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Odd news from around the world

Forget sports drinks, CHOCOLATE MILK is best after a workout: “Forget the protein shakes, chocolate milk may be the best thing to drink after you workout. Scientists have found that the beverage has all the nutrients that your body needs to replenish itself from exercising. The protein helps the muscles recover and the calories replace those burned when you are on the treadmill. Researchers said that chocolate milk, so long as it was a low fat brand, was the ‘gold standard for a recovery beverage’. The finding calls into question the popularity of protein shakes, which were once used by bodybuilders but are now consumed by ordinary people who believe they make them stronger. According to Cornell University, however, chocolate milk does just as good a job – if not better. They sought out the best post-exercise beverage after seeing athletes overeating at night to compensate for their tough training regimes.

Britain’s last surviving mobile cinema is up for sale: “Britain’s only surviving mobile cinema has gone on sale for £120,000 as the owners who spent years of their life restoring it and touring the country now want to enjoy parenthood. Emma Giffard, 36, and Ollie Halls, 37, from Somerset, bought the cinema for just £1,200 in 2005 and spent £35,000 on restoring the vintage classic with friends in Devon over five years. They toured the country with the classic bus which became a celebrity, starring alongside Melvyn Bragg in a 20-part BBC2 series ‘The Reel History of Britain and in ‘George Clarke’s Amazing Spaces’. It’s now listed on eBay for £120,000 which is 100 times what they originally bought it for, but it’s not just a bus, it’s a piece of British history, listed as ‘the soul survivor’ of the original fleet. It’s one of just seven mobile cinemas originally commissioned by the Ministry of Technology in 1967, to promote British industry as a global leader by visiting factories to show films about modernisation.”

Dealer ditches modern cars for booming business in vintage Model Ts: “Second-hand car dealer Neil Tuckett has turned his back on the modern vehicle and only sells Henry Ford’s famous Model T. Despite his newest models being nearly 90 years old, the businessman, from Buckinghamshire, is selling one every week, including to the TV and film industry who have used then in shows such as Downton Abbey. Mr Tuckett says his customers love the Model T – the first affordable mass-produced car – because they don’t require need road tax or an MOT and are cheaper to maintain than a modern car, with each one selling for around £10,000. But with a top speed of 45mph – if going downhill with a following wind – drivers cannot get anywhere very fast and some of his pre-1915 model have gas headlights still lit by a match. Mr Tuckett, 58, has customers who use them as wedding cars and even one that is used as a hearse. Neil has about six himself and goes touring in them with other fans of the car.

Monster waves and wild winds leave Australian beach covered in grotesque jelly-like foam: “A popular holiday beach in the north of New South Wales has transformed into something from a horror movie as wild winds and relentless thunderstorms continue to batter the state. Sylvia Freedman, who was enjoying a family trip away at Avoca Beach in the Central Coast, about 95kms north of Sydney, filmed the disturbing scene that stretched out more than 15 metres from the top of the beach pathway to beyond the water’s edge. ‘It’s foam that has been swept off the top of the waves because the water was so churned up and its mixed with sand – it’s so bizarre,’ Ms Freedman told Daily Mail Australia. Her videos – which were filmed on Tuesday – show a grotesque, yellow, jelly like substance moving around as the wind blows it up and over surrounding scrubland.

Mercedes SUV was not a beachgoer: “Onlookers scrambled to get a shot of the moment a luxury Mercedes Benz 4WD sunk into the sand on Fraser Island. The Mercedes GL 320 CDI 4Matic, which is worth at least $80,000, can be seen taking a battering as waves pull the car deeper into the surf. While the incident occurred a couple of years ago, photographs of the write-off have reappeared on Facebook with many four-wheel drivers gobsmacked that the owner decided to take the luxury vehicle on to Fraser Island’s treacherous beach track. The pictures, originally posted by Fraser Island Towing, show the doomed car’s shattered windscreen and dented bonnet. The luxury car was written off after it was salvaged by tow truck drivers. One can only hope they had a comprehensive insurance policy.”

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