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Odd news from around the world

The lucky woman who gets PAID to travel – reviewing luxury hotels around the globe: “Meet the woman who gets to travel the world reviewing the best hotels, beds, pools and room service for her job. Travel photographer Rhiannon Taylor, 29, from Australia has turned her photography skills and penchant for globetrotting into a business, launching a website called ‘In Bed With’. Travelling the world to review and photograph the most luxurious accommodations, the avid Instagrammer has turned her social media success into a growing company. With more than 12,000 followers on Instagram, liking her beautiful photos of her travels, the places she stays and the food she eats, Rhiannon spotted a gap in the market for elegantly-presented hotel reviews. As well as many hotels paying Rhiannon to stay and review, they also buy her professional pictures as well. The Melbourne-based photographer also works with companies who sell travel products, such as luggage and swimwear”

Friendly seal pup: “A not-so-little baby elephant seal emerged from the sea to give a surprised tourist one big cuddle. Charlene Fritz, 35, was visiting Snow Hill Island in the Antarctic Peninsula as part of an expedition when she made an unusual friend on the beach. Despite being no more than two months old, the elephant seal pup is still thought to have weighed around 200lbs, and Ms Fritz had a struggle sitting upright. Charlene, from Saskatchewan, Canada, said: ‘The seal climbed on top of me without hesitation. We shared a very sweet moment in time I will never forget. ‘Her mouth was all pink inside and her eyes were amazing to look into. Like the deepest depths of the sea. I could have stared into her eyes forever.’ She added: ‘It was made very clear to me that I was in no way allowed to touch her with my hands or approach her. ‘She came to me from across the beach and made all of the decisions to cuddle up. I wanted to hug her so badly. ‘Physically she felt like a big dough ball, super warm and like she had no bones”

Four Swedes stop black on black violence in NYC subway: “Four burly Swedish cops put their New York City vacation on hold to answer the call of duty on a Manhattan subway train last night. The friends were on their way to see Les Misérables on Broadway, DNA Info reports, and rushed in to stop a brutal assault on a crowded rush-hour 6 train. Mr Asberg, along with Erik Naslund, Samuel Kvarzell and Eric Jansberger, subdued an enraged homeless man who was viciously beating another rider on the train. The Samaritan Scandinavians stopped the violence and held the attacker until the NYPD could arrive, the Post reports. The friends sprang into action after a frantic conductor yelled over the intercom: ‘Are there any police officers on the train?’ As the train pulled into the Bleeker Street station, the Nordic lawmen found a homeless man pummeling another rider in the next car.” One of the officers put the attacker in an arm lock, while two others held him down to the floor of the train”.

Farmer faces pornography charges after he refuses to remove cheeky straw sculpture of cows: “A farmer who has constructed a rather suggestive hay bale structure, which is fully exposed out the front of his property, could face pornographic charges. The sculpture, made out of bales of compressed grass, depicts the obscene intimacy between a cow and a bull. Bruce Cook, who owns Kaktus Point Charolais stud at Lake Charm in northwest Victoria, told Daily Mail Australia that police told him to pull down the model after they received a complaint about the offensive nature of the statue. But he has refused to do so and further ‘told the copper to p*ss off’ despite police warning that Mr Cook could be charged with ‘publishing pornographic images’. Mr Cook, also known as ‘Cooky’, described his artwork as ‘a bit of fun’ which he put up on Good Friday. He says many passersby have enjoyed his sculpture and even stopped to take photos. ‘People offended by it must have a dirty mind or are just prudish.’

Island of the lost tribe: The Indian Ocean island that is home to a community who have lived there for 60,000 years: “From the sky it appears to be an idyllic island with amazing beaches and a dense forest, but tourists or fishermen don’t dare to step foot on this outcrop in the Indian Ocean due to its inhabitants’ fearsome reputation. Visitors who venture onto or too close to North Sentinel Island risk being attacked by members of a mysterious tribe who have rejected modern civilisation and prefer to have zero contact with the outside world. When they do interact with outsiders, it usually involves violence – the indigenous Sentinelese tribe killed two men who were fishing illegally in 2006 and have been known to fire arrows and fling rocks at low-flying planes or helicopters on reconnaissance missions. Located in the Bay of Bengal, North Sentinel Island belongs to India and remains an enigma, despite being populated for an estimated 60,000 years. Untouched by modern civilisation, very little is known about the Sentinelese people, their language, their rituals and the island they call home.”

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