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Odd news from around the world

The world’s most dangerous prison: “Authorities in El Salvador have moved prisoners from two of the country’s hyper-violent gangs into the same prison for the first time, in a bid to stop them running operations from behind bars. Incredible images show handcuffed members from the notorious Barrio 18 gang being marched onto buses taking them from Izalco jail to San Francisco Gotera in an effort to curb gang violence. In all 1,177 Barrio 18 members were transferred. In a potentially incendiary move, Barrio 18 members at the jail will mix with their rivals from the hyper-violent Mara Salvatrucha gang, or MS-13. The policy of mixing the gangs together came about when officials realised that gangs were directing criminal activity from within prison walls. Prisons director Rodil Hernandez said last week in San Salvador that the gang members were moved from regular prisons to the maximum security lockup where they will be completely isolated from the outside world. So far this year, gang members have been blamed for killing 20 police officers, two soldiers, six prison guards and a prosecutor.”

Scorned woman dumps lying lover’s entire Apple collection in the bath: “A Japanese woman got sweet revenge on her cheating boyfriend by giving his Apple collection a good wash. The unnamed heartbroken girlfriend clearly knew how to hit her lying lover where it hurts, and dumped his iMac, iPhone, iPad and accessories in the bath tub. She then took photos of the gadget Jacuzzi, and sent them to him. Presumably on the one item of technology that wasn’t currently taking a long soak. As most of us know, a substantial splash is enough to send your gadget to glitch town, and so the dip this man’s prized collection took is sure to prove irreversible damage. Even if he tries the recommended trick of leaving his gadgets in uncooked rice for 48 hours, we think all the rice in Japan couldn’t dry this lot out. The hearts of Apple fans are mainly with the man, with the general consensus being that destroying a fellow’s prized Apple collection is a bit harsh, even if he did cheat.”

Chess whizz aged 12 who stumped a Russian grandmaster: “Pitted against a Russian grandmaster in the tournament, 12-year-old chess prodigy Jonah Willow was an underdog even in the eyes of his most ardent supporters. So it came as a surprise when, after two hours of play, Alexander Cherniaev, 45, shrugged resignedly and offered the youngster a draw. ‘The grandmaster felt he could do nothing more to force a win or to break his way through,’ said Jonah’s proud father Simon Scott. ‘We were all completely amazed. We couldn’t really believe it. You expect grandmasters to destroy people. ‘But Jonah did very well. Cherniaev was left thinking for 15 minutes after one of Jonah’s opening moves while he worked out what to do next.’ Jonah started playing chess when he was five after seeing his sister Hambel, then eight, playing for fun against their father. Both children are home-schooled by their parents Mr Scott, 45, a designer, and his partner Carolyne Willow, 49, a children’s rights campaigner and writer. Jonah spends one to two hours a day studying chess moves from books and analysing past games. He belongs to a chess club, enjoys badminton and plays the piano.”

Expensive bling: “A ‘flawless’ 100 carat diamond has been sold at auction for $22.1million. The emerald cut diamond was the largest cut of its clarity to ever be sold at auction and one of the biggest diamonds in the world. It was sold in just three minutes when it was put up for sale in Sotheby’s in New York after being exhibited around the world as part of a jewel tour. It took about a year to be cut into shape after it was mined by De Beers in South Africa and originally weighed more than 200 carats. The owner of the rare gem reportedly spent months studying it before it was shaped into the distinctive emerald cut, which experts say make it look like a pool of water. It was shown on Sotheby’s Magnificent Jewels Auction tour, which featured 350 lots including coloured diamonds and Kashmir sapphire jewellery is also sold. The flawless diamond was given an estimate of between $19million and $25million. Only five other flawless diamonds of more than 100 carats have ever been sold at auction, including a 118 carat oval cut diamond that sold for $30.6million at a Sotheby’s sale in Hong Kong in 2013.

Meet the real life RAPUNZELS: “The story of Rapunzel, the girl trapped in a tower who is rescued by a prince climbing up her long locks, has captivated little would-be princesses the world over for centuries. But while most girls grow out of their yearning for tumbling tresses, not everyone ditches the extra-long look when they hit adulthood. As hair extensions soar in popularity on the red carpet, the number of middle-aged women with very long natural hair is on the rise, according to beauty experts. And recently, supermodel Twiggy stood up for older women with long locks. ‘It makes me crazy when people say you have to cut your hair short once you hit 50,’ she said. ‘I saw a woman the other day in her late 70s with silver hair down to her waist. I thought, “Good on you, girl.”’

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