Meet ‘Concerned Kitten’

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Eight-week-old cat has a permanent look of surprise thanks to his natural ‘eyebrow’ markings. Story here.




Odd news from around the world

Breath test with your Big Mac in Britain: “McDonalds customers in Cambridge will be breathalysed before they are allowed in as part of a new scheme combating antisocial behaviour in the city. Their branch in Rose Crescent has joined the scheme along with Cambridge United, who became the first football club in the country to adopt such a measure. Customers will have to take the tests before security staff allow them to enter, and Cambridgeshire Constabulary believe it will help doormen identify potential troublemakers. Any one who is over twice the legal drink drive limit will be refused admission. The scheme funded by Police and Crime Commissioner Sir Graham Bright provides breathalyser kits to security staff, allowing them to test people before entry. Alcohol Strategic Lead at Cambridgeshire County Council Joseph Keegan said: ‘The council is very concerned about people putting their health at risk by drinking to excess at home before they leave for the city centre. ‘Each person who is turned away from a venue will be offered a drink scratch card which will give them information about their drinking risk levels and advice on cutting down on alcohol use.'”

Bitches are not so bitchy: “Females are much more sociable than males, scientists say – at least when it comes to dogs. The maternal instincts of females may make them interact with humans more than males do, according to a Swedish study. Researchers set more than 400 pedigree beagles an impossible puzzle. They were put in front of three boxes, each of which had a clear lid and contained a biscuit. Two of the lids slid back, allowing the dogs to eat the treat, but the third was stuck shut. Females were more likely to look to a researcher for help, making eye contact and physical contact, such as putting their paw up. Professor Per Jensen, of Linkoping University, said: ‘Females scored significantly higher on social interactions and physical contact. ‘We don’t really know why females were more social towards humans, but a speculative possibility would be that it could be a side-effect of their nurturing instincts. ‘Perhaps female dogs are more apt at co-operation since they have a pup-rearing responsibility in their natural behaviour.’”

Not so nutty: “A mother from Scotland is selling seaweed to add to fish and chips. Fiona Houston, 48, harvests it at East Neuk of Fife, on the Scottish coast, dries it, and now sells it to Marks & Spencer. She first had the idea when walking along a Scottish beach, and when she put her life savings where her mouth was, people thought she was ‘a complete nutcase’. But now, Fiona is having the last laugh as Marks & Spencer has added the marine treat to its shelves. A major expansion of her business is under way and her rise to success is being featured on a BBC documentary, airing this week. Fiona said: ‘Just three years ago people thought I was crazy and were so sceptical. ‘But that’s all changed now. There is a multi-billion pound market worldwide and we’re building a food brand that Scotland can be proud of.’ Fiona was showing the beauties of the East Neuk of Fife to a Chinese friend who had come to stay when the seed of an idea for founding her company, Mara, began to take root. ‘The tide was out and when she saw all the seaweed she asked why we didn’t eat it.”

Members of the Samaritan sect in Israel skewer sheep for the traditional Passover ceremony: “The remaining members of an ancient sect which broke off from mainstream Judaism thousands of years ago gathered at their holiest site in Israel to skewer sheep to mark Passover. The Samaritan community congregated at their most sacred site at Mount Gerizim in the northern West Bank city of Nablus yesterday to sacrifice animals to mark one of the most important festivals in the Jewish calendar. Passover or Pesach in Hebrew is a commemoration of when the children of Israel were freed from slavery and led out of Egypt by Moses more than 300 years ago. The Torah mandates that a sacrifice must be made on the eve of the Passover and eaten on the first night of the holiday with bitter herbs and matzah. Although it was practised by Jews in ancient times, today it is only done by the Samaritans. The remaining 700 or so members of the community live in a village at Mount Gerizim, near the Palestinian city of Nablus and the Israeli seaside town of Holon, south of Tel Aviv. According to tradition, they are the descendants of the Jews who were not deported when the Assyrians conquered Israel in 722 BC.”

A home that will put you in a spin: The rotating apartment building where everyone lives in the penthouse: “A designer has developed a futuristic concept that solves the issue of housing inequality. Taiwanese industrial designer Shin Kuo came up with an idea of a spinning apartment building for his thesis project at the San Francisco Academy of Art University, which he titled Turn to the Future. The result was a building where each unit moves down a roller-coaster style track that wraps about a 27 story frame – offering ever-changing 360 degree views of the city around. The building moves on a ‘pre-determined timeline’ and once a unit reaches the bottom floor, it is pulled back to the top again by a crane system. In order to ensure safety, before each move the doors to the apartments will be locked and gas, electric and water lines detach before automatically reattaching at the next destination port. Kuo said that he thought up the idea as a solution to the problem of wealthy residents always getting the best view in high-rise buildings.”

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