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Europe’s oldest McDonald’s worker has celebrated his 90th birthday with colleagues

Bill Dudley is still ‘lovin’ it’ and has no plans to quit the fast-food joint in Mold, Flintshire, north Wales.

‘It helps me stay young and I just keep going,’ said Bill, who has worked there for the last nine years.

Wife Margaret, 71, has nicknamed her hubby Old McDonald.

Bill’s special day on Wednesday was marked with a cake and tickets for a weekend away. McDonalds hailed the great-grandfather as ‘a real asset’ to the team.

‘I didn’t expect such a nice surprise,’ Bill said. ‘But I suppose it’s not every day that you turn 90. ‘I still enjoy working. I come here two days-a-week, which not only gets me out of the house but I honestly love it.

‘Everyone is so happy and it’s nice to be part of a happy crowd. McDonald’s have treated me a bit and thanks to them I will be spending a couple of nights with my wife in Beaumaris.’

Prior to his current role at McDonald’s, Bill, from Connah’s Quay, served in the royal navy during the Second World War and was presented with the Arctic Medal by Russian premier Vladimir Putin in 2013.

Having worked as a delivery boy at a bakery before war broke out, Bill went on to work at Shotton Steel, spent time as a crane driver and also ran his own taxi firm.

The restaurant was adorned with balloons and decorations to mark his birthday yesterday.

Stewart Williams, franchisee of McDonald’s in Mold, where Bill still does six-hour shifts on Wednesdays and Thursdays each week said: ‘Bill is very well respected and a real asset to us.

‘He is fantastic with all the customers who love him. Some come in regularly just to see Bill.

‘Bill is a great role model to our younger members of staff. He says they keep him young but he is a real character and an inspiration to everyone.

‘We wouldn’t want to be without him and he is welcome to work here as long as he wants.’

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Odd news from around the world

Drunken fool pays the ultimate price for folly “A young accountant fell down a 70ft cliff to his death when he ran from a taxi to avoid paying the fare. Graduate Jacob Phillips, 23, plunged down the cliff when he leapt over a fence in the dark. Mr Phillips had caught the cab home after a night out with friends in December – but didn’t have enough cash to pay for it. An inquest heard he ran from the driver, who gave chase at the seaside town of Penarth, South Wales. Cabbie Dave Sidaway told the inquest: ‘I stopped because I couldn’t see where I was going. I had no idea how much danger he was in.’ The university graduate had been out drinking in Cardiff before catching a taxi with friends Padraig Crowley and Rory Robinson. Cardiff Coroner’s Court heard how the trio got out of the taxi to ‘use an ATM’ before making a run for it. Mr Phillips, of Reading, Berks, was discovered the next day on the rocky beach by a dog walker.”

Toasted cheese sandwiches are good for you: “Forget oysters and Champagne, it seems the go-to food for the best lovers is the humble cheese toastie. According to a new survey of 4,600 people, almost three quarters (73 per cent) of toasted cheese sandwich eaters have sex at least once a month, compared with 63 per cent who steer clear of the comfort food. And as if bedroom prowess isn’t enough, fans of grilled cheese are also more charitable and are more likely to travel than those who steer clear of the snack. In fact, 32 per cent of lovers of grilled cheese have sex at least six times a month. For those who don’t like cheese toasties, only 27 per cent have sex with the same frequency. The survey also discovered that 81 per cent of its participants who love grilled cheese – the US version of the snack, in which a cheese sandwich made with bread buttered on the outside, is fried until hot and crisp on the outside and gooey in the middle – say they have donated time, money or food to those in need.

Entire church choir quits in protest after organist is fired: “As the congregation of St Peter and St Paul Church filed in for the Easter Sunday service, thoughts naturally turned to the meaning of sacrifice. But little did they know it would be put into action by the entire choir moments later. A letter handed out to the stunned churchgoers revealed the 13 choristers were quitting en masse in ‘solidarity’ over the sacking of music director Stephen Hogger. The walkout means it will be the first time in 200 years that the church, which is famed for its timber-framed Tudor buildings, will be without a choir. The 55-year-old, who had been at the 14th century church in Lavenham, Suffolk, for 17 years, was given notice to leave following an apparent falling out with senior figures. A villager, who asked not to be named, said: ‘It seems to be down to a clash of personalities. Some people at the church feel that Mr Hogger can come across as abrasive and even rude on occasion. ‘It was felt that his behaviour was out of line with how the church wanted to be seen but members of the choir have always had a great respect for him. They admire him because he is very gifted musically.’

Mystery ruins: “At first glance the rectangular island of Por-Bajin looks like a foreboding fortress or prison, with its regular structure and ruined sections. But it is unknown for certain what the rectangular island and its labyrinthine ruins, located in a lake in deepest Siberia, was actually used for when it was built 1,300 years ago. Historians and scientists are divided, but some experts believe the isolated area may have been built to attract people instead imprisoning them, and suggest it was a summer palace, monastery, or an astronomical observatory. The name Por-Bajin translates as ‘clay house’ in the Tuvan language, and the island sits between the Sayan and Altai ranges, about 3,800km from Moscow near the Mongolian border. The location was first discovered in 1891, and the purpose of island has still not been explained over a century later. More in-depth research took place in 2007 with archaeologists discovering clay tablets of human feet, faded coloured drawings on the plaster of the walls, giant gates and fragments of burnt wood. Experts say the island was built during the period of the Uighur Khaganate (744-840 AD) but it is not clear what their motive would be for constructing a fortress for in such a solitary place – as it is far from big settlements and trade routes.”

Giant meat eating ‘terror bird’ had a deep voice: “The skeleton of a new species of giant predatory bird that terrorised the Earth 3.5 million years ago has been discovered and is helping to reveal how these creatures would have sounded. Palaeontologists say the four feet (1.2 metres) tall bird is the most complete skeletons of a ‘terror bird’ – a group of flightless prehistoric meat-eating birds – to be discovered. The South American bird has been named Llallawavis scagliai – meaning Scaglia’s Magnificent Bird after one of Argentina’s famous naturalists Galileo Juan Scaglia. It was so well preserved that scientists have been able to study part of the bird’s auditory system and its trachea. They claim that the animal probably also had a limited vocal range that was quite low frequency. It has also raised the prospect that the bird may have even used low frequency sounds to help detect its prey. Terror birds, or phorusracids as they are also known, were a group of carnivorous birds that grew up to 10 feet tall and had large hooked beaks. They were the dominant predators in South America during the Cenozoic age which started with the extinction of the dinosaurs 65 million years ago.”

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