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Odd news from around the world

A filthy hospital where floor was awash with raw sewage? In Britain! Government medicine at work: “The husband of a woman who bravely battled cancer only to die of a deadly bug after being left in a filthy hospital room has spoken of his heartbreak. Retired chief executive René Dee watched as his wife Eileen, 68, slipped away just days after catching the infection and before the couple’s son had a chance to say goodbye. Eileen had received a positive prognosis while being treated for her cancer but died because of an infection at the Royal Sussex County Hospital in Brighton. Several hospital rooms, including Eileen’s, were found to have traces of the drug-resistant bacteria Pseudomonas aeruginosa in water running from the tap and in the shower drain. Raw sewage was also discovered coming up from the shower drain in the room next door to Eileen. Doctors, concerned for her health, transferred Eileen to another hospital. The infection was specifically detected in Eileen’s room but there were no notes accompanying her transfer to say that she had been exposed to the potentially lethal infection. She died five days later.”

Weird three-metre sea creature that ‘bites off its own tail and swims vertically’ washes up on New Zealand beach: “Scientists are baffled after discovering a rare deep sea oarfish had washed up on a salt marsh in New Zealand. The serpent like specimen was found by a local man at the entrance of the Otago Harbour, in Dunedin on Thursday. Samples of the bizarre creature, known to swim vertically as well self-amputate its own tail, were sent to see Otago Museum for testing. It’s a very weird looking creature. Instead of scales it has this smooth skin, like tinfoil, and if you rubbed it the silver would come onto your hand.’ The fish, which can grow to eleven metres in length, are are known to eat of sections of their own tail. Scientists have been unable to explain why they self-amputate, but some have proposed it is a form of protection. The frightening appearance of the fish means they have have been associated with various myths, including people mistaking them for sea-serpents. ‘Oarfish are typically often found hundreds of metres underwater. It’s likely this fish was moved here from a very strong current,’ Mr Agnew said.

Is this the youngest vegetarian ever? “Some vegetarians start young, as this comical video demonstrates. Footage shows three-year-old Luiz Antonio from Brazil being presented with a fanciful dish of octopus gnocchi at the dinner table. But instead of digging into the seafood feast, he starts asking about where the tentacled creature set before him came from with English subtitles detailing his train of thought. ‘This octopus isn’t real is it? Where’s its head? Is its head in the sea? Did the man hack it [off]?’ the youngster says while grimacing at his dinner plate. His mother reassures him that she only cooked using the octopuses ‘little legs chopped’. Luiz remains uninspired by his dinner. He then puts forwards the argument that octopus is an animal just like chicken, pig, cow and fish. He continues: ‘So when we eat the animals they die. Why? I don’t like that they die. I like that they keep standing and happy. ‘Those animals are for us to take care, not eat them.’ His mother is reduced to tears through laughter as she listens to the case in hand. ‘I’m just a little moved by you,’ she chuckles when Luiz asks what’s wrong.”

There’s a snake in my oven! “Pensioner David Atherton was shocked to find a three-foot snake slithering inside his oven when he innocently went to cook his pie and chips. The 65-year old from Halliwell, Bolton was just about to put his meal in the cooker when he caught sight of the black and white California king hiding inside. Atherton scooped up the reptile and placed it in a plastic food recycling box before alerting the police. RSPCA officers came to collect the snake the same evening and it has been given a temporary home with a local conservationist since. ‘There is a small gap between the oven and the fitted cupboards, which must be what it came through. Experts said the banded California king snakes can grow up to 6ft in length and were commonly kept as pets. ‘Pet owners need to be responsible and make sure they have the correct equipment – vivariums with locks – because snakes are really good escape artists and can slip through the smallest of gaps.’

Man gets trapped inside charity clothing bin: “A man has been arrested after getting trapped inside a charity bin while a gang were allegedly trying to steal from it. According to security guard Norman Lill, the 33-year-old suspect had climbed inside the bin and was passing clothing out to his accomplices, who were loading it into a van. But when Mr Lill interrupted them, the men climbed into the vehicle and drove away. Another man was trapped inside until the emergency services arrived. After firefighters arrived with an angle grinder to cut him out, the suspect was promptly arrested. ‘He didn’t seem too pleased they got him out. I don’t think he was happy about anything, to be honest, probably because his mates had left him.’ In other cases, stolen bags of clothes have been sold on to second-hand shops. Humberside Police confirmed a 33-year-old man had been arrested shortly after 4.15am yesterday. He was in custody yesterday afternoon and due to be interviewed by detectives.”

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