A sad story

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I feel desperately sad for the pretty little blondie daughter below

A bride-to-be who thought she had beaten a rare cancer has been forced to bring forward her wedding date after the devastating news that the illness has returned.

The friends and family of Courtney Terry, 27, are now furiously fundraising in a bid to fulfill her final wish of a dream wedding.

Courtney was just 19 when she was first diagnosed with the same disease that killed her 23-year-old brother Jordan seven years ago.

But despite chemotherapy and a kidney removal, her kidney cancer – which is so rare it does not have a name – returned when she became pregnant in 2009.

Courtney, from Barnehurst, south-east London, had planned to marry her childhood sweetheart Billy Webb in seven months’ time.

But doctors have advised her to bring the event forward because of her worsening condition. Now she and her family are relying are on the kindness of strangers to crowdfund their wedding.

Courtney, who has been engaged to Billy for two years, said: ‘It is too late to help me now. ‘There is no more surgery or chemo. I know I am going to die. ‘I won’t grow old with the man I love or see my girl grow up. ‘But the one thing I can do before it is too late is be Mrs Webb.’

She continued: ‘I waited and waited to get married as I wanted to get well first, and there was always another operation or drug trial that got in the way. ‘Now I just want to do it before it is too late.’

Courtney, whose cancer is so rare doctors do not have a name for it, added : ‘I look at my future and I see where it ends. I will die never knowing what is wrong with me – never having a name for it.

Her family said in a statement: ‘Courtney has been unbelievably strong, coping with treatments and their side effects and was often given bad news, whilst being a mum and raising a beautiful little girl. ‘This had a huge impact on the family, who did not expect to hear that her death was going to be so soon.

‘They had a dream for a fairytale wedding to provide an extra special positive memory for Dolcie, Billy and their families.’

Courtney and Billy are saving for their wedding at: causewish.com/project/courtney-s-final-wish

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Odd news from around the world

How being attractive can ruin a man’s career: “You might think that good-looking men have every advantage in life. But a new study suggests being handsome may not always work in a man’s favour – at least when it comes to his career. The research claims that attractive men are less likely to be given a job in a competitive workplace because they intimidate bosses. ‘It’s not always an advantage to be pretty,’ says Marko Pitesa, an assistant professor at the University of Maryland. ‘It can backfire if you are perceived as a threat.’ Interestingly, in Pitesa’s study, it was male attractiveness in particular, rather than female beauty, that made the most difference. If the interviewer expected to work with the candidate as part of a team, then he preferred good-looking men. However, if the interviewer saw the candidate as a potential competitor, the interviewer discriminated in favour of unattractive men.”

Dutch whisky? “Dutch farmers have started growing malting barley that could be used to make Scotch whisky. Huge demand for the drink in markets such as China and Russia has led to claims that Scotland cannot grow enough barley to keep up. Now a 30-strong co-operative of farmers in the Netherlands hope their crops will help make up the shortfall. Farmer Ate Bijlsma said: ‘If the Scots are enthusiastic about our growing methods and our product… it really will look like fields of gold here.’ The Dutch crop will be ready to harvest in August. Whisky writer Euan Duguid believes it is inevitable that Scottish producers will have to look abroad for barley. ‘We already have some of the finest malts being produced using American bourbon casks, as well as Spanish sherry casks,’ he said. Rosemary Gallagher, of the Scottish Whisky Association, said it was vital ‘to source on the basis of available quality and quantity so that Scotch whisky is produced to the high standards consumers expect’.”

Tiny oil painting kept in an attic for years and thought to be worth just £300 is sold for £120,000: “A tiny oil painting that was kept in an attic for years and thought to be worth just £300 has now sold for more than £120,000 at auction. The oil painting – which measures nine inches by seven – of a Catholic saint was believed to be the work of a ‘follower’ of 16th century renaissance master El Greco. But the selling price suggests the untitled, undated and unsigned painting may actually have been done by the artist himself. It was acquired by the owner’s late father in the 1970s for very little. And it was inherited by his son, who has not been named, who kept it in his loft for the past eight years before deciding to sell it following a clear-out. Auctioneer Richard Bromell, of Charterhouse Auctioneers of Sherborne, Dorset, gave the work an estimated value of between £300 and £400. But after advertising the sale, interest in the work took off. And feverish bidding, final hammer price was £98,000 and came to £120,932 with all the fees added on.”

British police can’t fire straight in the warm weather: “An assault rifle used by counter-terror police does not shoot straight when it gets hot, tests claim. The Heckler & Koch G36 is inaccurate by up to 20 feet at long range when temperatures top 30C, it was found. The weapon also becomes unreliable when it is left in direct sunlight, exposed to humidity or fired repeatedly, according to a confidential report. The findings have prompted an urgent inquiry into the German-made firearm, which is used by law enforcement officers across the UK. Britain’s police forces use a short-barrelled version of the weapon known as the G36C – and have a total arsenal of up to 3,000. Andreas Heeschen, of Heckler & Koch, said the rifle complied with its original specifications, but a gun ‘designed for the Cold War’ did not meet current requirements. He added that the company had received no complaints from the 50 countries where the weapon is used but vowed to assist with the UK review” [If they are using a short-barrelled weapon they are not much concerned about accuracy anyway]

No time for that foreign cheese: “Britons certainly do love to keep things local, as over three quarters of us (80 per cent) go crackers for cheddar, crowning it our favourite cheese variety. Least favourite cheeses, according to a new survey, are Greek feta, French Camembert and American cream cheese. The research, which was conducted by pickle brand Branston also revealed that a surprising one in four cheese fanatics (26 per cent) admit to eating melted cheese with everything. A third of Brits (30 per cent) say they can’t enjoy cheese without a dollop of their favourite pickle while almost three quarters admitted to reaching out for a cheese sandwich when feeling peckish. In fact, three in ten office workers tuck into cheese sandwiches for lunch each work day without fail. If we’re not putting slices in our sandwiches, one in ten of us are eating whole blocks of cheese in one sitting. [Australia has a “national” cheese called “Tasty” which is also a type of cheddar. Most Australians eat little else]

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