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Odd news from around the world

Charity shop sold my £1,500 bracelet for only £1.99: “A charity shop volunteer is desperately trying to trace her £1,500 diamond bracelet – after it was mistakenly sold by a colleague for £1.99. Debbie Aston-Thwaites had been given the piece of jewellery by her family as a present for her 50th birthday and would wear it every day. But while she was serving customers at her local Age UK branch the catch became stuck. Mrs Aston-Thwaites, now 56, took it off and showed it to a colleague at the shop in New Milton, Hampshire, who said she would fix it for her. She went back to serving customers but when she went home later that day she forgot to take the bracelet with her. When she realised the following day, she called the shop but no one was able to find it. It was only several days later she discovered that her bracelet had been sold after being priced up at £1.99. Mrs Aston-Thwaites has since quit her job at Age UK. Police have said they are investigating. Hugh Forde, of Age UK, said the charity had also launched an investigation into the incident.”

Beer brewers plan ‘sewage brewage’: “Brewers in Portland, Oregon will be making beer this summer with water straight from the treatment plant, according to Instead of using normal tap water, the brewers will use what was once sewer water. The water’s been cleaned by a special purification system that makes it cleaner than typical drinking water, according to the story. You won’t find “sewage brewage” on store shelves — the brewing experiment this summer is just for fun.

Lebanese murderess ‘totally forgot’ CCTV were on in her home when she killed cousin: “A SYDNEY woman convicted of killing her cousin has told a court that she had “totally forgot” that CCTV cameras installed inside her house would have captured the fatal brawl. Katherine Abdallah, 33, was earlier this year convicted of the manslaughter of her cousin and flatmate, 21-year-old Suzie Sarkis. She took the stand at a sentence hearing in the NSW Supreme Court today. She began by apologising for not wearing a suit to court and coming dressed in her green prison tracksuit. She then when on to tell the court that she did her best to “protect” Ms Sarkis and said she “loved my cousin with all my heart”. Abdallah said that during the fatal brawl in their Brighton-Le-Sands townhouse on February 9, 2013, Ms Sarkis had said she was going to kill her. She was convicted earlier this year for her cousin’s manslaughter. “Sue doesn’t lie- hence why I ran for the knives,” she told the court. “Sue may have been a little girl but she was a strong girl, her punches are structured. “I lied to the police, I was scared. “I totally forgot there was CCTV footage in my house.”

Translation tool changes pretentious food terms into plain English: “If you’ve ever rolled your eyes at the overblown descriptions in restaurant menus then this new online tool, which ruthlessly fillets out menu hyperbole, will be indispensable. It decodes entire sentences into succinct descriptions changing terms such as medallions into discs, coulis into thick sauce and jus to thin gravy. A food term which describes eco-conscious produce, locally sourced is cheekily translated to ‘bought round the corner’ Simply write the baffling word or phrase into and the technology converts it into everyday language. A posh way of describing gravy is by calling it jus (remember, it’s a silent ‘s’). The new demystifier means that medallions are simply translated as discs, goujons of wild sea bass are shown to be fish fingers, and amuse-bouches are nibbles. ‘Perfect dishes don’t have to be in French to be delicious: let veloute be soup; let bouillon be broth and coulis is a sauce,’ he said”

Stoner’s to-do list found: “The most important errand of the day isn’t just doing the grocery – it’s about getting ‘stoned’. At least for one clumsy crook, who thought it was at the top of their priority list after penning a 10-step task called ‘Things to do Saturday’ [sic] on a piece of paper. Police in Western Australia have shared the list on their Twitter account after the handwritten note was found during a search of a house in Coolbellup, south west of Perth. The list starts with getting out of bed and getting ready before catching the 513 bus into town. After grabbing chips and gravy for lunch, they head to the retail giant Kmart before dying their hair. But in a bizarre routine, the writer also reminded themselves to ‘chop up’ cannabis before smoking it.

And don’t forget to catch up with all the Strange Justice before you go.


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