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They are even dreaming of looking respectable




Odd news from around the world

Aircraft passengers told plane didn’t have any TOILET PAPER: “Ryanair passengers returning to London from Murcia, Spain were horrified to be told there would be no toilet paper on the three-hour flight. As customers of the low cost airline settled into their seats, the cabin crew announced the shocking news during their safety demonstration. Passengers were also advised that there would be no milk available for the duration of the flight last Sunday to London Stansted. A Ryanair spokesperson told MailOnline Travel: ‘This very rare and regrettable stock shortage (on the last flight last Sunday evening) was caused by the failure of our handling agents in Murcia to deliver toilet rolls and milk sachets that had been ordered on the turnaround in Murcia. ‘Our crew explained to passengers that we wished to prioritise an on time departure for London Stansted rather than wait for these items to be delivered and cause a significant ATC delay for all our customers. ‘Our passengers were very understanding and we apologised sincerely to them for any inconvenience caused.’

ur-year-old boy frisked and forced to hand over toy gun that fired SPONGE darts after it was deemed a security risk by British Airport: “A four-year-old boy was frisked by airport security and then forced to hand over his plastic nerf gun after it was deemed a security risk. James Hayward had arrived at East Midlands Airport with his parents, Phil, 44, and Hazel, 38, with his brightly coloured toy – which fires sponge darts – packed in his hand luggage for their flight out to Lanzarote. But security officers, who were described as ‘over-zealous’ by the boy’s father, then took exception to James’s harmless toy when it was picked up on the system’s X-ray machines. They demanded he hand it over, and they also performed a thorough patting down and inspection of the primary school child. Dad Phil has labelled the security checks ‘ludicrous’ and criticized how staff reacted in the situation. ‘We were so late by this point I didn’t have time to stop and argue with them so we just had to leave it because we didn’t want to miss our flight.”

Thief who stole a gold necklace and swallowed it is force-fed 60 bananas by police: “A suspected thief was forced to eat more than 60 bananas and had four enemas injected directly into his lower bowel after he swallowed a gold chain worth £660 in Mumbai, India. The man, named Anil Jadhav by police allegedly snatched the chain from a housewife before quickly swallowing it in a bid to maintain his innocence. Police took Jadahav to Mumbai’s Sion hospital where Suleman Merchant x-rayed the suspect’s stomach to find the missing jewellery. Once the stolen pendant and necklace were identified, Jadahav was ordered to drink a special liquid and eat more than 60 bananas to aid the digestive process. Concerned by the lack of movement, doctors then prepared four enemas and injected them in a bid to remove the blockage. The 25-gram necklace had a large pendant which delayed its retrieval.”

Oregon lake being swalloweed up: “The ‘Lost Lake’ off Oregon’s Highway 20 has a deep, dark secret. Most of the year, it looks like any other lake; peaceful and still. But come winter, and a mysterious hole begins draining it of all its water, leaving a barren landscape that has baffled scientists for centuries. Geologists claim the area’s volcanic landscape is to blame for the lake’s rapid drainage. They believe a lava tube beneath the lake formed when flowing lava hardened near the surface and flowed downwards. As the eruption cooled, the hardened pipes emptied, leaving behind tubes in the form of vast tunnels. One of these tunnels is responsible for draining the lake, but where this water goes is still a mystery. Similar lava tube drain holes have been found at Fish Lake, only a few miles from Lost Lake near the junction of U.S. Highway 20 and state Highway, according to the Bulletin.”

Forget the seven-year itch, it’s the first anniversary which is key: “For years, the test of a relationship was that it had survived the seven-year itch. Now it appears the turning point is the first anniversary because it is then that a man’s testosterone level – the key to his sex drive – drops dramatically. Researchers said that during the first year a man is poised to fight off competition from rivals while keeping an eye out for a more suitable mate. But they found that after 12 months with a steady partner comes a `significant’ fall in testosterone. The scientists interviewed 75 men aged between 18 and 39 about the state of their relationship and its duration. They also tested levels of testosterone and found they began to fall off sharply after the 12-month mark – the end of a `new’ relationship. For those in a serious long-term partnership, hormone levels dropped by almost a third. Lead author Dr Daniel Farrelly, of Worcester University, said the biological change may explain why the date has become significant socially as a marker of a couple’s commitment to each other.”

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