hear about the fall and for any distress this has caused the lady. ‘The Gate Street bollards are fitted with a beeper, designed to let pedestrians know when they are moving up and down. ‘We are talking to the manufacturer about whether this alert can stay on longer to give pedestrians even more warning.'”

Bag with $63,000 cash found in Pennsylvania state park lost by a woman nearly a year ago: “A PLASTIC bag containing $63,000 in mouldy bills has been found at a Pennsylvania state park. Police say the discovery was made on Saturday by a park visitor hunting mushrooms in Bald Eagle State Park, which is about 145km northwest of Pennsylvania’s capital, Harrisburg. Police say paperwork found near the money apparently lists the name of the woman it belongs to and other information police believe will help them identify her. Authorities say a woman reported the money missing nearly a year ago but lives out of state and didn’t leave any contact information. They are trying to reach her.

A MAN who shocked Britain after trying to have sex with a post box has been found dead outside a Chinese restaurant: “Paul Bennett’s body was discovered behind the Shanghai Palace in Wigan, Manchester early Sunday but police are not treating the death as suspicious. They believe the 45-year-old’s death may have been drug related. Last month, Wigan Magistrates court heard how Bennett had been spotted rubbing himself against the post box with his trousers down, before raising his arms in a star position, shouting ‘wow’. He pleaded guilty to two charges of indecent exposure as well as using threatening and abusive words and abusive behaviour. Bennett received a 12-month community order with a compulsory alcohol treatment and supervision program. Paying tribute, an acquaintance of Mr Bennett said: ‘He had his troubles but he wasn’t a bad lad’.

Bottled birds: How callous smugglers cram cockatoos into plastic bottles to get them through customs: “More than 24 critically endangered cockatoos were rescued by police after being found stuffed in water bottles for illegal trade. Smugglers crammed the Yellow-crested cockatoos into empty bottles so they could get through customs at Port of Tanjung Perak in Surabaya, Indonesia. But Indonesian Police discovered the birds, which can be sold for as much as £650 each, and cut them free so they could receive medical attention. The Yellow-crested cockatoo was listed as a critically endangered species by the International Union for the Conservation of Nature and Natural Resources in 2007. The population is at a critical low due to deforestation and poaching and recent studies suggest there may be less than 7,000 individuals remaining. More than 10,000 parrots, including Lories and Cockatoos, are caught from the wild in North Halmahera, Indonesia, each year to supply the domestic and the international illegal wildlife trade. Around 40 per cent of birds die during the illegal smuggling process.”

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